Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I can't get enough of Holika Holika. This brand has become my most favorite brand from Korea ^.^ Not only it has cute and magical packaging, the quality is also very very good! This time I received their Honey Bouquet Lips that's lipglosses with simple yet cute appearance which the names are inspired by flowers! :)

 from left to right = 01 sakura pink, 02 rose pink, 03 camellia pink, 04 tulip orange, 05 daisy coral, 06 ylang ylang peach

Friday, October 26, 2012

12 pieces for Rp 85.000 [about 9USD]

I mean like, seriously???

Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App

Where on earth they can make the packaging looks that close to real stuffs?

Thursday, October 25, 2012

New review video!!

This time I tried my best to come up with a new style in making video. I also use Indonesia language because right now my readers are mostly from Indonesian, and it's also to introduce this product to you guys too

Because affordable foundation is very difficult to get!!

Usually my fav foundation costs a lot, as there's price, there's quality too.. But this one can be like the best drugstore foundation I've ever tried so far!

Sure it can be a little oily somehow, but you can always touch up your t-zone and cheek with powder.. Other than that, everything's perfect! 

I love love the squishy soft texture of this foundation, though I am not a fan of jar product, but this foundation's packaging is very good and looks classy, dont you think so? ^___^

This product is available in Indonesia in Mid-November 2012.. Comes in 4 shades to choose from and you may come to their counter to try finding the shade that matches your skin tone

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

First appearance was on Mochachino Trans TV but I didn't get the copy from them.. BUT, ANTV is kind enough to upload it on youtube, so I download it back because youtube disabled the audio as it used AVEX music.. And I've uploaded it back to my facebook page lol

One day, my facebok increased about 1000 new likes omg o____o *bows down*
thank you so much for your support <3 <3 <3 

I am seriously nothing without you guys.. thank you thank you *throws flowers* T___T

So here's the video.. I think the audio and video doesn't really match cos it's encoded many times, but at least you got the point lol

For international readers, they basically just told my achievements and ask why I love Japan make up, and just talked about my blogging life..

I used sponsored wig at that time, cos you guys must have known that my hair was super damaged already, and I do not want to torture it anymore.. Looks quite fake yeah.. ><

Anyway.. some say I look fatter there LOLOLOL Ok I've lost weights because of stress but on TV, the camera increase at least 5kgs T___T but I also dont want to lose too much weight, but on TV I look fatter, well whatever, it's not like I appear on TV a lot LOLOL

thank you so much for old readers, and hello new readers. I hope my blog will keep giving nice informations about beauty, and make people to aware about their own beauty as well :)
Anyway, there are also some say that I ain't that pretty. Well, in fact I do think I am not pretty at all! I have a little skill on make up that allows me to beautify myself a little, and I love it! 

If I can do it, you can also do it! :)

There's nothing wrong by improving yourself..

And I admit there are A LOT of other prettier bloggers, and better english speaker, better pictures.. I guess I am just lucky to be given this opportunity, I won't say I am the best, because once you say you're best, you will not improve yourself anymore

There are so many things I lack of, and I keep improving myself. I am not perfect, and never will be. But I will try to give all I can

I wish you all a good day :) 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Nose shading has become a crucial part of my gyaru make up, because it makes my nose very tall, sharp, thin, and very good looking! LOL But to find a product that's made just for nose contouring is quite difficult :( So mostly people will use matte brown eyeshadow or eyebrow powder to contour the nose.. That's what I did before I got this Diamond Nose Make Up!

This one is from Japan and used by a lot of Japanese gyaru models!! You may see this product a lot on Japanese magazines and I am very lucky to get this from Reine Doll Shop ^.^ 

Monday, October 22, 2012

I cannot stop mentioning how I love this lashes.. I dislike Dolly Wink lashes because it's expensive, and it only has 2 pairs each -__-
While Diamond Lashes price is slightly lower but it contains 5 pairs!!

Also Diamond lash is stronger!! And it's much more visible than Dolly Wink

Dolly wink lashes is very fragile and easy to break. And despite its long lashes, it's too natural for pictures taking. I only like their lower lashes, not the upper lashes :(

But Diamond Lash isnt popular in Indonesia T.T </3 but I am glad that MyLovelySister open pre-order for these babies <33 Though not ready stock but at least now I know where to buy it! 8D


Really apologize for the lateness of this post trip.. I have too many reasons that cannot be explained but all just excuses for you, so yeah, I take all the blame T.T

Sorry for those of you who're waiting for this post. If you're not, then let's act as if I am self-centered blogger who believes have a lot of readers while in fact no one cares *bows down* T____T

But anywayyyy.... not so many things to do on day 5.. But best part is that I visited Hello Kitty Cafe in Hongdae, so let's take a look! 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

I constantly change my foundation routine, because there are so many good foundations available in this world lol but recently I'm hooked up with this silk creme foundation by Laure Mercier, so I got them from Zatura Shop and it has become my favorite foundation ever since! Moreover, I also use it for photoshoot and TV Interview ^.^ Got so many questions askin what my current foundation is, and here's the answer!

Let's reveal it! 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Finding a matte lipstick is very difficult for me in Indonesia, because most of the lipsticks sold in here give glossy finish, though some stage make up such as MAC and Make Up Forever carry them, but the price is fairly expensive. So, is there a way to get a matte lipstick with cheap price? 

You nail it~
NYX is like your option for affordable make up products with collections of shades and product type compatible to high-end stage make up! :D

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

This is probably like the best honor that I could receive this year!

