Review : Liz Lisa Upper Lashes

July 12, 2013

Last year when I was in Korea for Etude House, I met some other bloggers from other countries. One of them, is Grace, Beauty Vlogger from Singapore or more well-known as Gracious Glamorous

We talked a lot about beauty bcos both of us really love Japan Make Up. But we met in Seoul lol
Now I kinda miss Seoul hmm.. I wanna eat that jajangmyun again hahaha

Okay back to Grace. She told me that her favorite eyelash is in fact Liz Lisa Lashes. Not Dolly Wink, not Diamond Lash, not Eyemazing, etc.. So she really pushed me to try it one day. But unfortunately, finding Liz Lisa lashes is much much much harder than finding other lashes. Once I found it on An Online Shop from Facebook. But it cost me like 35USD? 

So I was like. NO way I pay 35USD just for 2 pairs of lashes. Even Dolly Wink is 20USD in here and I still think it's freaking expensive. And I am never a fan of Dolly Wink eyeshadows because it's toooo.. thin? >____<

Last April when I was in Japan. I received a 3 boxes of Liz Lisa lashes in the end! I almost forgot about this lash bcos I am not in touch with Grace very often. But when I received it, I just noticed how much I want to try this lash that Grace swear by!

I am also like you, guys. I am very interested with what others rave! So here's my personal honest opinion

I swear that the packaging is the most gorgeous princessy feminine rosy blablabla that I have ever got!!!    photo 7_zpsb3b360eb.png
I was left speechless and didn't know how to describe it since it's so pretty with all the roses, hearts, pearls, and bling! It's quite bulky like any other japanese lashes. But since it can stand still, you can put it on your make up table and it will make the area look so princessy! I promise  photo 19_zpsea30aab8.png

As for the lashes, you will only receive 2 pairs lashes that's re-usable many times [depending on how you take care of it]

It doesn't include mini eyelash glue like Dolly Wink. But it's frankly common because for Japanese Eyelashes because Eyemazing, Decolog, Diamond Lash, and such, don't offer free eyelash glue either. But considering that this box only has 2 pairs of lashes, I kinda wish they'd be generous enough to include mini eyelash glue

The inside box for the lashes is very pretty too. You can see it has pink rose background to enhance the look

It doesn't have clear band, but for me the band is quite thin already compared to other japanese lashes
It has been curled nicely and not stiff, so it makes things easier for me because I don't have to wiggle the lashes everytime I want to use it  photo 13_zps0e34a866.png

The design kinda reminds me of Diamond Lash Angel Eye, but more natural

And this is how it looks like on my eyes

Personally speaking, I feel that this lashes is very very light, as light as Dolly Wink and Jumily. But those light lashes give very light result too, which I dislike lol

I need glam on my eyes, to make it appear bigger!
Therefore I am surprised that this Liz Lisa lashes is very light-weight despite giving glamorous look!
It blends with my natural lashes nicely and doesn't drop easily as the curls stay still

Oh and during this photoshoot, I wear Liz Lisa lashes too!  photo 5_zps059e499d.png
I have been wearing this lashes for a few times and I really like it! Although it doesn't give too glamorous result like Diamond Lash Angel Eye, or other types, but this one is pretty good already and is considered high quality lashes in my opinion

 Beautiful floral-princessy packaging
 The curl stays nicely 
 Easy to bend, not stiff
 Gives glamorous result

 Doesn't come with glue
 A little fragile

Now I can tell why Grace likes this a lot! 
The downside for me is just, it's a little fragile since it's quite light. So you have to be careful when you remove or clean the lashes otherwise you will break it  photo 11_zpsf7048e0c.png

The price for each box is 1260 yen in Japan. Anyway, you can buy the lashes now through Japacolle, who purchased it directly from Liz Lisa Japan. They sell it for Rp 150.000 only !! Much much cheaper than Dolly Wink omg! I dont think other japanese lashes can be this cheap in Indo  photo 2_zpsae87ac1c.png

I think the price is fair enough
The products are sponsored by Japacolle as a review purpose [collaborated through official Liz Lisa Japan]

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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  1. You look gorgeous as always -and those lashes look so natural from afar ! :D
    Also, what products did you use for the lips ? Is it just lipstick + lipgloss or is there more ? Definitely want to try your look x)

  2. awwwaaawaa.....
    cute sangat sejak pertama liat foto cece yang ini ><
    btw, lashes nya bagus, want to try ~

  3. mata jadi keliatan lebar yah ka, bagus banget ih suka...