How to Use Koji Eye Talk and Review

October 23, 2011

Having bigger and deep set eyelid is what woman commonly wants nowadays. I normally use double eyelid sticker for daily basis, but mostly it doesn't work for monolid. If you're white, or arabian, or Indonesia, or whatsover, you probably already have deep eyelid. But mostly mongoloid race such as Japanese, Korean, Chinese, dont have it. Koji Eye Talk is the most popular eyelid glue to make your eyelids bigger! The product is sent to me by MyLovelySister as a review purpose !



Koji Eye Talk double eyelid maker creates natural and beautiful double eyelids.It contains moisturizing plant generated ceramide and skin tightening Rose hip extract.Great for beginners for making double eyelids.  To have charming eyes, this one definitely is the one you are looking for, it helps to define your eye lid perfectly. This Eye Talk Glue contains moisturing ingredient rosemary extract, which moisturise your skin around eye area. It is transparent in color after application.

The product itself comes with a pink plastic packaging, the product packaging is plain pink and white color and honestly it looks cheap. It comes with the Y stick to help you create the bigger eyelid, which can be attached to the product so dont be afraid to lose it :-D You can also create different types of eyelids as you wish. I love no 1 because it has biggest and deepest eyelid in my opinion!

Truthfully my eyelids are uneven. My left one is double eyelid, while the right one is sometimes double, sometimes monolid. So this is my right eye when it's monolid :-) I believe the before and after will be more visible with it!

How to Use Koji Eye Talk



Make sure that your eyelids are clean and not greasy. You can wipe it off with cotton pad first


Use the Y stick to measure how deep you want your eyelid is [usually it's 4-5mm from your upper lash line]


Apply the glue on the lid. I choose to create a half oval shape on my lid, you can try other types as well


Wait for 1-2minutes until the glue becomes clear / transparent


Close your eyes and lightly push your eyelid upward, then open your eyes slowly




Eventhough it can create a deep double eyelid, I find that it doesnt work as well on the double eyelid. Usually I want my double eyelid to be deeper and bigger la, but this product can't really help to create a bigger double eyelid if you already have one. So I can say that it only works great on monolid. if you want bigger double eyelid when you already have it, don't bother to use it because it wont give you promising result. Also when you close your eyes, people can tell that there's something on your eyes

Also the difficulty level is somehow medium, because you need to practice to get used to it. Can't go well with one try la, just learn it. But I find that it's the best eyelid glue I've ever tried so far. I tried Etude House 66 Big Eye Line Charm and it doesn't create eyelids as nice as this one, also somehow its failed wtf. But yet, since I have oily eyes, eyes got watery easily too, it doesn't stay long on my eyes. Probably only 2 hours. So make sure to keep your eyes matte whenever you use it ok!

Final Opinion =

Pros =

  • Works well to give deep set of eyelids

  • Affordable

  • Easy to use

  • Easy to purchase

  • Can create variant types of eyelids

Cons =

  • Cheap packaging

  • Doesn't last long on oily eyelids

  • Only work great on monolids

But overall, this one is a great product for every monolids out there who want to have bigger and deeper eyelid! Because somehow eyelid tape can be too shiny, and eyelid fibre is expensive yet difficult to use. By practicing a few times, I'm sure you can grasp how to use it well. The key is practice!

For those of you who live in Indonesia, you can purchase Koji Eye Talk online through mylovelysister HERE

How about you? Do you have double eyelids or monolids? :-D Are you impressed by Koji Eye Talk as well?

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  1. Koji eye talk is pretty easy to use, but yeah, works better on monolids than a small double eyelid.

    Still waiting for a miracle product to enhance my small lids. hahaha

  2. have you tried mezaik double eyelid fibre? its awesome and much much better as it looks more natural. but the difficulty level is higher haha, because you have to use it very carefully on eye

  3. same here! My left eye is double and right eye is mono =_= everyday i only wear one eyelid tape on my right eye lol

    Ahh too bad this product doesnt last long on oily eyelid :(

    1. You can choose the waterproof formula, which is blue color of package

  4. haha sometimes i wake up with both double eyelids, sometimes uneven, wtf! lol
    i wear tape on both because it looks silly with one LOL
    well, you can use eye primer and loose powder before apply koji eye talk i think, to make sure it stays longer :-)

  5. Does it sticky after few hours wearing? I try eye putti but few hours later my eyeliner smudge because of it :(

  6. well eye putti doesnt work for me, koji eye talk is far much much better than it! and if you have oily eyelid, after a few hours, yes, you will feel a lil uncomfortable with it honestly

  7. I have used double eyelid glue, but i don't like it ... sometimes it looked like my skin is flaky where i applied it eh -.-

    now i use double eyelid sticker, i think it's easier to use but can be visible sometimes.. im now using from cosmos bought at seibu. it's ok. not very special (but it was cheap anyway... like 25k rp? lol XD)

  8. haha, well every eyelid glue are like that lol

    you live in indo? :-D
    i use eyelid tape for daily basis as well, its fast, and its cheap lol but somehow it looks shiny on photo eh ? =_= but its decent for daily basis :-D

  9. XD

    nope, i live di belanda. but we go on holiday every 1-2 years to indo :-))
    hahah true true! just stick on and instant double eyelid XDXD

  10. oh but are you indo who live there or just interested to visit indo? :D
    lol yes, but for better result, i really like double eyelid fibre! it looks gorgeous and much much natural than other types, but expensive and difficult for beginner :-\\ have you tried it?

  11. So hard at first i did my lids and they look uneven haha... :laugh: I wonder do u apply eyeshadow before or after eye talk and eyeliner?

  12. hahaha yes it needs a few of practice!
    I apply it before, and cover it with eyeshadow afterwards :D

  13. yeah.. i have double eyelid, but i also impressed with this product.

  14. lucky you!!! my double eyelid keeps appearing and disappearing! -.-

  15. Hi ^^ I'd like to know if this tape could make my eyelids narrower? Because I have quite big double eyelids but I think I look better with them smaller. Is there a way? Like putting the glue lower..


  16. i dont think there's any way to make double eyelids smaller D:
    but you can use eyeshadow trick to make your eyes smaller i guess