Hair 101 : How to Keep Ash Hair Longer

December 05, 2013

I have been having ash blonde hair for quite a while. And the most common question that I got besides how to achieve the same hair color with me is, to how to keep the ash hair longer!

Ash hair is very cool to have. From dark ash blonde, dark ash brown, ash pink, ash blonde, and so on. But maintaining ashy hair is difficult. We all know that coloured hair needs special shampoo, but ash hair has even more precise shampoo to be honest. In order to maintain the ashy tone, you need to keep the color longer by using silver shampoo

Silver shampoo is the key to keep ash hair longer and it's pretty difficult to get silver shampoo in Indonesia. But right now Schwarzkopf silver shampoo available at some Indonesia Food Halls too recently, so you guys can try it too. I got my Loreal Silver Shampoo online and I havent finished this for almost A YEAR!!

this shampoo is crazy max, it lasts so long

So I am gonna use this shampoo for the demonstration on this post ^.^

For those of you who don't know what silver shampoo is

Silver shampoo is meant to keep your colored ashy tone hair stay strong and last long
Ever experience when you have colored your hair into ash / cool tone, but it fades so easily, like within a week?

It's very common to get that, especially on Asian Hair. Asian hair has red / orange shade tendency and ash hair is totally different than our tone.

Though it's a little bit funny, the name is silver shampoo but the colour is purple haha
The texture is thicker than ordinary shampoo and this Loreal one is pretty bubbly and foamy. The purple colour is there to keep the silver tint/shade on your hair. If you learn about color wheel, you will know that purple neutralize red/yellow tone, and ashy hair means you get rid of that tone!

Make sense?

This is 3 ways of what you can do with your silver shampoo = 
And anyway, this is what I am doing, I'm only sharing what I do, but you're free to use it anyway you like

1. Use it as shampoo alone

Of course shampoo is meant to be used as shampoo. By using it as everyday shampoo, it's the best way to keep your ashy tone longer. Just a little is already enough as it's pretty thick so it's enough to cover entire head. Usually I just use around 2-3ml each

2. Mix it with your own shampoo 

With ratio 1 : 2 of Silver shampoo : Normal shampoo, or depends on what you feel is good. By mixing shampoo, you can have your ashy hair shampoo to treat your ashy hair, but you can also use your additional shampoo to create better balance. Most of silver shampoo doesn't really moisturize hair while my hair is quite dry, and also I want good smell. So I often mix my Shiseido Ma Cherie Shampoo with silver shampoo

3. Use it once a week as a leave in hair treatment 

You can also just use your normal hair shampoo and just use silver shampoo like once or twice a week, just to keep the color. Some might think that silver shampoo is too expensive to be used on daily basis so this way is also very practical. Just leave it for around 10-15 minutes to let the purple get absorbed into hair

So that's all the tips of how to keep your ash hair longer

I hope this tips help you guys to keep your perfect ash hair! If you have any question, you guys can reach me on social media or leave a comment below and whenever I have time, I always try my best to reply and help you guys!

Do let me know if this kind of post is interesting and informative for you, or what kind of post you would like me to do!
Your comment means a lot for me!
Good luck everyone!!!

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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  1. kalo warna rambutnya ash brown pake silver shampoo juga gak ya biar tahan lama? >.<

  2. iya kusaranin pake biar gak berubah jadi kuning2 gitu loh :D

  3. How many bleaching session till u get that color Stel? I tried so many times, but hairdresser always said I can't get it, but u can and other Asians can so I don't know, and I am Chinese indo too, kan ga mungkin beda2 banged kondisi rambutnya, and those gyarus too ! *_*

  4. Good tips to know if I ever want to bleach my hair :P

    A bit off topic, but I love Ma Cherie too! (:

  5. ash blonde hair is cool >_<
    tapi bleaching nya yg ga tahan, retouchnya itu lho yg cukup merepotkan..
    biasanya km retouch setelah brp bln stel?
    klo aku pake rambut blonde di surabaya, bs2 diliatin terus sama semua orang :v

  6. hahaha disini ak juga diliatin kok tapi udah keballl :B

    Ak retouch tiap 1-2 bulan sekali, tergantung lagi smpet apa enggak hehe

  7. Not even for bleached hair, it works for any ashy color :3

  8. Not every hair can manage the bleaching, it depends on everyone's hair strength, thats why your hairdresser say so. Mine is in fact quite strong despite all the bleaching.. You might need 5-6 bleaching to get the same color like mine ^_^;
    Some hair might be broken after 3-4th times bleaching ? As not every hair is strong enough to handle it the bleaching progress
    Hair will also become much much more dry, and it's quite difficult to maintain super light color.. In fact, having blonde this light is so difficult T___T

