Discussion : Plastic Surgery? Yay or Nay?

December 04, 2013

Right now I just wanna have a little chit chat and discussion with you guys, my lovely readers

What do you guys think about Plastic Surgery? 

Are you against it or no?

As for me personally, it's someone's choice. I have never done it but if I am given the chance to do it, I want to!

Ever since I was young, I have been wanting to do my nose. Just make it a little higher so it looks better
But even without the nose surgery, I am also okay

What irks me is when someone says, oh this girl is just pretty bcos of surgery. It's the same with make up when someone says oh that girl is pretty bcos of make up
And these people who said that will feel superior for thinking they do look better than these people, because they are 'NATURAL'

But hmmm... I dont know.. Is it bad to go under knife?
Who will being disadvantaged of?

And even I know that most of these people who do make up and surgery, even without all these helps, they still look cute and better than these people who talk bad about them

The conclusion is, jealousy aint do any good

For me, you only hate something when =
1. It reminds you of your bad old self
2. You wish to be on the same position but can't
3. Trauma

(O.O) . . .

So for me, I dont hate surgery, because I dont have any reasons. Well okay, 2nd reason is my reason but if I have chance I will do it, so I shouldn't talk about it

But I was just wondering, if by chance that one day I have surgery, what will you guys feel about me?

And if you have chance to do surgery, will you do it?
Like lets say, someone sponsor you for free and all you need is just sleep and voila, pretty LOL

And if you want, which area you want to fix? ^.^

I am interested to hear about this quite 'taboo' topic and honest opinion from girls around the world, especially in Indonesia..

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