Monday, February 13, 2012

Geo Princess Mimi Bambi Series in Almond Review


So, I know this lens has been around for longggg time, and I've already reviewed other types of Bambi as well on my blog. This time I get a chance to try the Almond type, which is in fact in my opinion much cuter and natural :D I don't really like the chocolate brown of the Princess Mimi because it looks red on me, and kinda scary. I see the Almond one has different pattern so I give it a go. The product is sent to me by my new sponsor, Tomato Online Shop , and I see that it's probably the cheapest store in Indonesia that sells Geo, so check it now!


So I received a set of the lens. When you purchase it, you instantly receive a free animal lens case too. Also they sell authentic one as you an see from the GEO OFFICIAL sticker on the bottle :D


I got my power correctly! I am quite tired of online shops that don't stock my power :( But they have stocks up to 8.00 and all are ready stocks! :D So I'm quite pleased choosing products from them :)


This is how it looks like. It has black ring on the outer corner to make eyes look bigger naturally. The pattern is really simple, something that I love these days :heart:

This is how it looks like on my eyes with different lightnings [not using double eyelid tape at that time coz I ran out of it T_T]



room lightning

direct sunlight


with flash


Basically I love how this lens can make my eyes appear larger and more dolly , not scary at all like the chocolate brown one D: As for the comfort, I think it's still a so-so lens, I wear it for 6-7 hours and it's still okay. Once I used it for over 10 hours and I became so dizzy X__X So make sure to never use it for over 8 hours [recommended time for lens usage]. I love how i can use it on daily basis too because it doesn't attract much attention for it's natural look. Unfortunately I wish the color would pop out more :(

Here are some photos when I use the lens [not using lashes, trying to get myself used to see my photos without lashes LOL]



If you live in Indonesia, you can get it from Tomato Online Shop HERE  for only Rp 150.000! Also, they have a promotion for bloggers. If you purchase one pair of lenses from them, and make a review, you will receive another lens for free! :D Great Deal or not!

and if you mention that you know them from me, you can receive 10% discount as well ^___^

What do you think of this lens? Do you love it or hate it? :)


Ninoshka said...

You look pretty as always!!! :D it's a shame the colour does not show D:!, at least they look natural and enlarge your eyes ! ^_^!

Marion ♥ said...

I always liked these lens cause they look so natural! :) And they look great on you! <3

nacchu said...

Baahh...sebelomnya Joveeta Lee, kemaren Cominica, en sekarang Stella, pada kompakan pake si almond! Pengen! Masuk wl, wajib beli. Cakep yah...

Isaac Tan said...

omfg, u look so sweet here.. nice lenses!

Happy valentine's day to you Stella!

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Mish said...

Hey can you do a post next time your retouch up your roots? Please :D

Stella Lee said...

Hello.. I'll try to make it. As it's quite difficult to record the process by myself :( But I'll try :)

Stella Lee said...

Haha, dari pertama keluar emang udah mau yang almond, tapi sellernya salah kirim yang chocolate brown -_- jadi deh kepending pending
Cakep kok, hasilnya natural, gak bkin mata gedenya nakutin :)

Stella Lee said...

hahaha thank you isaac :D
Happy valentines day to you too! eat all the chocolates!

Stella Lee said...

haha don't bluff, you're the prettier one!
Yea, It's perfect for daily basis ;D

Stella Lee said...

Do you own this as well? :D
I still love my candy magic brown more, IDK why >_< it compliments my eyes nicely

My Lovely Sister said...

wah bagus ya, jadi kepingin :D apalagi kalo buat blogger bisa dapet barang kedua free...hihi^^

thank u for sharing, btw aku uda ikut yang kanebo itu ya...

Stella Lee said...

Iya say, bilang kalo kamu tau dariku juga bisa dapet tambahan disc 10% lagi :D murah banget deh XDD
iya makasih yah udah ikutan! punyamu bagus!! ^__^

Emy said...

Ahhhh my favorite lens! hehehe love this series! You look amazing as always!

Jesslyn said...

My wish lens >..<

Fifi said...

You look gorgeous, Stella! How did you crate that wavy style hair? Just lovely!
I've never really interested in trying out Geo Mimi because of the size. I tried Geo Xtra lenses before and they're simply too big for me. They made me look too bug-eyed, you know. :(

Stella Lee said...

Thank you fi! I wish I had your sexiness though! hahaha
Im thinking of making a tutorial for it, if only people would love to know how haha

Really? I used to wear like 17,8mm but my eyes get tired easily so I stick with geo mimi. it's 15mm, and for me it's not that big lol well again, I think it depends on everyone. Because your eyes are probably big enough ^^ :heart:

Stella Lee said...

You own this too emy? I love how natural it is! :D thank you! You look gorgeous too!

Stella Lee said...

It's really cheap if you buy it from them instead of other shops loh! :D

Vani Sagita said...

Aaaaa.. you look so cute here! <3

Yo She Phine said...

Omg.. I've wanted to buy those lenses since it came out?
Lol.. And now in prescription!
Thanks for the review..

cmiw said...

u should try buying from she sell cheaper i think but not all the geo lenses. Authentic n very nicey too! :D

Stella Lee said...

Awww thank you, you're cuter <3

Stella Lee said...

on tomato online shop, buy 1 pair will get a free 1 pair too! :D

Stella Lee said...

I thought that it has prescription since the launch? hahaha
Thank you for reading too!

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