    But it's fun, so, if you wanna try, just try bleach your hair 3-4 times first and see the result. If it's still orange, re-bleach it again.. But just be cautious of hair fall

  9. wow nice new hairstyle!
    Ma Cherie itu shampoo khusus untuk rambut kering aja? kalau yang lalu, untuk nebelin rambut lagi akhirnya pake produk apa yang sukses ya? udah bagus lagi rambutnyaa

  10. hehe just cut it, i blogged about it too ^-^)v

    Ma cherie sii buat moisturize sama wangiin.. tapi buatku sii masih kurang karna rambutku damage banget lol

    nebelin rambut, pake hair tonic dong? XD

  11. oh bukan, I mean I remember you once blogged about an acute hair fall situation (sorry to bring it up again btw >_<), but now your hair already looks great again, karena pake produk apa akhirnya?

  12. love your hair color! thanks for the tip~ i'm using purple shampoo right now, and the color of it is actually purple. i've never tried silver though, i'll check it out!

    xoxo Sarah (xlicious girl)
    Japanese Gyaru Makeup Blog
    Circle Lens Giveaway

  13. Hi! i have a question. You also gave review on the Dr.Chuck Chuck body peeling care. Is it better than face peeling care? Does it also have the same texture and got fibers as well? Thanks

  14. wow, i don't see what is wrong in doing plastic surgery, i wanted to do my eyes, make it into double eye lid, well, it's your own body, don't let other people judge what belongs to you

  15. Nice info...and whole new for me. I've never know about silver shampoo before haha
    Your hair is so cool, love it. I just don't have the courage to dye my hair like yours T_T

    Natural Hut

  16. sis stella, nanya dong.......

    klo mau maintain warna selain ash bisa ga ya pake silver shampoo ini?
    gw selalu cat warna coklat (terang maupun gelap). Nah, terakhir cat warna merah purplish malah ga tahan warna merahnya. padahal sudah pake M*trix color bloom masque buat conditioner en creambath-nya.

    Thanks yaa, I know you're an ashy ash blonde type of girl, but I look up to you anyways hahaha....

  17. whats your natural hair colour? D:

  18. hmmm kalo stauku warna merah itu bukan pake purple shampoo deh tapi coloring shampoo yang biasa. soalnya warna merah itu masih senada sama warna asli. merah sama ash beda banget tonenya kalo di rambut

    kamu shampoonya pake apa

  19. simple black. but lately it turns to a bit brown, like its lack of nutrition. This hapens since I perm my hair T_T

  20. you'll be very tempted to do's amazing to see the advancement of PS in korea. result is very natural. I think it's ok to do PS if you have the money to do it..hehe. I want to do some tweak in nose area and eyes I guess..^_^

  21. haha kenapa gak mau? XD
    aku kalo ditawarin oplas eyelid gmau, tapi kalo idung mau lol

  22. Yeap setuju kadang kalo kelebayan malah jadi aneh. Sometimes malah aku liat itu mataya yang oplas korea jadi gak seimbang, kegedean O.O

    Wah, kok respeknya luntur, memang kenapa kalo orang oplas lol
    oiya? boleh tau gak ayat berapa yang bilang gak boleh? Soalnya aku juga bingung itu di ayat mana yang bilang gak boleh, pas aku tanya temenku yang belajar jadi pendeta, dia bilang gk ada lol;; kalo kamu ada, boleh tolong dishare? ^^ makasihhh

  23. I agree about judging. I dont like someone who feels that they're more superior or better than someone else, because all in all, I believe that everyone has their own faults..
    I hate my tummy too but I can cover with clothes LOL no one see me naked so I dont care bwahahaha 8D

  24. Have you checked golden rule face chart? it can show you how symmetrical your face is =D

  25. Haha yeah but I dont have money lol If I had money, I would throw it to Japan instead LOL
    But I really wanna do my nose one day 8D

  26. Oh my.. Super long comment but I read EVERYTHING :D
    Thank you for giving me insight about your opinion and hello scandinavia!! I wanna go there one day *^*)/

    I think personally, caucasian tends to have body surgery, while asian tends to have face surgery.. But all in all the feeling of wanting to look better is the same to every women beyond any race

