Summer Nude

July 29, 2013

Hola~ I am back!! From all the holidays!! 

And in case anyone ask why the title is Summer Nude. No there's no nudity on this blog. It's from Yama-P & Karina & Toda Erika this summer's drama :x Because I am so uncreative on giving name. And to be honest I dont understand why they name it Summer Nude either. But that's all the title I can come up now..
And instead of Summer Nude, I am busy watching Shingeki no Kyojin LOL mind blown

ANYWAY, This summer holiday might be the last holiday where I can play as hard as I can on my youth. Since next year I wont have anymore summer holiday as a student [Graduate already T____T] 

So I have been spending a lot of times going out with my friends! [junior high school friends, high school friends, univ friends, japan-lover friends, etc etc] And this week have another Buka Puasa with some of my friends from Japan Lover community too ^.^ I want to enjoy my holiday with my friends as best as I can!! 

Btw, selamat berpuasa for those of you who do it! 

With my friends, usually we just went out to mall.. so I hardly take any pictures haha. Instead, in fact most of my friends are keen to take pics with each other but I don't know, recently I become less vain and less to take picture 

But here are some of it, where in fact half of it are not taken by me =

 Some of you must have known that I went to Thailand with my mom and my university friends. We went to Bangkok and Pattaya for about a week to just have fun.. And enjoying the youth lol

First time in Pattaya and in fact i felt the tourist was cheated MAX in Thailand. Still love this country for its heavenly shopping but I dont like the food
I prefer Indonesian food! 

But still need to enjoy it to the fullest!! 

Some of my friends told me that their friends read my blog too. So hello! *wave* Here's your friend's picture on my blog, which are my friends too XDDD
I hardly post pictures with my close friends cos usually I was too engaged with the conversation. How about you? ^.^ 

We also went for the Alcazar Ladyboy Show. And did a lot of shoppings in Bangkok and visited some places

Including Madame Tussauds, the wax museum in Bangkok which my friends were very keen to go! This picture looks so damn funny haha!! I acted like a queen next to Queen Elizabeth and Prince William & Duchess Kate LOL 

Got so many funny pictures in fact haha Next time you visit Bangkok, do visit this museum! ^.^ 

I also met with some Thailand bloggers such as Kafaak & this one, Porsche.. Wanted to meet with everyone but our schedule was not good with each other :( 

I am not sure if I am going to blog about Thailand because I dont know if it's interesting enough? We'll see lol

Yesterday I went to Lembang too.. Need to get fresh air from Jakarta! 

Usually I support natural make up for daily basis. Because it's too long to put Gyaru Make Up everyday.. Recently I feel that I want to darken my hair because blonde doesnt really do well with natural make up. I look so pale with it haha

This one, not confident enough to take pics without falsies and lenses, so I just put my friend's glasses

Lembang was such a beautiful area.. I hardly could remember when was the last time I came there just for relaxing

We had some culinary visits there. But at last i could fulfil my most desirable food-gasm. Been wanting to eat steak for months because I've been watching Hell's Kitchen Season 11 diligently. Finally I could eat good steak T.T Went to Burgundy Dine & Wine, they used organic foods i heard. Do visit them when you have time too! ^.^ Good food, good place, good air! 

I have a few projects that I am going to announce one by one! Which I would wish you guys become a part of it as well

One of it is, I am going to write monthly article at Animonster Magazine about Japanese Make Up [Anime, Gyaru, Harajuku, artists, etc]. This end of month, they will publish the gyaru make up section! So you can try to read Animonster again from now on haha =D

Also I might go to Japan again soon *bows down to God* and I might open a pre order again to help you buy stuffs.. Dates are still unknown, but very soon. Please anticipate

Right now I am busy doing Anime Marathon as well. I have to watch a lot of animes for another job that requires me to know recent anime updates and such. I am always a big fan of manga cos it's faster and simpler. I havent watched anime for long long time

This time I am watching Shingeki no Kyojin, ONE OF THE BEST ANIMES IVE EVER WATCHED OMG!! 

Any of you are watching anime too right now? Could you please give me recommendation? =D



More updates soon!

So that's all about my summer.. How about you guys?? Anything interesting to do this summer? ^.^ 

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  1. NODAME CANTABILE!! I bet you won't stop laughing watch this.
    hahhahahhaha :D one of the Funniesttttttt anime i've ever seen. ( ouw ya d dorama was funny too.:D )

  2. watched nodame drama already! :D tamaki hiroshi is sooooo handsome

  3. yeahhh i do agree with u XD
    but only in that drama... coz i ever wacthed another of his drama ( with koike teppei )
    he was Really Different!!! hahahah ( Only Hair but can make a BIG different :P )

  4. WOW CONGRATS KAK STELLAAA!!! AFA is such a big event and everything… Also I like the pic of you in the AFA website hahaha :D

    btw, what do you mean by tourists "cheated" in Thailand? please tell more about that… maybe some of us are planning to go there too and can learn from the experience

  5. Bleach is a nice anime but it's too long.. Ouran high school too if you ask me.. hahaha..

    you'll be the host in AFA? that's great :D anw, i know the pink 1.. she's my kouhai :P lols.. life is so small

  6. i used to read their manga only lol ouran i watched laaaa *____* very nice manga and anime!!

    haha omg world is small :')

  7. yes im very happy for this opportunity :))
    thank you so much for your support!

    ex = i got a boat from pattaya to coral island. they asked 3500baht per boat [8 people at my group], but i heard from my thai friends, they were only 30 baht per person :)))))

  8. yea i only like him on that drama xDD i prefer osamu mukai and ikuta tomaaaa 8D

  9. ouw yaaa i like osamu mukai toooo

    he was really cool in BECK!!! <3

  10. You should watch sword art online, the anime is really popular during its airing (dec 2012?), almost as popular as shingeki no kyojin right now. Basically, everyone knows sao XD. ci stella suka genre apa? :D byk anime shoujo yg populer jg lho, kek uta no prince-sama gitu

  11. Mizushima Hiro stole my whole attention theree <3

  12. Love your hair blonde)

    About anime, I'm waiting every week for Blood Lad, Gin no Saji, Servant x Service and Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist)