Make Over Perfect Shade Blush On Palette Review

December 11, 2013

It's been a long time since I did make up products review! But this time I am gonna introduce to you Make Over Perfect Shade Blush On Palette!! 
As I kinda mentioned on my twitter, for the past 6 months I have been rejecting a lot of sponsored products. There are 2 big reasons. First is my room cannot fit the make up flow sent to me, I cannot move!! Second is, it takes so long to review make up. I can't possibly finish the review for 3 days. It takes time to test it, and I did not have as much time as I used to considering that I am on my last year already [Next year is my last semester omg!]

So I have been very picky to put make up here hehe.. I apologize

Even right now as I am writing this, I am running away for a moment from my internship report lol

Well, without further ado, shall we begin!!

Make Over is a Cosmetic Brand from Indonesia that produces affordable make up price with high quality products. Like this Blush On Palette, it comes in a sleek black packaging like along with 8 blush on colors to choose from. The packaging is compact and look professional, it is something that I will definitely bring when I put make up on client / someone else!

It comes in 8 colours of blush on to choose from. One of it is a matte brown powder that you can use for contouring!
I was surprised that there are only 2 pink blush on on this palette [one light pink & one hot pink] and the rest of the blush on are more into orange and warm red!
See by yourself! 

without flash

with flash

I think the color selection is in fact very suitable for Indonesian people, who are majority have warm and medium to dark complexion. I feel this will give out their natural flush and fits their skin tone better compared to Korean or Japanese Blush on that's too pink somehow

But as someone who always try Japanese make up, I am a little bit surprised with the colours available. But now, I know what blush on palette I can recommend to Indonesian ladies! :D 

Apparently I think that there are a few shades similar to each other. Anyway, it doesn't come with blush brush so I recommend you to always prepare one!

Anyway here's the swatch of the blush on from no 01 to no 08 in order = 

The blush on itself is pretty smooth and glides easily, also the pigmentation is quite vivid but still gives natural result on the cheek. Majority of the blush colour besides the light pink blush, are on warm shade and there's only 1 shimmer noticeable on the blush, which is on the hot pink one. So I guess it's very natural and perfect for Indonesian people!

The price for this Blush On Palette is Rp 259.000 or around 32USD
Which I think is quite okay considering that you will get 8 colours. Make it only 4USD each!! So I think it's very worth it!
Also since it's Indonesian Brand, making it easier for people who live in Indonesia to purchase this product! Bad side is, overseas people might have difficulty to get this out.. 

 Sleek & Professional packaging
 Most of the colours are warm undertone, suits Indonesian people
 Affordable price
 Easy to purchase in Indonesia
 Comes with matte contouring powder
 Smooth texture
 Natural result

 Too many orange-ish blush on on the same palette
 Doesn't come with blush brush
 Difficult to purchase for overseas fans

The products are sponsored by Make Over Indonesia as a review purpose

I totally recommend this blush on for those of you who want to have a lot of blushes but are in tight budget. I know at first it looks a little expensive, but if you divide it, in fact it's so cheap. Also the pan is quite huge so it will definitely last you for a very long time

Have you ever heard about this brand before? 

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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  1. looks like a nice palette!! i agree there's not much variety of colors but they're still pretty nonetheless! and good luck for your last year, i hope after you've finished you will post more make up reviews again :D

    ☼ ☀Summer Solstice☀ ☼

  2. Waktu pertama bgt tau ttg Make Over aku kira ini produk dari luar, gak taunya dari Indonesia. Kemarin sempet mau beli ini cuma ada keperluan lain jadi pending dulu. Ayo stella semangaaat, sama2 semester akhir juga nih huhuhu.

  3. Wish the palette had a few more different shades such as reds and corals that way it'd be perfect for the upcoming summer here in Australia :P
    And congratulations on finishing your final year soon!! <3 Wish you all the best!!!

    -Miss Sennnaa

  4. Love this post !!

    Can help me to make over

    Visit my blog on

  5. OMG! Lovely Blog!

    Following you now :)

    Please follow back as well will really appreciate it <3


    Red Alice

  6. Thank you Stevanie, I just published Shu review too :D

  7. I think it has quite a lot of reds and corals shades XD

  8. Great review! Looking forward for more reviews from you ;)
    ~Pauline @

  9. woy matamu itu terlalu bsar jelek