Going Harajuku with Purple Hair

July 31, 2013

I am in the mood of doing something a little crazy and out of my comfort zone.. I am too used to with blonde hair and gyaru make up for years. So I really want something fresh

My background when I was teen was Visual Kei which is from Harajuku. So I was thinking, why not try the latest fashion from Harajuku now? I miss the crazy look! 
So, I ordered Purple wig from Hazelnutz Cawaii.. This time it's pinkcoco since they offer crazy colors that I want!

Harajuku is famous for its crazy hair colors such as purple, pink, and electric blue colour. 

At first i was a little bit nervous with this bright purple wig. I feel I am much much better and complexion is nicer with blonde.. But when I tried upload it on instagram a lot of people say I look better with purple, younger!! lol

This is the make up that I use! 

I draw my eyebrows into purple with purple eyeshadow, to match the hair colour!
Black eyeshadow on the lids, blended with brown on the crease. Then I put electric blue eyeshadow for a pop of colour, under my eyes. For blush, I put it on Harajuku-way, on my cheekbones.. 

For lashes, I only put natural upper and bottom lashes. Not the usual crazy gyaru lashes 

This is such a fun look! So I think I will try to dress up as Harajuku Girl for AFA 2013 for one day hahaha

Talking back about the wig. This pinkcoco wig is originally from Taiwan. There are many fake pinkcoco so make sure you get the real one cos the real one has the same stretchable quality like Japanese Wigs. They are easy to use, and doesn't hurt at all. The fibers are amazingly soft

Unfortunately, I find this wig is veryyyyyyyyy shiny on the flash photography pictures. For outdoor and direct sunlight pictures, it looks amazing. Avoid getting your pictures taken for indoor with flash camera, otherwise it will look freaking shiny! ><

This is the wig package! It comes with the official Pinkcoco printed transparent bag and some freebies

The wig looks like ash pink-purple for indoor lighting. But when you wear it for outdoor, it becomes very bright purple. I think this is fun! 

Comes with free wig cap, and also wig brush ^.^

And real Pinkcoco wig also comes with its pinkcoco bag! 

This is the wig comparison. Without and with flash X________X 

I love the curl is very soft and nice. And also it has side lock to make my face appear smaller!! ^.^ 
The color looks very bright for outdoor lighting! 

More pictures spam~~!!

Hahaha.. I begin to like my purple hair more! I wanna try crazier colour next ^.^
Cos we're only young onceeeee =D

If you're keen for the same wig like me, you can buy it at Hazelnutz Cawaii Facebook then try experimenting with make up!! 

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  1. i like your look in purple hair stel =3 really stunning! bagus wignya!

  2. aww cute cece >.<
    pengen aku culik terus aku bawa pulang ke rumah

  3. cute cutee....
    aku baru nyadar, ternyata kalo make up jepang it blush on nya di bawah mataaa yaa cc stelaa

  4. lucu deh :D yes we're only young onceeeee =D

  5. haha itu tergantung lagi sama tipe make upnyaaa =D japanese make up itu ada banyak macemnya wkwk

  6. lol aku rela kalo diculik matsujun lol

  7. Aw i thought it was your real hair at first! I love that shade of purple. It looks good don't worry :3

  8. You look stunning! I love your blog, you're such an inspiration!


  9. You look so kawaii *^*
    I really think that wig suits you so well :)
    I am so excited for other awesome colours :)
    You are amazing ♥

  10. It really suits you. If it was a little bit lighter purple I would say that it looks even better than blonde! ^^

  11. awww thanks for the compliment!! >//<

  12. no no you're too much >///< without make up i look like a hot mess XD
    you should try this fun color too ^.^

  13. haha everyone thinks that it's real too!!! =D

  14. Elizabeth MuhalevaAugust 6, 2013 at 3:46 PM

    Purple really suits you!
    Very-very pretty ^______^

  15. ci, itu wig pinkcoco yg dulu cci review, dr princess butik asli ato palsu, di compared sama yang ini..

  16. Ci Stel cakeeeep, I linked this blog to mine... http://novalenchii.blogspot.com/2013/09/my-pics-in-fake-pinkcoco-product-hati.html *minta izin* may I? Sankyuuu :33

  17. where can i get some of those contacts that you have, theyre awesome