Discussion : Plastic Surgery? Yay or Nay?

December 04, 2013

Right now I just wanna have a little chit chat and discussion with you guys, my lovely readers

What do you guys think about Plastic Surgery? 

Are you against it or no?

As for me personally, it's someone's choice. I have never done it but if I am given the chance to do it, I want to!

Ever since I was young, I have been wanting to do my nose. Just make it a little higher so it looks better
But even without the nose surgery, I am also okay

What irks me is when someone says, oh this girl is just pretty bcos of surgery. It's the same with make up when someone says oh that girl is pretty bcos of make up
And these people who said that will feel superior for thinking they do look better than these people, because they are 'NATURAL'

But hmmm... I dont know.. Is it bad to go under knife?
Who will being disadvantaged of?

And even I know that most of these people who do make up and surgery, even without all these helps, they still look cute and better than these people who talk bad about them

The conclusion is, jealousy aint do any good

For me, you only hate something when =
1. It reminds you of your bad old self
2. You wish to be on the same position but can't
3. Trauma

(O.O) . . .

So for me, I dont hate surgery, because I dont have any reasons. Well okay, 2nd reason is my reason but if I have chance I will do it, so I shouldn't talk about it

But I was just wondering, if by chance that one day I have surgery, what will you guys feel about me?

And if you have chance to do surgery, will you do it?
Like lets say, someone sponsor you for free and all you need is just sleep and voila, pretty LOL

And if you want, which area you want to fix? ^.^

I am interested to hear about this quite 'taboo' topic and honest opinion from girls around the world, especially in Indonesia..

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  1. I will surely do plastic surgery if I can.. eventhough being under knife will affect so much pain in process and I am so scared of it.. I want to fix my nose too.. I agree with you that some people who always put negative thought about make up and plastic surgery are only jealous because they can't do so..

  2. Some people study to become smarter.
    Some people exercise to become healthier.
    Some people do plastic surgery to become prettier.
    They're all just forms of self-improvement. I don't understand why putting in effort/money to become smarter is acceptable everywhere, while putting in effort/money to become prettier is often considered vain.

  3. I also want it was possible, but the price and the fear that I had was quite big, so I need more thinking about that. I want to have good boobs, who have v shape face, I want to look like chen jia wen, yes even though she use photoshop, but I want to look like her. the first who I want change is my chin, long time ago I got accident so my chin is not proportional, I need to refix it, maybe someday. and I want make my lips more thin and small, really want to look like a doll, haha XD
    and the pain after plastic surgery, I think it is something that must be paid and a risk.

  4. I don't oppose the people who do plastic surgery to make themselves prettier. Wanting to be prettier is not wrong. The choice is up to yourselves.
    But, I myself wouldn't want to do plastic surgery even if I'm given a chance to do it. I just think that fixing my feature with make up is okay. I don't want to lose my natural face :D I don't care people saying I'm chubby, ugly, etc. I will just learn to do make up well to cover my bad feature, but absolutely not plastic surgery.

  5. Yg penting....org yg sdh cantik krn operasi.....jgn sombong....tetap humble.....Dan jgn merebut suami org! Krn kita tau tubuh ini hanya sementara. Keep humble. Buat sy operasi is ok. Mayb for my dohter smday

  6. Hmm... bicara soal plastic surgery.. aku jg pengen nose job dan slimmer face sih sebenernya.. tapi ya klo ditawarin utk plastic surgery, rasanya aku ga mau deh >_< hrs bs bersyukur dgn keadaan yg sekarang.. dapet bantuan dari makeup aja udh cukup :D

  7. I thought about your question for some time. I'm okay with plastic surgery but not when it's to look like someone else such as the thirty three year old man who changed his face to look more like Justin Bieber. I think it's okay to try to enhance your own beauty but not to mold yourself into another person.

  8. I would love to get a nose job as well..and when I'm late 30s I have already made a life plan to get facelift *lol*
    I hate my nose, but I'm not obsessed with the hatred. I still love my face afterall. Like you, bisa iya sukur, gak bisa yah gak papa wkwkwk..


