Around the World in Yokohama - China [China Town]

July 16, 2013

Gosh. This trip to Yokohama was my last day in Japan on the end of last April. I went to Japan for NHK Kawaii International Shooting. But I extended my trip 3-4 days to meet my friends and sightseeings. Turn out that I had more business meet up that what I expected. And I only had 2 days free. One day is to hang out with people from TokyoFashion along with Eva & Kaila [other Kawaii Leaders], and another day is to hang out with Shintaro-nii and Maki-san

Since I have never been to Yokohama before, they brought me there! 

Japan's weather was really really unpredictable by that time. The other day before visiting Yokohama, the weather was very windy and freezing. So I layered a lot of clothes, and I was too lazy to put make up so I just wore sunglasses lol

And the weather makes fun of me. It was bright, sunny, and warm.. duh!! 

So our first stop is China Town in Yokohama that's very very popular place if you visit Japan! I saw a lot of musicians and talents came to Yokohama China Town to shoot their variety shows. One day in Yokohama, I visit a lot of countries!! 

I went to China, then moved to Netherland area, Germany, America, and last stop is Hawaii! And in fact, I was in Japan only! It's so mindblowing but then I will let you know through my posts ok! 
So next time you come to Yokohama, you can enjoy it as much as I did to! 

This is the main gate of Yokohama China Town. Which this is the only picture of me without all the trucks, buses, cars, and such. It was so crowd and messy.. 

Never in my life I saw a street in Japan that messy. With a lot of broken road areas, litters, waters, cars going around. When I arrived there, one thing that I stated to Shintaro-nii was 

"what the.. This is not Japan. This is China!"

This China Town is very very China in a lot of aspects. I didn't feel that I was in Japan during my 2 hours stay there. The shops only sold Chinese foods everywhere. But, with Japanese food price lol

I only ate Chinese food once in Japan. I mean, why should I eat Chinese Food there when I could get it in Indo, right? LOL

Since the price for Chinese Food in Japanese is quite expensive if I must say. I eat Rice & Pork in here for about 4USD, but in Japan it was 1000-1200 yen? 
Oh they also have chicken hainam rice. But it's 1000-1200 yen too. I don't want to be cheated pls lol

Then when I was busy taking pictures, while Shintaro-nii and Maki-san were looking around what we should get for our stomach, we saw the TV and I screamed!!! 

There was Osamu Mukai on TV Promoting one of the shop!

I told you that Yokohama China Town is popular right!!

Too happy! LOL

I've been a fan of him since he was on Nodame Cantabile. That's why, ok! Let's eat the food where Osamu recommends!! mwahahhaa 

Those are the snacks. They had Xiao Long Bao, Shiumay, Bakpao, and such

Shintaro-nii got Bakpao, which he only called PAO in Japan o.o

While I got Xiao Long Bao cos I craved for warm food 
I was surprised because they made the Xiao Long Bao quite big, and put it inside this kind of aluminium foil bowl. It helps us to eat it while we're walking/standing, and keep it warm. So clever! 

How about the taste? It's very good!! As expected from Chinese food, I love Chinese food haha

And then you'll spot roasted duck and pork hung around at most of the shops.. 

So we just walked around to experience the town, and we reached the Chinese Temple!

And a lot of them prayed in the Chinese traditional culture way. My dad's family still did this, so it's not uncommon for me. But it's just interesting to see this happened in Japan

They also sell the omamori, or Japanese amulets/charms. 
What's interesting, they also provide vending machine for Omamori !! lol 

I knew I had been here before.. In Taiwan....!!! LOL
This place looks too chinese to be true!! LOL

Some restaurants promote themselves by having artists and talents had visited their shops. Like this one. They had pictures with some artists such as AKB48 Kashiwagi Yuki, Gal Sone, and a random guy whom I knew the face for appearing at lotsa dramas but dunno the name lol

Some restaurants promote themselves by putting big billboard saying that their chefs are no 1 in this and that contestant. But by having so many restaurants say that their chefs are no 1, it's kinda difficult for us to know which one is true or not. 

And also they sold a lot of clothes, kids toys, and such. And I feel freaking pissed because of the price that they put on the tag!! It's way too expensive since it's almost the same price like what you can get at Shibuya. even Harajuku sells cheaper stuffs!

Wanna know how crazy it is? 
See this Chinese summer Doll, costs you 3990Yen [No less than 40USD] per ONE piece!! 

And in Indonesia I might used that dress to sleep since it's freaking cheap here

For those who read this and live in Indonesia, let's be grateful we can buy it for only around 3USD
And look at the clothes behind it. I can get it for so cheap in Indo Market

Shintaro-nii teased me and said , "hey you wanna buy some for your mom?" >__<

Feeling cheated and pitied people who buy it, we stepped outside the China Town to visit other area in Yokohama. And while walking, I can't stop thinking about that dress 

So I said to Shintaro-nii

"Shall I sell those kind of clothes in Japan?"

Anyone interested ?

. . . . . . . . . . 

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  1. dress kaya gitu harganya hampir 400rb ??

    di mandu bisa 1/3 atau 1/4 nya x..
    lol :P hahahaha

  2. I'm also a fan of Osamu, he's super handsome ;;w;;
    The food makes me drolls right now :X the xiao long bao is really unique! I never found something like that before xD hahaha.
    Also, I never believe the price for that clothes is really expensive :X Maybe when I visit Yokohama I should only go to the temple and search a delicious restaurant~ hehe.


  3. @jowiekho can't you read? she is not calling china a dirty country, she is comparing japan and china. and of course she is stating the obvious that japan is cleaner, thus china = more litters. If she is talking about indonesia, i'm sure she will also says indonesia is far from clean compare to japan.

  4. cece mau jualan itu ce?? lol
    itu bakpao nya sama bebeknya menggoda sangat lah ~.~

  5. I am proud to be a chinese-indonesian. And it doesnt say that i cant take pic, I apologize if it offends you, but everytime I go to visit temples in Japan, I can take pics freely. If there are some holy areas that are forbidden to take pics [got Shintaro-nii to tell me or got warning sign] then I won't

    I don't call china as a dirty country but if you compare it with the usual environment in Japan, you can feel that it's very 'china like' in a lot of aspects. I also mention that some area looks like Taiwan. This is China Town, what do you expect? I should say it is really Singapore-like?

    I like Indonesia. And I do admit it's not as clean as Japan. Your point is?

  6. Freaking handsome!!! Super hot ;__;

    Yeah the xiao long bao is even better than din tai fung one!!! next time u come, pls try it too ^.^ prepare the budget haha

  7. Thank you :)

    Some streets in harajuku are dirty though haha. But Japan is one of the cleanest countries so, cant really compare. Singapore is clean too. We should learn their good habit!

  8. untungnya banyak yah kayaknya lol