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December 03, 2013

Ever since One Piece Hair Studio opened its branch at Kelapa Gading Area, I have become its regular customer to cut my hair there. Not lying haha, I even paid it on my own many times before. Now you guys might have an idea which area of Jakarta that I live lol

Simply because I believe in Japanese Salon a lot and I trust the standard. I can color my hair on my own but for cutting I am totally out of control ToT 

And ever since I cut my hair short, it's more difficult for me as well to cut my hair. Because short hair cannot be styled that much unlike the long straight hair, so I need to emphasize it on the good cutting. And I am willing to pay for a good cut! 

I didn't blog before about every cutting experience with One Piece Hair Studio because usually when I came to salon, I didn't bother to put make up lol 
But this time One Piece Hair Studio gave some bloggers free makeover and I was invited too. So of course I had to put make up, therefore I can blog about it HAHAHA 

My old cutting.. I think the last time I cut it was before I came to Japan for Cofesta Events [last trip] ? And it's of course at One piece too.. 

I cut my hair short bob and with some sidelocks but the fringe has gone so long

And I dont intend to cut my fringe because I wanna let it grow [after so many failed attempts to grow my hair, NEVER success ToT ] but I wanna go for sexy mature look LOL So this time, I'll do my best hahaha!!

So I cut my hair with my awesome stylist, Kyosuke-san!! 
He knew that I wanted to go for sexy rock look so he gave me more layers for that reason

I was confused of 2 choices. Whether I need to make my hair darker for sexy mature look, or go crazy with pink purple hair and such hahaha

Then when all the bloggers had consultation for what kind of make over they'd have, he just saw me and laughed, "Oi, you dont need consultation, youre meant for ash blonde!" 


He knew me so well to the point I just agree and follow his choice

Apparently, maybe I shouldn't change my hair color at the moment.. Everyone is too used to seeing me with blonde hair and they say they wont recognize me with dark hair ToT

So I just retouched my dark roots thanks to their help. My hair is now even! The result of it is all worth it.  Kyosuke-san also re-colored again as the color has faded to a little yellow. So he gave me ashy tone to make it more into ash blonde

The cut is super awesome. He's so precise and super neat, he doesn't let any single mistake on my hair haha

The other bloggers already got make over and some are quite drastic, but maybe my hair is already very dramatic to begin with and suits me best, so although this is supposed to be a makeover, but it's just another retouch for me haha

How happy I am hearing everyone say that I look good with blonde hair now
Because years ago when I decided to go blonde, my friends were all against it cos they feel it wont suit me

But hey, you will never know whether it will suit your or not until you try!
And I am glad I made the decision ^.^ 

Anyway, my awesome stylist is Kyosuke-san! 

You can book him at Kelapa Gading Branch and seriously, why you should? Because I SAY SO LOL
I will never ever recommend people that I dont like to you guys

And what's better is One Piece Hair Studio, Kelapa Gading branch has 40% discount on all treatments!! Including color, cutting, perming, straightening, and so on!! Limited only for this month!! 

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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