Lioele Mix Concealer Review

February 25, 2012

Have you ever heard of Lioele before? Lioele is a cosmetic brand from Korea that is inspired by Cinderella, and comes to make every woman feel like one. I've been trying a few of Lioele products before and I love how cute the packaging is and how natural the finished products on my face. This time I got a chance to review their Lioele Mix Concealer! I love how a concealer can make a drastic difference on your face, making it look flawless and smooth. But, will this concealer works amazing as well? Let's see!

It's a comfortable 2 color-kit for 3 dimentional makeup effect. Use for highlighting underneath eyes and covering freckles, troubled zone. With silky feeling, it presents smooth skin without thickness and it can manage the color tone by mixing 2 different colors. Two different colors for multiple usages. Darker color to shade of dark circles or skin imperfections. Lighter color to be used as a highlighter.

It comes with super pretty and cute pink packaging, it comes really handy so it's easy to bring when you're outside or traveling. I love how they make it appear shiny and feminine

Lioele Mix Concealer comes in dual colors inside, so you can mix it to match your preferences.

 I usually wear the light shade of the concealer to conceal my dark circles and highlight my face also, such as my chin, nose bridge, cupid's bow, and forehead. Then I use the neutral shade to conceal redness and acne scar and any other imperfections on my skin

I love how creamy and pigmented this concealer is. It's said to be medium coverage, but I am really impressed by the natural finish. Now it's become my daily-beauty on the go! I only wear it on some areas that I need to conceal such as dark circle and acne scar, then top it off with sunblock.

Unfortunately it only comes in 1 shade, so I don't think that someone who has darker skin tone than the darkest shade of the concealer can enjoy this product :( I wish they would carry on more shades, but it's the lack of Korean cosmetics, their purpose is only for Korean women. oh well~


Before & After

I know you guys always like before & after section, so here's a comparison picture of before & after using the product Left is before, Right is after

I don't put any foundation nor powder on top, just concealer! You can guys tell that this concealer covers every flaws on my face nicely! O___O

It blends onto my skin smoothly, and looks so natural!


Final Opinion

Pros :

  • Affordable

  • Cute packaging

  • Comes in 2 color to be mixed

  • Medium coverage

  • Goes on smoothly

  • Last long

  • Creamy

  • Buildable

Cons :

  • Only comes in 1 shade

 I love love love this product a lot! I wear it on daily basis, and seriously, if I dont like this product I won't even wear it more than 3 times! I only need to tap a little product and it's blended nicely, concealing all my skin imperfections. Though on some worse areas, we can still see some redness peeking through, but this concealer is buildable so you can always layer it again to cover it more

I totally recommend this product. I am NW25-30, and this concealer matches my skin tone nicely. I'm worried if you're over NC35 you can't enjoy this concealer completely. That's the only down point :( But out of that, I love this concealer!

You can purchase this product through MyLovelySister for only about Rp150.000 [I forgot the exact price, sorry] :D


Anyway sorry for the lack of updates, I'm totally worn out because of my class. And my photobucket is down currently because of too many viewers this month. I also have to upgrade my blog's bandwitch this month as it's over bandwitch as well. Great news because it means that a lot of people read my blog, but bad news because I have to pay more for it hahaha. but it's okay la, as long as you all enjoy reading my blog

Anyway I'm still working on different jobs to save money to Japan. Super tired! Next year I will be coming to there! So yeah, I haven't shopped anything this year, and won't be! Until all the money's saved. Please wish me a good luck for it!

How about you? What are you up to? :D

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