Review : Banila Co. Classic & Hydrating Primer

July 17, 2013

Hello! I am back again with make up review, this time it's a Face Primer from Banila Co. I never knew about this brand before i visited Korea last year. When I was walking around MyeongDong, I visited their store and I pretty much hooked up with their face primer which they claimed as their best seller brand, as well as the best in Korea

I swatched the products on my hand last time and felt that it was amazing. But because I am not an impulsive buyer [Unless it's freaking freaking cheap lol] so I stepped out without purchasing anything. Little did I know, that it really is the best primer according to a lot of people. And I really regret that I didn't buy it  photo 12_zpsa1b67bb4.png

But then, Banila Co. is not easy to find in Indonesia. It doesn't have branch in here, and little online shops that have it. Finally I get these stuffs and I was so happy cos I can try it!  photo 10_zpsae5fe21d.png

So here's it ~

There are actually 5 types of their Primer. Classic, Classic Matte, Hydrating, Hydrating Shimmer, and Natural. I only got 2 type as you can see. And it's all come with it's hologram packaging

Let's take a look at it one by one! 

All the primes of Banila Co. comes in dispense pump packaging, with 30 ml products inside.
Like any other Korean products, they mostly put Hangul for the description

Classic Primer is supposed to give your face a smooth canvas to work with. This one is very basic 

Meanwhile, the Hydrating Primer comes with metallic glass dispense pump. It is perfect for those with dry skin to help moisturise the skin before putting on any foundations or BBCream

I always stress out how important to pick the primer according to your skin type. It is as important as picking your foundation. But it helps your foundation works twice better if you have the correct one

So, here's the comparison of those two

Left to Right : Classic Primer & Hydrating Primer

The Classic Primer comes in transparent liquid which its texture really reminds me of Monistat Chafing Relief Gel or Smashbox primer. It has that soothe cool gel feeling that's very easy to spread on skin, and giving your skin instant smoothness. Moreover it's the lightest type of primer in this gel-type primer. It doesn't feel greasy at all, nor sticky. It just sets and stays still on my face. The oil control is not too bad either, considering that it's not for oily skin. It helps my T-Zone oil-free for around 6 hours

Talking about the Hydrating Primer, it looks like a skincare at first. Probably like a gel mask or moisturiser. Unlike it's thick appearance, it's very light and easily becomes thin once your blend it on your skin. And it instantly creates moisturised finish on my dry cheeks. I recall this feeling similar with what I get when using Laneige Sleeping Water Mask, Which I highly recommend too. The hydrating one is really fast to absorb on the skin, leaving it without greasy feeling, not even a trace of primer. Just a moisturised feeling! 

Both of these products blends well on the skin and become transparent shortly. It is one of the best primers i have ever used, which also lets me to feel almost nothing although I wear this product! The lightness of the primer really helps your face not feel heavy at all

It neither causes me breakout, nor any other skin problems. It helps my make up last longer and sets nicely. Which I truly admire!  photo 19_zpsea30aab8.png

 Easy dispense pump packaging
 Blends easily with skin
 Light-weight feeling
 Makes make up last longer, smooth, and hydrated
 Not greasy
 Doesn't cause breakout
 A little goes a long way

 A little bit expensive for Korean product, 18.000 Won / Each

The products are sponsored by OnikChan Shop as a review purpose

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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  1. I've heard a lot about Banila Co products, and the reviews are really good! I want to try this primer but the matte version because I have oily skin. :3

  2. Cranberry AirplaneJuly 17, 2013 at 3:22 PM

    omg 4 russia it's 'll be more expensive. ~40.000 won

  3. omg ive been wanting a primer i think im gonna try the classic matte one!! Thanks for the review

  4. Wow. Looks really promising... I'm going to search for more reviews now kkk

  5. I believe the matte one is good too! Considering these 2 are very high quality ^.^

  6. Oh wow, you should buy directly from gmarket

  7. Haha sure sure, I often do that before i buy some thing too ^^

  8. beli di manaaa??? jadi jatuhnya brapa tuh 18.000 won tel?? wkwkwkw lagi nyari primer okeh nihhhh

  9. Ooo, thank you for the review, Stella! I've heard a lot about this product from friends in Korea. C:

  10. Yeah! After visited Seoul back then, I searched about the info of this product. Turns out it was like the best seller and must have for primer lol

  11. patut di coba -.-
    tapi lumayan mehong juga ya ce, banila co emang sedikit mehong dibandingin yang lain ><