    I'm not a shallow-minded person, in fact I don't really care about what people think or do as long as it's not discomforting to other people, so it's a yay for me.

  9. I think plastic surgery is perfectly fine! Personally I think of plastic surgery as to improve yourself and there is nothing wrong with that! If you want it, go ahead and get it, if you don't then that's okay too. Beauty is beauty in my eyes :) I personally would do it to get a more symmetrical face.


  10. If I was offered plastic surgery (by someone good) of course I would take it. I think there's nothing wrong with surgery as long as you are happy with it but I think some surgery is obnoxious--ie. breast implants that would never fit your frame realistically. I think facial surgery is awesome though. If i had the chance I would get nose surgery and orbital implants, and probably the jaw shaving surgery. I wouldn't think badly of you if you got surgery as long as you are happy with it.

  11. menurut gw, no.. im not.,kenapa???
    gw punya idung yang pesek ,tp aku gak tertarik untuk operasi plastik.
    hidung mancung itu cantik. gak kok, itu cuman presepsi manusia saja..
    well, kita pikirkan juga untuk kedepannya, kalau anak kita ntar pesek, tp aku nya mancung berkat oplas,. kasian anak kita, bisa - bisa di kira anak angkat .. itu hanya satu alasan aja,

  12. Kalo ditawarin gratis (plus perawatannya) mauuuu hahaha tapi klo bayar sendiri pun gpp, toh yg pngen kubenerin cuma bikin kelopak mata aja, en klo memungkinkan pngen buat ekor mataku lebih naik soalnya klo aku nggak senyum dikira entah judes ato ngantuk -_- Males lah pake eyeliner sepanjang waktu. Iya kalo kek ngemall ato pesta, klo sekedar main kerumah temen pake eyeliner supaya mataku naik tuh jadinya terlalu menor lol.

    Tapi ada pemikiran lain juga, emg denger2 sih skali operasi perawatannya susah & mahal? Terus terang aku nggak gt ngerti perawatan sperti apa, toh lagian yg pngen kubenerin nggak seekstrim sampe ganti tulang macem jaw surgery, tambahan nose bridge dll. Cuma tweaking aja ;P

    Betewe klo ada yg ngomong soal 'takut anaknya dikira anak angkat' dll mnurut gw lucu bangeeet XD
    Mnurutku dunia ini jamannya dah serba maju, jika suatu saat oplas sudah mnjadi sesuatu yg umum hal2 sperti itu ga bakal diributkan lagi. Atau mungkin bakal jd bahan gunjingan yg minoritas (sama seperti racism, masih ada tapi nggak blak2an lg)

    What we need to learn is to ignore people's comment, we are not perfect but we're always strive for the best and it deserves to be appreciated.

  13. I don't against plastic surgery at all! cuz personally I also want to fix some features on my face such as my eyes (wanna get double eyelid and cut the outer corner of the eyes to make them bigger!) and my jaw (the lower jaw or should i say the area on my lower lips is a bit more on the front that makes my side profile so uh oh -_-). So yeah it's super yay for me *^^*

  14. Kalo disuruh operasi palstik, aku ingin operasi kelopak mata. soalnya mataku ini sipit banget. Mamaku juga nyuruh aku untuk operasi kelopak mata. Tapi ga ada waktu untuk pergi selain itu aku nggak punya rekomendasi dari orang lain tempat yang bagus untuk operasi plastik ada dimana.
    Sayangnya operasi plastik membutuhkan perawatan. Kadang males juga setiap berapa kali harus check ke dokternya. Habisin waktu disana menurutku.hufft...

  15. I'm not against plastic surgery, and if given a chance, I'd do it. I want bigger eyes hehe. There's nothing wrong with wanting to be prettier. It's just a way that you can be confident with less reliance on make-up that can sometimes be harmful to skin. It's kinda like self improvement, which is a good thing. I really hate it when people offend or insult someone for getting surgery - they're just being mean and jealous. However, I don't support being overly obsessed or addicted to plastic surgery though. The result is usually not pretty...


