Review : Innisfree Camellia Oil Hair Care

July 06, 2013

Hi guys! I am back again with another hair products review from Innisfree this time! I loved my Innisfree Camellia Shampoo and Conditioner which I had reviewed back then HERE so I decided to step up to try their hair treatments next!

I got 3 treatment products from this line. The lotion, essence, and the balm! 

I had cut my hair short because of the damaged hair scandal. But my root perm is still around my earlobe and I dont really have guts to cut my hair that short. So right now I am still waiting for the crushed-hair to go around shoulder, then I'll be free from this curse lol

So I really eager to start a brand new, with my new hair. Therefore I want to start be diligent of applying hair treatments for my new hair, although the ends are still damaged. Later on will cut it off so it's ok for now~

Without further ado, let's start talking about these babies

The Innisfree Camellia Oil Hair Treatment Line has the same design, beautified by red bright color like Camellia Flower to give elegance
Camellia is very popular for hair care, not only Innisfree that uses hair care based on Camellia but we also know Shiseido Tsubaki famous shampoo's main ingredient is Camellia as well
Shu Uemura and Oshima are spotted to pull off this amazing flower as well

Oh anyway, Tsubaki is japanese name for Camellia  photo 10_zpsae5fe21d.png

Innisfree Camellia Hair Lotion

It contains 230ml product at one pump-bottle, which obviously will last me probably 6-12 months because of my short hair
I usually only use 1 pump for each application

I am glad that they put english description too, unlike most of Korean brands that only put Hangul

The texture of the lotion is kinda thick and milky, it reminds me of moisturizer but a little bit thicker and stickier. It has camellia's flower scent that's quite appealing
The thick texture really helps moisturizing dry and split ends

Anyway, although the main ingredient for this hair care line, with last Innisfree Camellia Shampoo, I preferred the scent of last time shampoo since it smells sweeter! 
I guess it's for different target? As I think the smell of camellia on this line is definitely more mature and light-scented

Innisfree Camellia Hair Essence

Essence is like a vitamin or an injection boost to your hair. I use essence the most because compared to lotion, it's oil based so it doesnt feel greasy

Contains 150ml product but I use 2 pumps for my hair, so it will run out faster than the lotion. It promises to gives healthy shine on hair

And the texture is like any other hair essence. It's oily, and at first you cant smell the camellia but after you spread it on your hair, you will take notice of it afterwards. The scent is definitely lighter than the lotion

The essence works much better than the lotion too, so you need to focus it on your damaged area
Like me, I only use it on my hair ends where my damaged crushed hair is. It helps smoothening the hairs and make it tangled-free

Avoid to use it on your scalp! It will make your hair becomes greasy!

Innisfree Camellia Hair Balm

To be honest I never used Hair Balm before so I am very curious and excited about this one! This promises to work even better for your damaged hair cuticles and other dry area

It comes in jar, unlike the other two. The combination of red and white really give expensive feeling

Consisting of 85gr product that I am sure will last me foreverrrrrrrrrrr because I only need like pea size for each application!!

The scent that I smell from the jar directly is not pleasant for my preference. It kinda reminds me of chinese medicine or what, since the smell is very heavy

The texture is kinda like hair wax. So grab a little, by I mean a little, I mean it
Then you can rub it between your fingers and it will be oil

Concentrating on your damaged hair, and combing your hair through with fingers that has the oil from the balm
It helps softening damaged hair and makes it sleek straight!!

So okay, here's the result after the application of these products =

You can obviously tell that my before hair is very puffy and damaged and dry and blablabla. After the hair treatments, it becomes silkier and glossier and healthier!
Sure you can tell that there's still some split ends caused by my crushed hair, but at least the line makes my hair more manageable

And dont care about the split ends, I will cut it after all when my hair grows  photo 20_zps5d2368e3.png

After all I am happy with Innisfree! This brand always gives the best treatment products for Korean Beauty Market in my opinion

 A little goes a long way
 Helps hair shine healthily
 Helps smoothening out split end and damaged hair hair
 Moisturizing dry hair
 Makes hair manageable and easy to comb

 Too much application will make hair greasy

By greasy, I really really mean it. Once I think I put a little too much [like what normal amount of hair care can do] and it makes my hair feels so greasyyyyy like Severus Snape oh my God  photo 3_zps1cb1205a.png
You really need to use this little by little and very carefully to get nice result. It's very tricky, since the products line are focused on very damaged or dry hair, so if it's quite healthy and you put too much, it will totally destroy your day by making it flat and oily

It is very tricky to use at first, but by time you will get used to it about how much you should take
And obviously, I start applying it on hair ends first, then work my way up. Because the top of my head needs less product

So be smart on using this hair treatments!

The products are sponsored by Rie Butik as a review purpose

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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  1. jd stel yg paling worth it dr ketiga itu yg mana?? thankss :)

  2. iiiiiih jadi keracunan kaaan >___<

    aku bingung sih rambutku ini sebenernya kering apa oily lol. rasanya agak kasar, kering & ga berkilau karena dicat. tapi cuma sehari setelah keramas udah lepek jadi harus keramas tiap hari. kalo sampe 2 hari ga keramas, I'm indeed like severus snape :(

  3. stel you should also try Kerastase elixir K ultime ! it works wonder on dry and frizzy hair.. make it feel silky smooth without making it oily

  4. Oh I would love to try out Innisfree products! Thanks for the review! :)
    Followed you! ^__^


  5. price list nya mau dong ce XD
    dari ketiganya itu yang paling ok yang mana ce??

  6. aku pake yg hair essencenya :DD
    hasilnya enak, rambut pecah pecahnya liang loh :'DD

  7. aku pake yg hair essencenya, stel
    hasilnya bagus, rambut bercabangnya sembuh hehe :D