I'm on Go Girl Magazine October 2011 Issue :)

October 13, 2011

Well yeah finally the magazine has been published already, and I know that I can finally speak to my readers about the most awesome stuff that happened to me this year! I received an email from Indonesia Go Girl Magazine to write a beauty article in their magazine. And I was like, super shocked, almost got heart attack probably lol Because I don't consider my blog to be noticed by a big company like them, and I'm not a professional make up artist nor writer. I'm just.. not-so-famous blogger in my opinion lol;

And what's best is that it happened during my birthday in September. As if it's God's present for me. I thank Jesus for giving me chance to expand myself :heart: Really, I'm not the best beauty blogger, and it happened unexpectedly like a storm and I agreed to do it after I read the email. It's just, a blast. I consider myself lucky in this case la

It's on Go Girl Magazine October 2011!

picture credit to Gabriell Olivia :heart:

It was only one page, but that just means a lot for me! I have so much fun writing it, collecting the datas, and tried to use simple Indonesia language as best as I can. Sometimes I get confused with some make up words such as "browbone" or "cupid's bow", I shall learn Indonesia language better :-p Then I proposed 3 articles for them so they can pick which theme they prefer. And they pick basic photo make up

In fact, there are so many stuffs that I want to write and share on it, but because of limited pages and not everyone are rarely into heavy make up, so I keep it simple, basic, and easy to follow. Also all the products are available locally so you can go to any department store and easily purchase it! Tried my best to use brands that are available locally :-p

I hope there would come another chance for me to write for them again :-) It's a new experience for me! I hope that anyone who read it would find it useful and learn something new from it!

And if you're Indonesia citizens, please buy the issue! lol

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