  16. aku sih oke2 aja sama org yang melakukan operasi demi meningkatkan kepercayaan diri.
    kalau pun ada kesempatan aku mau nose job, tp dengan aku yang sekarang sih fine2 aja, gak oplas juga gapapa..^^
    aku paling benci orang yang ngomong :
    "oplas, liat nanti klo udah punya anak! baru tau diri, oplas gak bisa ubah genetik. anakmu ya ttp jelek"
    jahat banget kan? maksudnya apa coba..jadi harus sama2 jelek biar biar anak bahagia? (=_=")
    kebayang sakitnya hati org2 yg oplas. gak oplas dihina, oplas klo kurang bagus diejek, klo hasil bagus dicaki maki, ckckck

  17. i think its okayyy..asal gk terlalu sampe yang merubah 100%..me personally mau mancungin idung sama bikin mata look bigger XD XD hahaha

  18. well.. kalo aku sih mau2 aja kalau ad yang sponsori..betul kata komen2 dibawah.. who doesn't wanna be prettier? every women wanna b prettier even more!! hehe cuma aku pikir kalau udah oplas kita kan jadi cantik, trus pasti make up or not cuma keliatan perbedaan sedikit.. karna org pasti mikir nya "wah emg udah cantik dari sananya.. mau makeup ato enggak tetep cantik. " so, skill makeup kita ga akan diliat deh,. aku ud bersyukur sih sm muka ku sekarang cuma kl emg bs ingin nose job. hihihi.. i never against plastic surgery..^v^

  19. I don't think PS is a problem if it's used to enhance and not to change someone's facial feature. As long as the result is natural and the person is more confident afterwards, there is nothing wrong about that.

    PS and makeup doesn't make someone less natural than others. We are all fake in one side or another. And we only live a short life so we have to make the most out of it. Since we can't please everyone, we should at least please ourselves :) And don't judge someone just because he/she did PS or wear makeup. It's their life and their decisions to make.

    We all have something in our body or face that we don't adore. I like my facial features but i hate my tummy. Can I do PS on tummy? lol And I will still adore you even if you do PS as long as you're staying inside the boundaries and just admit if you did it ^_^

  20. as for me i think plastic surgery is not a bad thing, even those K-pop idols you love done it and i think every human looks at something visually, if it's not good on the eye we won't interested right?

    and so if you happen to did it i'm gonna congratulate you cos actually i want it too! :D i have a not so very nice nose i must say and yours is good and i would want a nose surgery if i have the chance! *just being honest*


  21. I have no bad opinion about PS. PS was first invented for medical reason, not to enhance one's appearance, but that function came later and it was inevitable. Yet, I'm not saying it's wrong. Wanting something more and being dissatisfied of what you have, no matter how ironic it is, is what made human 'human'. If someone said you should not go under the knife because you should be grateful of what you have, then I personally I think it's the same with saying people not to pursue higher education and be grateful with the level of knowledge you have, I mean, it's essentially the same thing, no? We want to know more, study and learn more, because we think what we knew, studied, and learnt, is not enough. Same goes with wearing make up, PS, or anything to enhance our appearance because we think the way we look is not appropriate enough. And, really, there's nothing wrong with wanting to look good.

    People who talk negatively of people who went under the knife, I think, should not blame the people who did PS, they should blame society and media who create the image of 'ideal beauty'. Because we're endlessly exposed to those images, we started to think; "ah, that's how I should be. I want to be like that too!"

