China Glaze Crackle Glaze - Crushed Candy Review

October 04, 2011

China Glaze Crackle Glaze in Crushed Candy is sent to me by DuniaKutek as a review purpose


I received Crushed Candy color, which is a pretty turquoise color! It's a crackle nail polish, which means it will give a nice crackle finish on your nails with it, it's purpose is similar with OPI Shatter if I'm not mistaken! :D


Read More to see how it looks like on my nails!


To achieve crackle result, first I put base coat and 2 layers of nail polish first. If you use the crackle nail polish alone, it won't crack. I use a warm transparent nail polish as the first layer, then top it off with Crushed Candy



close up

As you guys can see that it crack perfectly, gives a really nice finish. I only put one layer, and it's really opaque, yet the chill sensation on the nails when I use it is really fun! Personally I'm not really a fan of crackle nail polish as sometimes it can look messy, but this one is worth to try! Though I dont think I'm gonna use it on daily basis since I prefer regular one lol but for those of you who are bored with your regular nail polish, why dont give this one a try? ;-)

I also tried white nail polish as the base and it ended up like this =


Probably it will look great with black as base too! :-D

You can purchase it on Duniakutek with Rp110.000 HERE ! They sell other colors of crackle glaze with fair price! And they also offer free shipping in Indonesia if you buy certain amount! ^___^ you can also follow their twitter HERE as they will hold a giveaway if their followers reach 200 too! Nice right!

Are you a fan of Crackle Nail Polish or not?! :-)

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