Hosting for AFA 2013!

July 30, 2013

So, yes. I will be the host with Danny Choo for AFA Indonesia this September! :D 

I am very excited about it because AFA is like the biggest anime event in SEA and a lot of japan-lovers come to it! I am not a cosplayer, and since I was young I only sticked to Harajuku [V.Kei back then] and Shibuya now. But my dream when I was younger was to be a mangaka! 

So this is not a lucky shot like everyone think about. I had audition for it

One day, my friend RT-ed an audition to be AFA's Host on my twitter, and tagged me. It was about WOW Japan Booth, they're looking for host at their booth!

So it's very simple requirement o.o
Then I followed my friend's advice and applied.. After around 1 week later, I got message from the producer of AFA
We had meeting through Skype, to check about me
They were like, "do you like anime & manga? do you watch it?"

which I replied honestly, "I read manga everyday, but I hardly watch anime now lol"

And they told me from now on I have to watch more recent animes again, and such.. After the meeting, they decided to go with me. But they wanted to use me for main stage instead, with Danny Choo O________O
I kept asking the AFA producer. Is my english alright? I never host in front of thousands of people. and so on

But I knew that this opportunity feels like a dream because I want to be involved in Japan Events more and more~! So I am very happy for this chance! 

My 2 blogger friends, applied for maid role. Matcha Mei & Cominica! 
I didn't apply for maid because I don't think I am 'moe' enough lol 

If you happen to like Japanese Anime & Culture, don't forget to visit AFA 2013! 
And don't forget to visit Moe Moe Kyun Cafe where Matcha & Com works too!
There will be a lot of famous cosplayers, and who can resist Kaname!! ^.^ <3

I am going to do my best on my host job! 
So see you anyone who come to AFA 2013! 

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  1. OMG, see you there, I'll come just to meet Kaname :D ehehe and meet you is the bonus <3

  2. Haha you'll come!! See you there ^.^

  3. OMG you're so lucky stel >w< Danny cho!

  4. yes danny~~!!! =D i wanna learn a lot from him hehe

  5. Man! That's pretty lucky! <3 Good Luck seeing Kaname-sama! <3 <3 <3

  6. you're soooo lucky!! can't wait to meet you there :D

  7. yeayyy another great achievement.. congrats tel XDD

  8. haha i look forward to see reika moreee *3*