    Personally, if anyone ever offer me a chance of plastic surgery, I'd decline, I don't really have anything of myself that I want to change, not because I already look good, I'm lacking in many places, everyone are, but I don't feel the need to change it. Yet, if someone decided to go under the knife, I won't say bad things about them too, it's their decision and whatever comes to them after that are their responsibility. Welp, I think I wrote too long ^^;

  22. Well, this topic will always be an interesting topic to talk about I think haha. And as a guy I think its ok for girl (or even a boy) to do plastic surgery, since it doesn't even hurt me if someone did it, so the conclusion is, people can do whatever they want as long as it doesn't hurt or irritate me, its ok la, simple hahaha


  23. I want to do nose & eyelid surgery, but I'm afraid my face will turn like Michael Jackson when I'm older..

  24. You are just fine with or without enhancement, but right now you stated that you want to do your nose. I think doing your nose one time instead of waking up and applying make up, is better than being not happy with your nose. But personally I don't see anything wrong with your nose. Another famous blogger Qiuqiu did plastc surgery, you can read her story maybe. Good luck with your decision.

  25. hahahaha.. artinya skarang ak jelek dong terus skill make up nya bagus, makanya blogku dibaca X"DDD
    Tapi aku berusaha agar kulitku bagus jadi dempulannya gak tebel. Dibandingkan 2 taun lalu, foundation yang kupakai lbih sdikit. Dlu make up an 2 jam skarang 15 menit doang. Isn't that the same?

    Iya no hard feelinggg kok tenang ajaa.. ini discussion aja =D

  26. PS? wew.. not bad.. tergantung situasi dan kesiapan diri aja c.. belum lagi perawatan2 yang lebih mahal after surgery.. tapi kalo ditawarin c nggak kayaknya.. cukup dengan mensyukuri diri dan berpikir kalo kita ini cantik, kita nggak akan pernah ngerasa kita jelek.. buat apa mempercape diri mendengar ucapan orang lain..

  27. wah enggak tau dan belum nonton :o ntar coba aku nonton haha XD

  28. Ah yeah, that one is creeppyyyyyyyyyyyy lol

  29. wahh... persepsi baru :o
    "jadi harus sama2 jelek biar anak bahagia" lol
    bener bener... sakit ya digituin ahahaha

  30. do whatever makes you happy and feel good about yourself because in the end its a very personal thing and it's your decision to make (Not anyone elses) <3

  31. I'm pretty much againts PS ><

    Because, well, we need to maintain it, it also restricts out facial movement as I know, and there's society. There will always be people saying really nasty stuff about it and though we blame the society, we are a part of the society itself.

    And I'm sorry about being so upfront about this and I also apologise if I happen to offend someone but there will always be people who says that doing PS is okay but then will attack others who have actually done it behind their back *seen these kind of case a lot regarding this one classmate I had in foundation year, she had done PS on her eyes and nose*

    We can always ignore these labels and hate of course, but not all people are mentally strong enough to live under pressure ._.

  32. Since I know a lot of people who get Plastic Surgery, I actually don't mind it! But I think there's should be a limit to how much surgery you do, and you shouldn't lie about it or anything either. For me, it's nothing to be ashamed of or anything. Now days, there's a certain image for beauty and because of that image people want to become prettier or if they are already beautiful they want to find more ways to improve it, for example, looking like a barbie.

    If I wasn't scared of pain that much, I would probably want my nose done as well. But everyone should be allowed free will to do what they want and you shouldn't judge them based on these small decisions that they make. They might just be the nicest people you meet, but you'll never know because you choose to judge and criticize them instead.

  33. Sekarang ini emang udah byk yg PS, apalagi skrg ini orang2 semakin memperhatikan penampilan. Well, kalau ada yg mau PS, itu terserah mereka... Itu hak pribadi setiap orang, dan tanggungan orang itu sendiri juga kalau misalnya ada apa-apa dan mereka harus siap menerima berbagai tanggapan ini itu.

    Menurutku, org yg oplas nggak bisa lgsg marah sma org2 yg beranggapan miring ttg oplas. Mereka memang harusnya sdh tau ttg resiko ini, dan harus siap mental. Pasti akan selalu ada pro kontra, itu pandangan berbeda dr stiap orang. Apalagi di Indonesia, PS ini emg msh tabu. Jd yg mau oplas emang harus siap fisik, siap mental dan siap2in kantong yg tebel jg utk perawatan. Hehehe...