  27. Hahaha hello XD please come more often lol and which lens? XD

  28. Ahhh.. stretch mark itu apakah hanya harus dengan oplas? maaf, karena aku belum punya anak jadi kurang paham mengenai hal tersebut :o

  29. Sometimes I get monolids, sometimes double lids so I understand the pain T___T But scotch is there to help me yeay 8D

    Yeah that's true. Maybe it's bcos those people feel that stars need to be "perfect" and "it is their job" ?? While for us, it's not necessary? lol

  30. enggak kok gak ada yang gak berkenan =D
    Iya aku udah baca tuh yang qiuqiu, buatku hasilnya bagus sih, kliatan natural gitu.. aku pernah ngebayangin kalo ak dapet gmana ya XD hahaha.. makanya ampe buat post ini..

  31. Yes i agree, I feel people should be honest when they get their job done or no. I hate liar lol

  32. It is, so I am interested to know about other people's view regarding it =D
    Bcos usually it's only ME ME ME but now i wanna know my readers' opinion ^.^

    I guess yes!! It all depends again on every one. It's the same like coloring hair i feel? when someone says theyre better with brown or, or black hair? XD

  33. Yeah that's true D: beauty standard changes every time

    And to be honest for me, although I can say small eyes and big eyes are both beautiful, but a proportional and tall nose is without a doubt something that compliments your face. You can be pretty even if you have small eyes if you have good nose. As it is the center of your face

    Even there is time that I wish I have smaller eyes lol

  34. terima kasih tanggapannya yaaaa :D

  35. iya aku juga takut liat darah X____X;; kejedok dikit aja udah jerit..
    Sebenernya sii buatku mereka udah ngejalanin prosedur yang nyakitin banget, kasihlah cantik gpapa deh XD

  36. Terima kasih yah atas tanggapannya =D What a good opinion and insight :)

  37. One thing I dont agree when people do surgery is, when they change their appearance too much and obsessed with it, it's not mentally healthy, they get serious problem girl!! D: so scaryyyy

  38. Yeap yang PS disini emang mesti mental baja dan kantong tebel haha.. Udah harganya mahal, kebanyakan pun disindir, kesian lol;;;

  39. Yeah , ı think so. But if you watched K-Drama The Masters Sun, you may know how the star girl easily get obsessed with her apperance. It is really easy to become obsessed. In the end If some says'' I don't like this on your face'' ; the person will want to change it, if you hear it many times; even though you know its pretty you may want to change it... So, it is better to stay away~~
    I do not trust myself about this issue, once I got effected, it will be hard to approve bad comments :D

  40. ahahah g luntur juga, cuma memudar. halaah uda kaya cucian
    ya tapi syuka2 sih klo mau oplas juga XD
    karena agamaku islam, yang ditulis dikitabnya sih di surat Al-Qur'an An-Nisa ayat 118-119. kalo agama lain aku gtau :3 gak berani sok tau juga XD

  41. Stellaaaaaaaaaaa, just spotted you few weeks ago when I went to Jakarta, geez, terlalu heboh malah jadi lupa mau nyapa.. hehe..
    Anyway, aku kalau coloring susaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah banget jadi. Ampun deh sama rambutku ini -__-

  42. oh myyy hahaha heboh kenapa.. where did you spot me omg.. kan ak jarang keluar *_*

    kenapa susah? item pekat? rambutku aslinya juga item legam banget kok haha

  43. ahhh must be cos of it..

    if someone is not daring enough to go blonde though they want it, i always wanna say this to them

    "we're only young once, if we dont try it now, then when we can try it? I dont want to be a blonde auntie"

  44. hmmm if I'm allowed to say ....
    i dont dislike PS, its just natural if people want to look better. What confuses me, is if someone who has been beautiful before, decide to PS. Well, if it's caused by medical reason, Im okay. But if they just want to look better (actually they have been good looking), n decide to PS ? I just dont understand about it

    What If, someday by chance you have a surgery? Personally I will still respect you as much as today. yaaa you look beautiful, whether you have surgery or not.

    And if I get a chance to have a surgery? I guess I will. I always complain with my physical appearance, feeling that I'm so ugly and bad-looking. Though, unfortunately, I don't even know which part of my face makes me look ugly, probably the all of them (lol)

    haa thats it. im happy enough if you want to read my "worthless" opinion. hihihi

  45. pake matrix biolage smooth theraphy....ceritanya rutin di smoothing juga per 6 bulan.
    Gawd...I wish you could blog on other hair color too, tee hee...

