Liz Lisa in Indonesia~

July 08, 2013

So, I have been busy with this project! I am collaborating with Japacolle, who brings Liz Lisa to Indonesia with cheaper price than Japan! 
I really want to support them because I want a lot of people to have access to buy Liz Lisa clothes!

Today they have uploaded some of the clothes collection, and the stocks are limited so hurry up!!

I like the flowery dress the most and even my mom says that it looks freaking gorgeous so she wants to buy one for me hahaha
The dress fabric is quite thick and very flawy, high quality item as you can expect from Liz Lisa

It also has its Nekomimi that's sold separately

Oh anyway I think I lost weight again, so some of the clothes are a little too big for me T_____T

The products are all directly imported from Japan, and 100% Liz Lisa. The real price of those two dresses above in Japan is 6900 yen + Tax 345, but in Japacolle it's Rp 631.000 

They try to give the best price for Indonesian! 
Imagine the shipping, and the tax, and the effort to hire staff and photo and such lol

So this batch is just for market test. If the response is good, they will bring more cute items!! 

They also have Liz Lisa False Eyelashes for Rp 150.000 per box! Original price in Japan is 1260yen!! 
Price is too fair to be true!

You might visit JAPACOLLE now and pick which product you want. And stay tuned there, since they'll upload a lot of cute items too such as their sandals, bags, bento box, and such!! 

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  1. Oh my god!! Thank you for bringing Liz Lisa to Indo!!! You are the best!!

  2. pantas waktu liat japacolle collection kaya fotonya cece
    ternyata benar, cute banget ><

  3. naksirr flowery dressnyaaaa <3

  4. aduh kurusnya anak satu iniii >.<

  5. Love the pictures, you look super cute! *___*

  6. wow...all the clothes is so gorgeous on you..want to buy some but i think it won't fit me..coz i'm too fat..hikssss :(

  7. Oh my God you Indonesians are so lucky! I envy you >.<

    I have the first dress but it's in white. I really like it but haven't got the opportunity to wear it yet. :p

  8. Uwowww...kurusan lagi ya stel? So envy >.<
    Gue ga pernah kurus2 perasaan udah diet ampe kelaperan juga :D
    Naksir flower dress nya!!!
    But I don't think I can afford it :(

  9. hahaha.. kok enggak ngenalin langsung tapi ;-;

  10. it's all M Size or All Size. So I think it will fit you!!

  11. kemarin kan udah balik lagi jadi 45, skarang 42-43 lagi XD naik turunnya gak sehat banget wkwk
    Oh too exp kah? D:

  12. I don't have the opportunity to wear it just yet haha :p

  13. Duh, 45 itu jaman waktu sma kelas 1-2an kali ya? Sejak kuliah diatas 50 mulu T.T
    Uang jajan lagi dipotong ama si mommy, beli satu dress bisa engga jajan sebulan :D

  14. abis liatnya baru bangun tidur jadi liatnya setengah sadar gitu :p
    btw dress nya flowernya lucu ce, pengen tapi keuangan lagi ga ngedukung ;^;

  15. Wow, those dresses look so nice. I wish someone would bring Liz Lisa to Germany :D The flowery dress is really great. I'd buy this at once if I could (and afford) :D

  16. I love the thirth outfit is really cute.

  17. Im coming at the house to go shopping in saturday.

  18. And iwant to buy some acssecories.

  19. But i dont know what the shopping place on indonesian but iloved.