    Kalau dia memang ingin menjadi lebih cantik dan siap untuk ngelakuin itu ya silahkan. Buatku ya nggak masalah selama orang itu "tidak berbohong" dengan bilang kalau dia cantik natural.
    Tapi secara pribadi dan kalau di tawari, aku lbh milih untuk bilang nggak... Aku bersyukur udah dilahirin seperti ini, karena di luar sana msh byk orang lain yg punya kekurangan dan lbh butuh operasi semacam ini. Aku juga ga berani, ga kuat tiap kali liat gambar ttg oplas2 begitu...

  34. if PS can make someone's life better.. why not? the most important is asking ourselves "will you happy with the changes and the decision you make?"

  35. I am not entirely against it, if you are really getting too many bad comments about your face features that you can't ignore or if there are health problems.. it may be okey ~~ But, as I observed if you have an ordinary apperance it may also get an obbsession. ''First eyelids, second nose, then lips, cheecks, collarbone, chin... ı don't like this style just chang more again;ips, cheecks, collarbone, chin... ''

    In the end, your face might get ruined :(

    I am from Turkey and here it is really not a common thing to have Ps.
    Because people usually thinks if you gone through it once , you will want to change more and more... There is one more reason, religious people focus on personality more than apperance.

    Of course they are both important but every people can find a look good with some make up or care ...

    If you care too much about your face, it will become dangerous. You do not just have an apperance but you do have a soul which is more important to be beautiful ~~ When you died, your body will be a part of earth but your soul will still be alive ... Something you may lose in every second shouldn't be the most important thing to change,in my opinion. There are a lot of things to change in someone's personality... Nobody is perfect ; both in apperance and in soul ...

    Make up can change your face enough, so if you are a so-so person why there is a need to exaggerate it ? Can you guarentee it will be better than before or you can easily stop after going through it? Or the pain it causes will really be equal ? Maybe you can think it is prettier but you can not gurantee you that you will like it even after 10 years later??

    It will be a process you started to think about your face a lot. Also, going under knife is a very hard decision , if someone don't have anything curicial , it seems unnecessary to have this pain .

    If you've watched the popular Korean movie 200 Pounds Beauty , you can understand it is not an easy thing to go under knife...

    In TvN there was a show, (I've watched a long time ago , I couldn't remember the details) there was 2 girls got obsessed with Ps. After doing it once, they wanted to change more, they changed their apperance a lot of times.. And in the end they really didn't seem pretty in my eyes..


  36. Honestly, I'm agree with your statement. It's people choice, they have the right to make decision.
    As long as you already love the way you are, it's not a big deal to do plastic surgery. Because I found that most people are doing plastic surgery because they hate themselves for being 'ugly' (based on their own opinion). It will leads someone to never satisfied..
    Actually my religion teacher back then in high school told us about plastic surgery issues. She tells that everyone is beautiful/good the way they were. However, if a person wants to do plastic surgery, it's recommended to do it because of medical reason, not because of beauty related. I could assume that plastic surgery for beauty is not really recommended regarding to religion. A month later, a friend came up after doing plastic surgery for eyelid, but my religion teacher praised her because she looks more pretty with the eyelid. LOL.
    Based on the story and my opinion, doing plastic surgery with a good reason is fine. However, I suggest not to do it too much, because the maintenance is hard and I think it won't be good for your health when you become older (such as 50++)

    Actually I ever done surgery for double eyelid and temporary nose injection. The eyelid will be permanent and I'm doing it because my father has no eyelid and his vision is like become more 'smaller' due to the aging. Therefore i was 'urged' to do the surgery so the case like my father's won't happen to me. As for the injection, the doctor suggest me to do it, but honestly I feel weird with the nose. I know actually it looks better, but I love more my current 'pesek' nose. hahahha.
    If I had another chance to do plastic surgery, I don't think i will do it. Honestly sometimes it came to my mind to be thinner by doing surgery, it's like an easy way to have a nice figure. However I'm too scared of the 'knife' and I love the way I am right now, I'll just do some workout I think. hahahaha.