  46. that is actually true, often (to my mind) caucasians seem to be especially interested in boob job or in surgeries that can make them slim!

  47. PS itu terserah orangnya. just like make up but in more permanent way. atau kalau untuk perumpamaan, saya pikir oplas itu seperi orang yang matanya minus berhenti pakai kacamata dan softlens dan memilih untuk menjalani lasik, itu kan pilihan. hanya saja, yg bikin saya kepikiran, oplas kan tidak mengubah gen. kalo misalnya both parents oplas dan kemudian mereka punya anak yang mana anaknya itu fisiknya kayak orang tua mereka sebelum oplas, saya pikir kasian anaknya tar. "papa mamaku cakep kok aku gini..." gitu sih menurut saya, hehe

    kalau oplas bisa mengubah gen, i'll do it. but if not i won't.

  48. 1. Plastic surgery is alright, dont care much about it. Everyone has some degree of vanity inside them, some are still okay, some go overboard like lil kim or MJ. So if anyone decides to use their money to do PS, that doesnt really irk me. Yang bikin gw kesel itu artis2 yang udh PS trus say they r natural...loads of poppycock.

    2. Yg sebenernya disayangkan adalah message from PS to young girls who have body image issues. What PS condones is that you are not good enough so you have to change it. Itulah yang hrus diubah untuk adik2 qta yg masih labil n dalam proses mencari jati diri. Brp byk org yang ngelakuin illegal and unsanitized cheap PS and finally died or traumatized from infection?

    3. If I were offered PS would I do it? If free, yes, only blepharoplasty though. If I have to use my own money....gak deh, masi byk yg lbh penting xD

  49. Oooh it's hard to say this one...and many of your readers are right, it's a very personal option and it's none of my business. But since you asked for our opinion, and if you were one of my closest friends/family, I would care enough to try to talk her out of it. First of all it's because it's a really serious cosmetic procedure and it's permanent, there's no turning back. And I don't agree that it should be compared with the need to get education, because education is a secondary necessity that people actually need to build a better life and they can get a job more easily. The fact that people may think it's the media's fault for constantly drowning us in images of what they think is the image of perfect beauty then it's simply a matter of only absorbing what you want, right? It IS difficult to resist when you're surrounded by people who think plastic surgery is acceptable for purely superficial reason. I used to have friends that wanted breast augmentation and it made me think I needed one too. Not just want, NEED! But now that our friendship has fallen out, yes I still have a flat chest but I don't think I need one anymore. As for the media, I don't know the models so I don't feel intimidated by how they look. I'm not a model/actress after all, my success does not rely on how big my boobs are. For me, plastic surgery is more like cocaine, whereas makeup is more like coffee if you get what I mean. Both are bad for you but makes you feel better and can cause addiction but on a much higher level. It's up to you, pick your poison.

  50. imho, pursuing higher education is not something we call ungrateful for what we have. It's different with people who are ungrateful to their faces/bodies to go under the knife. Concluding that educational things can't be a valid parable to plastic surgery. And in the end, the motivation that determines it to be a good or wrong thing.
    It might be cliché, but i believe God makes us perfect. It's only human paradigm that makes us put some standards about perfection :)
    P.s. exception for people doing PS bcs of physical defect.

  51. I'm in not saying pursuing higher education is a bad thing. I'm saying the nature of it was essentially the same; we want more, we crave for more, that's what I'm trying to emphasis, and it's not a bad thing.
    Cliche is not always a bad thing and for this case I don't think it's bad. Personally, I'd like to think there's nothing ever created in this world that we live in is perfect because the only perfection that could exist is God ^^

  52. I don't know I think it's really silly people think they have to get plastic surgery to look better. Sure if your self esteem is that low that you hate yourself and you think your life would be better then go for it. But I think the healthiest and best thing to do for yourself is love how you look now and learn to think of your features as its what makes you unique. Isn't it boring if we all looked the same? How you look is a mix of your mother and father and their family. For me there's some pride in being able to say "My eyes looks like this after my grandpa" etc. I get makeup because it's not permanent, it's not changing how you were born, but making your features prettier. but surgery is permanently changing your "base". Anyway I don't really care if others do it. It's just not for me and I think the craze of it is ridiculous. Rather focus on love yourself and enchanting your beauty rather than changing it <3

  53. Dear Stella, aku pernah coba cat warna ash (abu).. Dgn bleach ampe putih..
    Tp cm bertahan 1mgg.. :( pengen cat lg tp takot cepet ilang nyaa..
    Wkt itu sempet nyari silver shampoo cm ngga nemu..
    Kalo boleh tao, dpt dr mana? Thanks..

