Christmas Pressure

December 22, 2013

O Hello everyone~

I just finished my hell moment.. My final exam month was officially ended last Thursday [Though apparently the exam preparation has even began before December]
It was stressful as I am on my 7th semester and next semester will be my last. Despite my hectic job schedule and endless overseas trips as well as maintains my blog on regular basis, school still has important place in my heart
And my main occupation is student, so there's no way I can neglect my responsibility

What is frustrating is the fact that if I fail in one subject this time, then I cannot take next semester class, which is final thesis. Up to this time I never fail any classes, so the pressure to keep it is so unberable. Yet, if I fail in just one class, then I have to wait for another semester to repeat it, and my graduation will be delayed for sure

So I was really trying my best to pass everything perfectly

Mentally and physically, I am exhausted

So to make things a little better, right after my exam ended, Elle and Jess contacted me and said they had just booked hotel for us to have a sleepover. We were planning for our collaboration even from months ago [Halloween as well, but we were just too busy] so die or not, we have to make christmas collaboration done! HAHAHA

So we rushed to hotel and did girl things like chatting, pampering body and face, talking bout boys and future goals, love toward Japan, and such!! 

The post will be up very soon on Christmas, so do check our blog! ^.^ 
And for that, I apologize for my lack of posting this month. 
I am gonna sleep and take my christmas holiday by taking a rest, so I promise for more quality posts next year! 

Pic is taken right after the sleepover, the hotel has big christmas tree and my wish is i can have a big house that's big enough to have christmas tree this big XD 
I will work hard for that dream!!

Clothes is from JuicyWoozy anyway! A cute and wearable hoodie that has a mixture of white black and pink on this design is totally MY FAV! It combines all the colors that I like hehe

Well, I guess I will be back to sleep now! I need to recharge my energy to make up for my lack of sleep 
Happy holiday~ 

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