Review : Etude House Lash Perm All Shock Mascara

July 26, 2013

Hello. I am back in Jakarta so here's another review of Etude House Mascara! I constantly change my mascara every 3 months due to expiration issue. Don't forget to change your as well ok! ^.^

I was very pleased with their lash Etude House Dolly 3 Step Mascara so I had high expectation for their new formula! But, will it be as good as before? Let's find out! 

The box packaging comes in bulky and shiny packaging and talks all about the great things from the mascara. One of the main highlights is their tornado pink brush! 

They also promise of Volume, Curl, Length, and Waterproof! It sounds so good and I really buy what they say! 

As always the description is all on Korean Language. They gave the Shocking Tip about how to use this mascara nicely but I can't read it

The packaging is a combination of black and shocking pink colour, along with some minor decorations like their usual packaging which you can spot closely

The brush itself, isn't pink as it claims lol [which is obviously yes] so I don't get it why they have to say that it's tornado pink brush. The brush looks like normal brush for lengthening. I find Majolica Majorca also supports the same type of brush

Let's stop with all the packaging and design and move forward to the result which they raved so much on their box.

The result?

Is horrendous. . . .

The mascara is very drying and feels heavy on my lashes. It doesn't curl my lashes nicely because of the heavy texture so it just falls down. It does give volume because of its pitch black color to accentuate the illussion of voluminous lashes, but it's VERY CLUMPY and gives spider lashes effect, which is such a big no no

I tried to use this mascara with light hand and curl before hand, but for one coat, it just goes very very natural and lightly, almost like any other cheap mascara you can get at any drugstore 

Waterproof? No.. It leaves black smudge under my eyes when it melts or gets rubbed. Which is a big NO NO

About the lengthening effect. No it doesn't give me any wonder of length like its promised. This mascara is just a hot mess and the only positive thing about this mascara, is just it's very easy to remove

 Easy to remove

 Not waterproof
 Dry and heavy texture, makes the lashes bend down / not curled properly
 Doesn't give volume or lengthening effect
 Pricey for its result

The packaging is so-so, the result is crap. Seriously? 11.000 won sounds too expensive for this stuff. Totally not recommended at all
You can get it at any Etude House. I got mine from Etude House Korea, it's 11.000 won each

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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  1. ehh ga bagus ya, padahal masuk wishlist
    untung cece review duluan, thanks ya ce

  2. I've also purchased this mascara, it works really great on my lashes. Too bad it didn't work for you :/