OPI Texas Collection Suzi Loves Cowboy Swatch

October 20, 2011

Duniakutek just sent me a nail polish again from OPI, and it's from their lTexas Collection!  Dark Earthy tone or Bright red are so in this season. Who loves fall color too? ;-)


They sent me Suzi Loves Cowboy which is a dark brown shade. When wearing dark nail polish, I feel my hand looks brighter, the shade compliments my skintone nicely. Unlike other OPI Nail polish, this is really sheer on first application and so messy! But when you put the second layer, it's perfectly coated and look opaque. I recommend going with 3 layers for better result


Personally the application is far from my likeness, but the result is pretty, and glossy, even without top coat

You can buy this series in Duniakutek as they sell it for Rp110.000 / each, much cheaper than counter which is Rp 180.000 / each. Also, they offer free shipping for everyone who live in Indonesia if you buy certain amount from them


For this fall, I'm really into bright red color in fact. Really want to get my hand a pretty shade of bright red color since I feel that it's perfect for this fall. But dark brown from Suzi Loves Cowboy is not bad either

How about you? Which shade of nail polish are you keen into right now? :-)

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  1. The color looks pretty, and delicious!!

    I don't even know why I always think brown nail polish looks yummy, I mean I don't even like chocolate.. wth is wrong with me, anyway good luck with dyeing your hair :yes:

  2. I dont like chocolate either haha. If you like brown nail polish, should get this one lor! :yes:
    thank you fenn! im on the process of it! :-D

  3. out of topic.. mau warnain rambut lagi say? waduh.. aku aja pengen coba masih dilemma... bagus engga bagus engga bagus engga.. dilemma :D *malah curcol

    btw kukumu sudah mulai rapi juga akhirnya :)

  4. iya nih lagi ngewarnain hehehe.. ayo cat cat~~~ 8-D
    iya rajin digunting2 skarang eheheh

  5. Love the color! It looks like someone spilled melted chocolate to your nails. hoho.. ;-)


    Dreamy Princess

  6. Omg it's so yummy looking! I love browns...I'm going to hunt this colour down!!

  7. haha, its the luxury dark chocolate then! :laugh:

  8. oooo this is such a perfect shade for the fall!

    I am wearing OPI ink right now. Dark blue/purple, inky and sparkly.

    I love your reviews!!


  9. I know! Why dont you try this one out! their touring in america series is such a love for this season! :heart:
    Really? please review it as it sounds gorgeous! :-D
    thanks for reading it too, jasmine!

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