As my blog, *☆ Stella Lee's Blog ☆*is nominated for their first blog award [And I think the first in Indonesia o.o] in fashion & beauty category!!!

*cries while receiving all the claps* T^T)/

Thank you guys! Without you guys who keep sending me support and motivation, I wont be able to survive and make this blog like this!! ALL THANKS TO YOU! *gives big warm hugs*

BUT, it's not over yet.. When become a nominee, it doesn't mean that I become the winner, so again, I NEED YOUR VOTES & SUPPORT for me to win this award!
As AXIS basically chose the winner via polling, to see most favorite blogger in each category T____T I hate polling but it's the only way~! 

I am not sure I can win against fashion bloggers because they have been in bdlogging for yearssssss, and they're mostly more popular than me! BUT everything is possible, and I put my trust that you guys will support me, as the only beauty blogger in this category!

There are 4 bloggers in this category! And the others nominees have awesome blogs and a lot of followers! 

And as I mentioned before, if I become a winner, I will hold a make up giveaway as a gratitude, just mention later what kind of make up you want. Urban Decay Naked Palette? Dolly Wink False Eyelashes? Bobbi Brown Foundation? CAN! 

Just help me to win ok! LOL #desperate

but even though if I dont win, I am still honored as my blog's quality is compared to those super famous bloggers o.o)/ level up! Also AXIS mentioned to me that my blog was selected because it's informative and inspirational, and I was very touched because a big brand like them already notice my blog.. It's something that I never expect before starting blogging like 8 years ago [though my current blog is 2 years old only]


And it will be much much more appreciated if you also share about this and ask your friends and acquantainces to vote for me LOL #thickface 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

So, I always always feel heart ache whenever someone praise my hair for being so healthy and shiny.. But the main fact is what you see isn’t always what it looks like in real

I admit, I have bleached and tortured my hair ever since I was 12.. I have bleached my hair since, and mostly I did it at home.. BUT when an opportunity to get professional did it to you. why would you reject, right?

So did I..

Have you ever seen a lipstick with heart shape?
 I bet many many brands, especially korean brands, carry lipstick with heart packaging and decorationg, but NEVER with its shape o.o

This is like, the first time I knew about it!!!

Let's check it out together!!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Been wanting to try this mascara for years because Hamasaki Ayumi modeled for this product, and she's like my forever queen of style! *bows down to her* ! So I kept asking my friends to purchase it from Taiwan to me but they don't understand because there are quite a few of selections from Majolica Majorca, but the one I want is the LASH EXPANDER

that obviously will help your lashes expanded like a doll! 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

OH HI GUYS!! I was making a fuss a few days ago when I suddenly appeared on local TV, in Mochachino, TransTV.. And so my blog was exploded again twice than normal, though I admit appeared on Detik gave more impact [10x times wtf] BUT what I want to talk is that after my appearance, many MANY people ask me to teach them make up or ask me for consultation.. And obviously I have no time to come to your home privately and teach you one by one T.T I apologize, I’d like to do that but my schedule is very packed ><

So on my way to meeting with a brand, I immediately thought about an idea of having a beauty class oAO and I just realized how slow I am to realize that I can make it happen by ALL OF YOUR SUPPORTS <333

So I asked via twitter about this idea [not sure if you havent followed me or you missed it], and the response was very very good! Some even demanded for other cities but I need to make the Jakarta goes well first right??

On that day I quickly made a preparation about everythings and everything’s settled down. I love planning and organizing things, but this is my very first individual event so I am a bit nervous. But here’s the detail!!

Sorry it took so long for me to reveal the winners. I have been super busy with my mid-term exams, that's why this week I have no blog posts T.T *bows down*

THANK YOU FOR EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED <3333 1369 entries are collected, but I can only pick 3!
The winners are picked randomly by random.org via rafflecopter, I do not collaborate with the winners so they can win ok!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winners please mail me your name and phone number to stellalee@hotmail.co.id ! And I will mail you back the voucher for ZAP treatments!!!

For those who havent won yet, dont worry, I will get back with better giveaways in the future!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Have you ever seen of this palette before?? I know this palette and always want to try this ever since Promise Phan used this a lot on her videos! Michelle Phan is spotted using this palette a few times too, so I am really curious! We all know that the most famous palette is Urban Decay Naked Palette, and so The Balm comes with "Nude Tude" eyeshadow palette that's slightly cheaper than Urban Decay!

BUT, the quality is what the matters right?? So let's find out together!

Friday, October 5, 2012

When I visited the store of Etude House in Seoul, my eyes were attracted to hair section with full of pink bottle products. Turns out it's their hair care line, which is called Etude House Silk Scarf, that promises you to create smooth hair like silk, and healthy of course

The feeling of wanting to own these products grow stronger, because I never tried hair care products from Korea. So I decided to get mine from RieButik and the available one are their hologram hair serum and moist hair mist!

So let's check it out!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Once a friend told me, that a girl said my make up was boring 
And she seemed annoyed and hate me because although I am not as good as her in make up, I am *ahem* more popular, and have more opportunity in blogging *ahem* thank you very much

But today I wont be humble because in fact I am very beautiful indeed

I know my big dolly eyes are popular and most of you love me doing that look

I am used to by everyone saying I am pretty, yea yea you should compliment me more
Therefore you better praise my usual look as well . The bigger the eyes, the better right??


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