2013 in A Blink, Move Forward to 2014

December 31, 2013

2013 moved in a blink and now we're hours away from 2014. What have you done in 2013? Did you guys reach your goal yet, or do you have any regret on this year?
But at least, have you had fun?

I had so many memorable events, even more than 2012, which were some not even blogged here
But in case you wanna know what I have done so far this year

The biggest gift in this year is I am able to come to Japan 5 TIMES this year, and experience ALL Seasons  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

  • Going to Japan on my own!! And experience homestay at Shintaro-nii's house for a month. After saving hard, I made my dream comes true! It happened from 30th December - End of January. A month of travel. From Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Mie, Ise, Kyoto, Gifu. 
  • Became Cofesta Ambassador of Indonesia for Cool Japan Project. Came to Tokyo to attend Fashion Show Events and such with other Ambassador and Influencers. Elle & Jess, Miyake, Alodia, and Beckii. 

Other interesting events are =

  • Became AFA Indonesia 2013 Main Host along with Danny Choo. My first time hosting a big event [usually it's only Beauty Class]. I also met new friends such as Kaname, Reika, Richfield, and so on. Working together with many Anisong Artists, such as Aya Hirano, May'N, BabyMetal, Kalafina, Flipside, and of course, T.M.Revolution again. I also came to AFASG just to play with everyone and watch his concert hehe 

In fact, I honestly think I didn't do much, especially in Indonesia. Because of traveling back and forth to Japan, I had awful schedule to maintain. Especially because usually I only knew about me going to Japan around a month before I fly. Not to mention I have to take care of my school as well so, I dont think I had reproduced good results

And also though I have come to Japan 5 times, but the only holiday that I feel is only the first one. Simply because for the rests, I had to follow schedules and couldn't see much. And the times when I came wasn't good. For Spring I couldn't see Sakura. For Summer, I couldn't see fireworks and wear yukata or go to Matsuri. For Fall, I couldn't see the leaves change its colour

So in fact, I didn't know what I was even doing there wtf -____-
It's not that I'm trying to be ungrateful, but if you have traveled to a place just for a job not for holiday, you'll know the pain.. 

So to make up of my regrets, here are my future goal next year = 

  • Trying out hosting events more, I wanna polish my hosting skill! Also to prepare for AFA *hopefully*
  • Do more Beauty Demo & Workshops to teach Japanese Make Up! Also to meet everyone!
  • Update my blog with more beauty reviews and tutorials, I know I was so lazy this year ><
  • Also for my blog, I will make my pictures clearer, brighter, and sharper than before. Notice better quality of pictures recently? Working hard to take & edit everything! I hope I can keep up with the quality
  • And, MORE GIVEAWAYS! I wanna give back as much as i can
  • GRADUATE well!! And of course, need to finish thesis first. My last semester omg..
  • Fly to Japan again at the right time, and have fun! I wanna go to Disneysea again, Hakone, and Doraemon Museum!
  • I also want to fly somewhere besides Japan, at least once!  Even better if it's Europe lol but geez, that means I have to = 
  • Accept more jobs and work my ass off! X"D I will work hard! Please please opportunities come to mamma
  • WHITE CHRISTMAS, in my whole life I never have white christmas, so next year I hope I can make it
  • Grow my hair back~!!! Though people say I suit short hair but in fact I'm not really confident about it lol
  • Have more times for friends. I know I have neglected my social life bcos too busy with myself wtf
  • Do something even bigger with my blog. Bigger.. and Bigger..  I want to be a full time blogger after I graduate. I will make it come true.. Hopefully... lol

    A girl can dream, right? ^.^

    How about your goal ?
    Do you know by writing down your wish and goal, it can help you to achieve it faster and better??
    Try doing it, also on your blog. And if you do so, let me know so I can read yours!! 

    See you guys next year!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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        1. wowww~ you did a lot in 2013 OuO
          happy new year and wishing you tons of blessings come in your way in 2014 :D

          cheer, michelle


        2. 2013 really went by so quickly, didn't it? Have a happy new year! (。☌ᴗ☌。)

        3. Being a full time blogger is on my list!! lol Good luck next year girly~


        4. I have A LOT of goals! one of them is watching anime without subtitles :p

          and btw, I do agree that writing down your goal could help you achieve it faster, but I prefer to keep my goals to myself. According to http://sivers.org/zipit2 : "Psychology tests show that announcing your goals makes you less motivated to accomplish them." Nonetheless, each to their own, I guess. ^^

          Ah, one more thing..Could you please tell me how much does it cost you to go to Japan? I need to know how much more I have to save :). Thanks in advance :D

        5. Is that really your hair? I thought it's short

        6. i love how you can do those goal in your lifee, i want to accomplish my goal like you too ! :D


        7. Way to go girl! We can dream, of course, to make it happen :) I hope i can fly to Japan like you did, it interests me so bad >.< My goals are also accepting more jobs, making friends, and do something more useful with my blog. Oh God bless us *angelic voice from heaven* Have a great luck this year! ;)


        8. good luck ci stella ! :D semoga tahun ini tambah sukses ya ><

        9. For me, 2013 was the WTF year! Hehe, but I've learned soooooo many things. And of course, No pain no gain la! God is good :)
          goal this year is, I want to do what I love and love what I do! It was
          hard for me to love what I did. And yes me too, hopefully this year will
          be my last year in uni! Finish school, get my degree, and earn much
          money so I can fly to Tokyo, and London, and Seoul! #Amen
          Happy new year stell, hope you have a wonderful year and good luck! :)

        10. Which among those five trips did you like the most? :D

        11. terima kasih, sukses juga ya kamu =D

        12. Can can~~~!!! :D Japan is no longer than exp, you can get discount fare

        13. Thank you girl! you can also do it ^_^

        14. I also want to watch dorama without sub >< I think it's every j-lovers dream XD

          ahh.. i think it depends on everyone? :)

          It depends. You can count by yourself what you need =
          Flight ticket = depends on your country
          Food = 1x1000yen approx. multiply it by how many days and how many times you'll eat per day
          Transportation = Train 110-350yen one way
          Hotel = around 100usd/night
          Shopping = decide by yourself lol
          Disneyland + Disneysea = around 9000yen

        15. happy new year to you too michelleee