  37. terima kasih untuk opininya yaaa =D

    iya sih lama dan butuh uang banyak ahaha.. kalau murah, udah dari dulu aku lakuin sendiri >_<

    hmmm kalau operasi untuk mengubah apa yang diberikan Tuhan karena apapun bentuknya itu, adalah indah adanya. Bagaimana dengan bibir sumbing atau mata kecil sebelah? Biar bagaimanapun juga, manusia pasti tahu kan bahwa itu tidak indah untuk dipandang? :o

  38. Thank you for your long opinion and I respect your opinion :D

    Hahahaha your teacher's story is so funny XD

    And I agree, if it's something done because they hate themselves, they will never be satisfied and become addicted. Apparently I feel it should be done just a little, just to enhance. Like no eyelid to monolid or double eyelid. But not giving the whole total different look, or to achieve someone else's face. For me, that is the boundary that I dont agree with..

  39. ^_^ ya itu dia, utk keperluan medis sih gpp, bibir sumbing itu sulit makan loh, klo itu hrs dioperasi dan untungnya di indo uda ada beberapa yg sediakan operasi gratis utk bibir sumbing~ :) aku suka banget nonton acara korea let me in. itu acara plastic surgery dr yg jelek jd cantik. Dan ada bbrp yg memang hrs dioperasi krn alasan medis, cerita mereka bikin terharu krn gk bisa ngunyah, gk bisa makan makanan yg keras2 hrs yg lembek2, adalagi yg bibir sumbing, adalagi yg matanya satu gk ada (kelainan genetik), ada yg luka bakar dll. Kalo itu sih gpp dioperasi klo punya duit
    :P Tuhan kasi mereka kekurangan / cacat kyk gitu pasti ada tujuannya deh kyk nick vujivic, bethany hamilton, dll :P Tapi klo utk kecantikan, aku gk setuju krn gk cacat & normal, hrs di syukuri :P

  40. Menurutku sih itu pilihan masing-masing ya. Jadi aku nggak banyak komentar tentang orang yg melakukan plastic surgery. Kalau memang itu yg dia mau ya udah. Toh, nggak ada ngaruhnya sama aku. Tapi kalau aku yg dikasih pilihan untuk plastic surgery, aku bakal nolak walau pun itu gratis juga. Pertama alasannya, di dalam agama ku itu dilarang. Kedua, aku sering lihat foto proses orang yg after plastic surgery, dan I think it hurts A LOT! Kalau nyari fotonya di google banyak kok foto orang yg pasca plastic surgery yg mukanya masih diperban gitu. Itu serem dan pasti sakit banget. Karena aku sama jarum suntik aja takut, jadi mendingan nggak deh kalau ditawarin plastic surgery.

  41. I agree.. I think everything has limit, so is plastic surgery. But the most important thing is to not lie about it.

  42. wahahaha.. bukan gitu cintaaaa kamu juga cantik kok.. hidung kamu aje lebih bagus dr gue,,, sungguh...
    cuma kalo udah oplas kn aku pikir nya ud beda level kecantikan mukanya,,, kl skrg kn sama lah kite soalny msh natural.. hahahayyy.. bukan kamu nya jelek,, tp aku ngerasa kalo cewe yg udah oplas itu jadi cantik banget,, hahhaa,..
    wah hebat dong cuma 15menit..eke bs brp jam pdhl cm pelembab, alis, maskara, blush on.. T____T don't know why takes so long.. TT____TT

  43. as long as that plastic surgery make you happy, why not? hehehehhehe. kalo punya kesempatan sih, inginnya mancungin hidung.. tapi, dengan hidung yang sekarang udah bersyukur kok. Do makeup, plastic surgery, and other else that make you pretty, kenapa nggak? toh semua orang punya kesempatan yang sama buat jadi cantik/ ganteng. Selama nggak ngelanggar hukum aja.. XD . ini tanggapan pribadiku aja loh ya :))

