KAJI 15th Gathering

July 03, 2013

I dont really think this post will really interest you since it's about a gathering for KAJI [ Komunitas Alumni Jepang di Indonesia ] But then I feel that this is a big step for me and I feel that this day will kinda change my life in the future. So I would like to commemorate it on my blog ^^

spot me? 

I am not Japanese alumnus. I really wish I had a chance to study in Japan as it's my dream. But I have to be grateful enough that my mom can still pay for my tuition fee at a Private University in Jakarta, while some might not be able to go to school

But I am invited by Pak Djono. He's the manager for AEON Mall and he contacted me like a month ago, seeking for collaboration. So we kinda met and talked. It went smoothly like my usual meetings but then he said, he's one of the staff member for KAJI and he would like me to join the community and share about my blogging career on their gathering

At first I refused because I believe I am not that successful enough to be a speaker, but he insisted so we made the gathering after my final exam done. It was located at Torigen Japanese Restaurant, set on 28th June 2013! 

I knew 2-3 persons before, who are currently in some projects with me about Japan. But most of the faces were very unfamiliar. Lucky that everyone's so nice and kind! 

It was my first time exchanging business card that many. Usually I just gave it for cosmetic brands PR and such, but KAJI members are people who work on a lot of industries. Such as Translator, Lawyer, Advertising Company, Human Resources, Music Maker, Advertising, and so on!

So I am really happy to see those amazing people and get to know them, because I never really have chance to get this kind of gathering. I stepped into adult now, just realize I am old already lol

The main star is Wijaya-san. He is the producer of Kokoro no Tomo TV Show that's very popular! He introduced Japanese Culture through his TV Show and he told us about how he made it, his mission, and his wish. Also he revealed some stuffs about TV industry. He made the show from the scratch and he left his company to focus on the show. From salaryman to businessman is not an easy job, so obviously the path is very tough

I listened to him very carefully and I really think he's an amazing person! I even shivered because of it. I truly respect him! 
He also knew some staffs from NHK, such as Mariko-san that worked with me for NHK Kawaii International hehe.. We kinda chatted about some stuffs and I was very happy to know him.. Cannot reveal what we talk hehe.. Just wait~ 

Then it's my turn to give presentation about my blog
It started as a personal blog. And during 2010 December, the first I made it. I only had 7 page views MONTHLY!

It's not an instant 5 minute fame. I built the view slowly. In the end of 2011, I had about 400-500 page views per day. Then it became 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000... And now it reached 8000-9000 page views daily

I said that I tried my best to teach about make up through my blog and youtube. Share about what I know about beauty things, and how much I want everyone to dress up and be pretty. I dont want to be seen as someone attracts attention because of blonde hair. I want everyone to dye their hair and dress up too so I can walk on street without being stared like I am a clown or what

that's my wish for Indonesia..

Then I said that I really wanted to come to Japan since I was a child. God knows how much I suffered to make it happen. Endless works, and life isn't easy. And I dont want to create drama so I wont say about the journey, but in the end I finally make it
Some are thanks to my blog too because I can make Beauty Class!

I could come to Japan on January 2013 by myself. When I am 20 years old . . .
So I was truly happy because it's my dream

Then I came to Japan again to represent Indonesia for Kawaii Matsuri as Kawaii Leader. So I really want to spread this Kawaii Culture more too in the future.. The presentation lasts for around 30-40 minutes, and we watched Kawaii International together [I have the clips but I cannot upload it because of copyright issue, sorry]

Then Ogura-san, Chief Manager from Adways Company gave presentation about internet user in Indonesia and how indonesia will grow in the future through internet and social media. Since he spoke in Japanese so I didn't really catch it lol I'm sorry

In the end, a lot of people said that they're moved by my presentation T____T And more business cards flew after that, and a few of them are going for collaboration with me I think

left to right : Sasagawa-san from Kawaii Beauty Japan, Yoshitake-san from Torigen, Me, Fuad-san, one of Kaji's Staff, and Usman-san from PT Hamaren 

Anyway after the gathering, half of us went for Karaoke, and then dinner at Ramen! Didn't take many pics for after party..

left to right : Sasagawa-san, Ogura-san from Adways Indonesia, Me, & Djono-san's Wife

Anyway all the pics are credited to KAJI staffs who took the pics hehe

Though I might have more business opportunities with my blog after the event, but I am more interested when I was talking to those successful people because they're really inspiring
I really wish to grow into a great adult that can be respected by younger generation like them

I almost dont have anymore faith in humanity because of so many bad things happen, and mostly elder generations are like "oh I know everything so you, child, shut up" But these people are very kind and helpful and down to earth. I am surprised that this community is very charming on its own way. Oh anyway, everyone can speak japanese so I am kinda left behind lol So I'll study harder to catch up too haha!

I keep repeating to myself that by surrounding yourself with positive people, you will have positive energy as well and will bring more joy in life

I am still a seed, and I hope I wont grow into wrong direction
I hope by having right people around me, will make me becoming a great adult too

I wish the best for my readers to have those positive people around them too
Forget all the negative people. Negativity will bring you down and make your life miserable

Right now I am happy because not only KAJI that brings me positivity, but also I know who are my friends that will support and give positive energy too. 

I am also going to have some future collaboration with my beauty blogger friends too
To keep the positivity around my friends. So please wait! ^^

and I wish to spread positive energy too through this blog
To you who reads this~

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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  1. ur blog really inspiring me too :)
    the more i read your blog, the more i want to reach my dream & learn nihongo again X-)
    (before, i ever took japan's course, but it was only 3 months, coz i have to choose. english or japan.. errr =_=)

    thanks for sharing ur experiences, stella ^^

  2. I am still far to be called 'inspiring', nowhere close

    But thank you so much for your compliment. I will work hard on myself to be someone that can inspire people too

    Haha english first then japan can come later i think. Because english is what everyone needs to master right now i feel. If you can speak japanese, then it will add your points :D

  3. ah cece mengispirasi banget lah
    I hope someday I can meet you >.<

  4. bandung - jakarta sih cece, hehe
    pengen sekali2 ikut beauty class cece juga ><
    tapi kadang waktunya ga pas ;^;

  5. aku mungkin ada kelas lagi tanggal 27 ini :) masih ajuin proposal dulu tapi :D

  6. wah semoga kali ini bisa ikut
    kira2 jakarta apa bandung ce kali ni?

  7. yapss ganbatte ^^

    iya harusnya gitu. tapi kadang kalo uda k bawa arus about japan. pengen kursus lagi. hahhaah XD

    kalo inggris, ak ngerti apa yg org ngomong. tapi balesnya itu yg ak bingung. @_@. ( grammar oh grammar -_- )

    dulu aku penggila jepang, ampe dorama2 nya kalo dy ngomong per sentence / word, ak note, hehhee
    tapi sekrang uda jarang banget nnton dorama.
    kerja,ngurus os & gym. freetime nya jadi makin dikit. >_<
    btw ak boleh minta yg link ebook japan nya ga ?? ( yg dulu pernah d buat postnya .. hehe :D )

    nge reply nya sambil denger lagu sukima switch + cuaca yg dingin banget.. -_-
    *itu japan singer, overall lagu2nya bagus, dari nadanya maybe about happines hahahha *so tau banget dah
    i prefer japan songs than korea, coz the lyric not only about love but also about life, happines and etc.. hahahha
    coba aja d donlod / kalo mo d kirimin by mail juga boleh.. :D

    Arigatouu ^^

  8. semoga bisa ikut dan jadwal mendukung ^^