Gallover's Giveaway Winner!

October 27, 2011

I had a long time to count every single entry from contestants who joined the giveaway, thank you so much for joining it! I used to generate the winner!

The total points saved are 383 [some are eliminated because didn't read the rules well]

And the number's winner is 65!

Counted everyone's points from top to bottom, the winner is Rina Haneul!

Congratulations girl! Please send me your email to and I will forward your email to gallover's staff so you can claim your prize!

Again, thank you for joining the giveaway, and I promise I will get another giveaway again soon :-)

Have a nice day everyone :heart:

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  1. felicidades a la ganadora =)

  2. Congrats ladies♥

    Hope you could join my upcoming giveaway. Ill post it this week or probably this first week of november. Great prizes awaiting for you.

  3. I tried emailing you but it seems like it doesn't go through???