  44. Nayy
    I don't care if someone wants to, its their rights, their business, but im sure as hell wont haha
    I also won't blame anyone who want them, coz actually, i used to hate myself so bad to the point where i'm thinking of doing a full-face surgery, lol
    Used to, being the keyword~
    Plastic Surgery further instills a standard for whats beautiful and whats not
    A lot of people use surgery to widen their eye, which implies that having a small eye is ugly, that its not beautiful by society's standards
    The problem is, for how long is a big eye going to be beautiful? When its no longer in trend, are you going to change into what's currently in? Cutting more skin, shaving more bones?Currently aegyo sal is considered pretty, people having surgery to create it. But, its only become trendy recently.
    Remember old china, where people bind girls' feet. They think its beautiful. Modern people think its horrible. Their feet ends up deformed.
    Or that custom where girls have such a long neck decorated with gold necklace, they've been wearing it for so long that if they take it off, their neck can't support themselves
    There was also a trend in a small european country, i forgot where, in which they inject salt water into their forehead, to make it look bloated. Why would they do that? Because people tells them,"its beautiful"
    Things like skinny is pretty, well in the past if you're skinny you're ugly coz it means you have no money to afford food, lol
    And pink is actually a BOY's colour in the past, coz its a shade of red. Blue is the feminine colour back then.
    It's all just marketing scheme, like DIAMONDS are a girls' best friend, its actually created because diamonds sales is bad back then
    And shaving your hair? Moar marketing scheme hahahahahaha

  45. it's quite a delicate topic, isn't it? I think both extremes are ok as long as the person is happy about themselves! You can say "I had plastic surgery, and I feel good about myself, I can pull this off with no problem!" and that is something to be proud of. But you can also say "I've never had plastic surgery and I feel great about myself just the way I am" and also perfect. Both are good, it's a matter of attitude and of course whoever is considering it, do it wisely, because it's something that you want... not because it was imposed.

    So in conclusion, I'm ok with it!

  46. Operasi plastik~
    >What do you guys think about Plastic Surgery?
    oplas itu kan di indonesia masih jarang ya :D, klo ngliat artis2 luar yang oplas ya BIASA AJA. tapi sedikit MENYAYANGKAN sama orang yang sudah oplas (sudah cantik) tapi masih tetep terus oplas sampe mukanya keliatan aneh :(. Kalo ada orang yang oplas, yaudah itu urusan dia, mereka punya alasan (dan uang) buat oplas. ya suka2 mereka aja lah~ XD

    >Is it bad to go under knife?Who will being disadvantaged of?
    GAK JUGA, tergantung oplasnya. klo buat alasan medis ya memang perlu. klo buat alasan estetis, ya klo emang orangnya uda ngrasa DESPERATE bgt sama mukanya~ ya gpp lah~ Yang dirugikan itu orang yang suka IRI sama orang lain :D, atau bisa jadi oplaser (orang yang oplas) yang rugi karna uangnya jadi abis XD. atau oplaser itu sendiri bakal ngrasa rugi di masa depan (siapa tahu)

    >if by chance that one day I have surgery, what will you guys feel about me?
    Ahahaha i dunno lah stel XD. mungkin bakalan "yah kok oplas sih ? padahal stella yang lama kan uda cakep" tapi selanjutnya bkalan "yaudah lah mau diapain lagi" tapi mungkin respectnya jadi sedikit luntur :D

    >will you do it?
    Nope, my religion dont allow me to do it. *SARA alert* ahahahah. Kalaupun gak dilarang~, sejauh ini, wajah aku baik2 saja~ jadi belum kepikiran buat oplas :)

    ada kekurangan di wajah itu wajar, cantik itu kan bisa dari mana aja, bisa dari make up, perilaku, dsb. bersyukur aja sama yang uda dikasih,jangan kebnyakan liat keatas, ntar lehernya pegel

    KEY ERROR <3

  47. I think plastic surgery is all good.

    as long as you think about the procedure, like pros and cons its okay.
    and think about it for at least a year, like a tattoo because its really a permanent thing.

