Monday, October 31, 2011

Blog Sale


I decided that I have to let go some of beauty products that I own. Therefore I make a blog to sell my beauty products that I have used or never opened before. I only accept Indonesian address because I dont know how to ship overseas

If you're looking into something to buy, Why dont you take a look first? Probably there will be some stuffs that catch your heart ;-)

Stella Lee's Blog Sale

More updates will be coming soon :heart:


Melli said...

wow your blog is amazing :)
I love your style, it's soo cute. :inlove:
And thank u for the comment on my blog. Who u saw there was my brother, not me, so I took those photos hehee. :kissed:

xoxo, Melli (

stellalee_92 said...

thank you for liking my blog :heart:
oh is that so? sorry haha, because i dont understand german xD

Miaojuan said...

Hello Stella! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting :) I appreciate it ^^

em said...

hi stella, your blog :-) is so fancy :)and so are you :)

stellalee_92 said...

Thank you Em, youre very nice :heart:

stellalee_92 said...

no big deal la! you have cute blog too! :-D thanks for visiting :)

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