Dessert Hunting at Momi & Toys Lotte Avenue

July 22, 2013

I went for dessert hunting with a friend last week anyway! I had to take pics of desserts including crepes in Jakarta so I went out to get some! 
In fact I didn't mean to upload the pics since it's basically just a random blog post, and just to show off my purple wig too! LOL But, Because I am in bangkok right now and I don't really have much time to update about review [I was dead tired by walking alllll dayyyyyyy]

So, please excuse this blog post~

We got Chocolate Banana Creme Crepe and Caramel Banana Creme Crepe

I was surprised of how Momi & Toy's crepes are so soft and not too-sweet but still sweet enough [typical of Japanese sweets]!! You can even cut it with spoon!
And I do love the whipped creme they have since it tastes so light and doesn't make you feel sick! 

It also has cool sensation feeling through your throat which is really pleasant during hot days! 

So here's me.. and crepe.. and wig.. wtf

This one is Pinkcoco wig from Hazelnutz Cawaii.. I ordered purple because I want to try new color. But in fact I had low self confidence with this hair since it kinda attracts more attention than my blonde hair? So I feel awkward when everyone stare at this purple hair.. Also I feel my complexion is better with blonde?
Or is it because I am more used to blonde hair?
To be honest, I don't know if I will try crazy colour like this for real hahaha.. 

The wig color changes depending on the lighting. Under sunlight it's kinda brigh pink-purple. While indoor, it looks more like ashy purple. The pinkcoco wig that I wear is the original one from Taiwan. So many fake pinkcocos now. The cap is amazingly soft and stretchable like Brightlele, and the fiber is very smooth

One thing that I dislike is how shiny it was for flash photography.. Which happened too often with synthetic wig..
Well, I'll do full review about it ok ^.^
Now I'll go shopping at Platinum~~!! Buy all the cheap clothes! 

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