  54. Naa Sarang SungminMarch 27, 2014 at 4:01 AM

    Stella minta sarannya dong,,
    Rambut aku udh di cat warna tpi hasilnya jelek nah aku mau cat hitam tapi bnyak orng bilang kalau cat hitam rambut bisa tambah rusak n susah buat cat warna lagi.. tolong sarannya SENSEIII!!!!.

  55. hello stella, did you dye your hair by yourself? how many times you bleach your hair so you can get that color? thanks :)

  56. Hai, is it okay if I put conditioner after using the mixed silver shampoo and normal shampoo ? Thanks (:

  57. you could use some of that shampoo on your orange eyebrows actually

  58. Your blog banner is AWESOME!! Loooove Gackt and Laruku XD

  59. Hallo kak, mau nanya ni, rambut aku warna nya gak terlalu hitM jg gk terlalu coklat, aku mau cat rambut warna dark chocolate blonde? kira2 nnnti jatuhnya bakalan terang bgt gk ya? Trims😍😍

  60. I wouldn't have plastic surgery because I just don't want to, but I wouldn't think any less of someone for having it. I'm not really sure why there's such a stigma against it, honestly. I guess the only thing I would suggest is make sure you find a good surgeon, because botched plastic surgery is not a nice thing.

  61. hmmm aku sekarang lagi nonton film Helter Skelter dari jepang pasti Stella tau deh. Filmnya ttg oplas gitu. Jujur aku jadi takut oplas gara2 nonton film itu >.< Sebelum nonton sih kalo ada uang aku mw oplas idung kali ya di Korea ahaha, tapi ternyata oplas itu mesti dimaintain jadi ya mesti keluar byk bgt uang dan pasti ada efek sampingnya juga. Jadi kayaknya gak deh kalo oplas, serem

  62. kalau ada dana lebih buat oplas, ak mau hidung yg mancung dan bibir yg oke lol apalagi ada sponsornya huaaaaa wkkwkwwk

    bukannya ga bersyukur, cuma tiap manusia apalagi perempuan pasti ingin tampil lebih dan lebih.. oplas itu pilihan seperti kata kamu tel..tergantung kebutuhan orang masing2.. di indo masih tabu soal beginian.. yahh pikirannya gitu2 aja sih kita org indo ga bakal maju, apalagi oplas untuk org luar apalagi korea uda hal biasa.. kembali kebutuhan masing2 aja sih hihi tp takut juga sih sama hasilnya yg diluar harapan kita T_T

  63. Aku sendiri sih itu tergantung sama orangnya masing-masing ya. Kalo dia ngerasa pede dengan oplas, ya kenapa engga. Toh nanti juga yg nanggung ttg omongan miring dari sana sini kan orang itu sendiri. Aku sendiri jujur pernah kepikiran buat oplas bagian hidung supaya keliatan lebih mancung, tapi dipikir lagi aku takut efek yang ditimbulkan setelah operasi (yang sakit, bengkak, dll) >< jadi skg syukurin aja apa yg ada, belum tentu yang dikira kita kurang ternyata di mata orang lain itu adalah kelebihan & ciri khas kita.

  64. Plastic surgery menurutku gak papa untuk keperluan medis (rahang maju sehingga gak bisa makan, dll). Tapi untuk kecantikan semata, saya tidak setuju krn banyak jalan menuju roma alias banyak jalan menuju cantik (make up, perawatan skincare, attitude dll). Kalo saya diberi kesempatan untuk Plastic surgery, saya tidak akan mau. Proses healingnya lama, kebayang2 muka yg lama, ejekan orang / gosip org kalo tau muka kita yg real, dll. Lebih baik kasi uang aja drpd di sponsorin untuk Plastic surgery :P oiya dan yg paling penting sih, inget kata mamaku dulu, org yg uda jalani operasi artinya org yg cacat krn ada bagian tubuhnya yg di potong / ubah / ambil, etc, sehingga tidak mensyukuri apa yg Tuhan kasi utk dia krn tiap rancangan Tuhan indah adanya apapun itu ^_^.. Ini hanya opini pribadi ya , no offense ^_^

  65. i love ur make-up , Stell .. #salah fokus :p

  66. Hi kamu beli silver shampoo loreal itu online dimana? Boleh share? Hihi thank you