Etude House Bee Happy Lip Balm in Queen Bee Rose Review

February 06, 2012

Lip Balm is one product that I can't live without! I used to neglect the importance of using it but as I find it's beneficial as it takes major important role for achieving healthy lips, It's a product that will never leave my bag! Healthy lips means glossier and hydrated lips, yet it makes the lipstick and lipgloss application smoother and easier. So girls, never forget to use your lip balm :)

This time the lip balm that will be featured today is from Etude House BEE HAPPY Line! Sounds very cute, right? :D

from TOP [clockwise] Yellow Bee - Acacia Honey, Ladybug - Peach, Baby Bee - Fresh Lemon, Queen Bee - Rose


Etude Bee Happy Lip Balm comes in 4 different types and cases. All the cover packaging is so cute and to die for! :heart: I love how Etude House always provides super cute packaging that attracts every girl's hearts!

I got mine in Queen Bee - Rose! And another name is I Miss You Lip balm :D  The product is relatively small and comes in alumunium tin. The cover is super cute, and it can be perfect for giving it as present to your girlfriends ^__^ It's petite and look nice on your make up wardrobe, really!


Unfortunately I am not really a fan of jar product due to hygiene issue [as probably most of you guys know already]. And I think it's such an annoying thing to bring it outside home because our fingers need to be cleaned first before touch the product and apply it on the product. Some may find it's okay but I am not. Therefore I prefer to keep it at home and only use it when I'm at home


The product itself is good. It's pretty moisturizing and has a scent of rose lightly, not too overpowering! I find that it has no sweet taste like any other lip balms, which is a little disappointing. Bee Happy Lip Balm is made from organic ingredients, Such as organic olive oil and organic shea butter. It also contains Vitamin E and White Form Complex Vitamin E Additives to protect and gives your lips nice nutrition! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Final Opinion =

Pros :

  • Cute packaging

  • Cheap

  • Has a little scent of rose

  • Made from organic ingredients

  • Contains Vitamin E

Cons :

  • Has no taste

  • Comes in jar :(

I think this product is worth a try. Despite it's jar packaging [though probably mostly people think it's okay], I feel that it's a good and healthy product. My lips feel hydrated and moist after the usage, and doesn't make me look like I just ate fried stuffs lol It gives nice glossy finish

You can buy it on MyLovelySister HERE for Rp 78.000 [+/- USD8,5]. I'm interested to try the peach one because I love peach taste haha

Which taste you like the most? ;D

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  1. I'm curious as just how hydrating this product is... The packaging looks so nice that I really want to give it a try. But my lips are very very very dry, a regular lipbalm won't work.
    I use bodyshop lip butter in lemon, it tastes and smells really really delicious!

  2. aww the packaging is sooo cute!! <3 <3 *__*

  3. xD the packaging looks really cute!

  4. after use ..we all will b HAPPYYYYYY

  5. Hahahaha!!! Yes!! And you will BEE flying too lol

  6. Well it works for me, but like any other lip balms, re-use is needed after a few hours
    I dont like bodyshop lip butter as my lips look like after eating tempura DX

  7. Love Etude House packaging! They really design it nicely!

  8. cute packagingg~
    rose scent? i want to try that~

  9. I got the lip balm in Queen Bee too~! o(≧▽≦)o They're all soo cute I want to collect them all ♡ I think it's really thoughtful of Etude House because they are trying to raise awareness of endangered bees.(◕‿‿◕。)

  10. Hahaha, bees are okay as long as we dont disturb them, right? I HATE cockroach more T___T
    Yeah the packaging is really cute! Why asian products are so cute! D: <3

  11. yea pretty standard...can get better lip gloss for the same price

  12. Yeahh... But I wont use lipgloss if my lips are dry because almost every lipgloss makes my lips drier and chappy
    So I stick with great lip balm first

  13. Yea I know!! It's really cute to be displayed in vanity table, right? :D

  14. Yeah! Etude House always has great packaging! No wonder it's popular!

  15. Hey stella.. aku juga pake lip balm ini, moisturizingnya oke, gak terlalu shinny ky abis makan gorengan. :p
    By the way, when i look ur pict, remind me to Venus Desu.. really like a doll.hahaha..

    Follow back my blog ;)