The Face Shop Smart Capsule Color Control Cream Review

December 10, 2013

The Face Shop Smart Capsule Color Control Cream Review has been on my draft for quite a while but I couldn't finish it that soon as it's either love it or hate it. At first I freakin hate it because it takes so long in blending but now I am in love with it! So here's my honest review about this CC Cream!

I am madly obsessed with flawless skin so you can tell that I have a lot of CC Creams or face products review. This Face Shop Smart Capsule CC Cream promises to brighten up your face without oxidise it, and it has SPF 40 PA++ which is a little higher than most of facial products [usually it's SPF 30]

The packaging is a little bit bulky for traveling and comes in pale pink shade, which is to be honest unappealing for me. It contains 40gr product that will last you for a long time~!

Seriously, I feel 30-40gr product will last one person for about 6 months or more even if you use it on daily basis. Some even got up to 1 year.. So invest on a good face product! Though face product is pricey, it's worth it

When you open the cap you will see this sticker that shows that it's a new product. Just simply remove the sticker before use!

And you can press it down which will pump up the cream to the surface. Be careful to not push it too hard as it will overflow

The cream comes in white and creamy texture. The white color will be slowly neutralised to your own natural skin tone as you blend it along the way

Here's the pictures of how it goes = 

The cream has a very good smell like baby and light floral scent that is very flattering for my taste! Although the smell isn't that strong when you apply it directly on the face, but it just gives a heartwarming feeling whenever I pump the product out

It leaves the skin with a little glowy finish and totally blends into my natural skin tone. Also, it needs a long time until the white color turns into natural skin tone. If you blend it a lot, it will take you 2 minutes. 

But I cant blend roughly on face so I only use dabbing motion and it will take around 4-5 minutes to set into natural colour. It's not very easy to blend as well... And that's the reason why I hate this CC Cream on the first place bcos when I am in hurry to blend this
 it will become uneven and the color is just not right -____-

Here's the coverage test result anyway~!!

I put some blush and highlighter and tried to cover it with BB Cream

Can tell that there's still some blush but the coverage is not bad!

The result is so smooth and not too dewy which I love! It has powdery finish that quites softening the skin too! 
But one thing that I dislike is it tends to give more pinkish tone instead of my yellow skin T___T
For the staying power, it lasts around 5 hours or so which is quite average for me

It doesn't really moisturize my skin, or dry it out, or help the oil lessened so I dont have any comment regarding that matter. Well after all, if it cannot help, then dont make it worse lol 

 Comes in SPF 40 PA ++ for sun protection
 Blends into natural skin colour
 Has light baby fragrant 
 Easy to pump out the product
 Smooth texture
 Gives healthy powdery finish
 Softening skin effect 

 Bulky and unappealing packaging
 Difficult to blend
 Takes long time for the color to change
 Comes in pink tone, not suitable for my yellow tone

The products are sponsored by Rie Butik as a review purpose

I totally recommend this CC Cream if you have pink skin tone and have time to do your make up slowly. It wont be good for people who are very rush in make up application as it's a little bit tricky. But the result is fantastic for a CC Cream and I love it despite the pink tone!! 

My trick is to use it all down to the neck area so it looks even lol

Hope this post is helpful for those who are looking for CC Cream!

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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  1. agree it's a bit hard to blend in and not really moisturizing, more sticky to me but the result is quiet nice :D

  2. yeah i hate how it takes a lot of effort for it to look nice, but the result is so worth it! so flawless and smooth!

  3. do you recommend this for a beginner? :) love love love your blog, hihi

  4. That looks amazing once it absorbs! :O
    I have really pale, pinky skin, so maybe this would work well on my skin? I agree that the packaging doesn't look appealing or easy to use, but the results are amazing! :D

  5. Ah once I have a plan to buy thia CC cream as the hype about it is very tempting but the color sems wont match my skin color :( as i have yellow skin undertone.
    Have you tried the Rachel K CC cream? I think it would match you skin tone, and it have a very flawless finish plus real skincare benefit ^^ you should try one!

  6. wow, 5 minutes is a long time to blend a product lol. I don't even have a minute for makeup in the morning so this is pretty much a no for me. But, the packaging looks quite interesting! :D Thanks for the review!

  7. Dunno about the smart capsule cc cream, but their aura cc cream works great! Coverage-nya bagus banget untuk ukuran cc cream dan packagingnya compact cushion bisa dibawa-bawa en ga kotor.

  8. yes i am very tempted to try one but it's so hard to find in here D: any store recommendation?

  9. I'd recommend holika holika petit bb cream instead!

  10. so many cc creams in this market omg lol hahahhaa...
    cushion juga lagi ngetop yaaa =D

  11. Well, I got mine from and they sell it with almost the same price with the Singapore's one, but I don't know whether they still sell it or not kkee

  12. wah padahal aku baca review2 mengenai CC cream ini paling lumayan di antara yg lain, ternyata susah ngeblend yak -__-''