    be honest tho if you get it you know? its something you chose to do and are hopefully proud of it. at the end of the day people are just uncomfortable with themselves and project if they are uncomfortable with PS

  48. keren dan serem filmnya >.<

  49. Hai Stella. Hm klo pndpt aq sih. Aq gk msalah ya dgn org yg ngelakuin PS . Klo buat aq pribadi. Aq mikirnya bgaimana kalau fungsi awal tubuh qt jd ga bs brfungsi dgn baik?. Aq prnh idung gk bs nafas sblh kiri. Itu ajh gk nyaman aq takut sinus dsb n aq hrs cek ke dokter.untungnya sih gpp. Aq lbih mkirin ke kshtan. Takut kalau jd malfungsi. Karna kan stiap bagian tubuh punya fungsi masing2 . Kalau misal stella ada yg sponsorin. (Coba baca pngalaman beauty blogger qiuqiu) itu . Aq jd byngin gmn klo smua pmbaca jd trtarik. Dan smua org operasi. Ga kbayang ajh. Itu pndpt pribadi aq. Maaf ya klo ada yg kurang berkenan :)

  50. Hi Stella! I've been feeling really bad as well. I've always want a double eyelid surgery cs I was born with monolids (until now I haven't get the procedure done yet, though).. But I heard people saying that "natural is better", "going under the knife makes people fake"... Plastic surgery does NOT affect anyone else negatively. We did not even use their money, why should they care that much?? And what offends me is that - People WORSHIP korean singers, and those girls have tons of surgeries and they LIKE THEM. But if regular people like us went under the knife, everyone else became judgmental.. :S

    I'm always on the "Pro" side for plastic surgeries. Everyone has the right to do whatever they want with their face and body as long as they don't offend or attack other people.. :D


  51. It's completely that persons choice and no-one should be able to say anything about it although majority of people obviously will treat what someone else does to their body as if it is their own body which I think is completely WRONG.

    either way, I say yay to some extent, because if I had the money I would definitely get a nose job.

    whenever I look at things like kpsurgery, I always fantasize how nice it must be to change your appearance to your liking and look at yourself in the mirror and actually feel good about yourself. I think that's something really important.

  52. jika ada kesempatan bisa PS , pengen banget untuk ilangin strecmark di belakang dengkul....pengap..capek lelah cb berbagai produk..bukan tdk bersyukur atas diri sendiri..hanya saja jika bisa ada 1 kesempatan buat ps ,, capek pakai jeans all the time... di cuaca panas ga bisa sesantai orang lain...di saat ajak anak2 jalan2 tdk bisa sesimple yang di inginkan...always cover my legs..
    tiap orng sah saja melakukan ps sesuai dengan apa yg bisa dia pertangung jawabkan.. saya merasa tdk percaya diri sepanjang tahun ( 32thn umur saya) but happy with all i got... just one thing i want change..my legs

  53. Aku fine2 aja sama operasi plastik. Asalkan dilakukan atas keputusan sendiri, gak apa-apa kok. yang penting tidak berlebihan dan prosedurnya aman. Toh, tubuh milik masing-masing orang kan. kalo ngejudge orang karena operasi juga buat apa, karena mengubah penampilan luar gak berarti mengubah penampilan di dalam.

  54. This is my first time walking on your blog and you're so pretty! XD
    I really like that circle lenses you use. Ooops, kinda got distracted! Sorreeh~

    Ah, plastic surgery? I don't really think it's bad or good. I mean, it was there to actually help people. So it's fine with me. I don't really want to judge other. You know, people had their own reasons and choices, I think I need to respect those.

    And if you do got under a knife, you can just always ignore people judgement about it. Because people would always find a flaw on us, no matter how pretty or how natural. People do that. The first thing to be cautious though, is to have a good surgeon. It's only good to have a plastic surgery if the out come is pretty.

    Me? I don't think I need a plastic surgery. I'm happy playing with make ups and circle lenses. LOL.

  55. uups, just super long comment.......

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