Monday, October 31, 2011

I decided that I have to let go some of beauty products that I own. Therefore I make a blog to sell my beauty products that I have used or never opened before. I only accept Indonesian address because I dont know how to ship overseas

If you're looking into something to buy, Why dont you take a look first? Probably there will be some stuffs that catch your heart ;-)

Stella Lee's Blog Sale

More updates will be coming soon :heart:

Sunday, October 30, 2011

With high rating 4,5 / 5 on Make Up Alley, I thought that this eyeshadow is a must to try! Behind the high end brand, Shiseido, which is really popular too in Japan, I decided to give this one a try! Pick out PK760 Shade which is a feminine look with pink and purple eyeshadow to enhance the eyes


Thursday, October 27, 2011

I seriously want to have light ash blonde like Yumachi, so I decided to bleach my hair again, after stop bleaching it for the past 2 years. You all know that I DO have obsession with Blonde hair, as I also adore gyaru styles. So yes, this is my experience, may not work for you though! And I warn you, this is such a long long post!

I had a long time to count every single entry from contestants who joined the giveaway, thank you so much for joining it! I used to generate the winner!

The total points saved are 383 [some are eliminated because didn't read the rules well]

And the number's winner is 65!

Counted everyone's points from top to bottom, the winner is Rina Haneul!

Congratulations girl! Please send me your email to and I will forward your email to gallover's staff so you can claim your prize!

Again, thank you for joining the giveaway, and I promise I will get another giveaway again soon :-)

Have a nice day everyone :heart:

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

As I mentioned on my post here , that Lancome specially reserved 5 seats for my readers to join their beauty class! It was such a rush because I only have like 2 days to inform it, I know there are quite a lot responds about this beauty class, but I only could pick 5 readers at last. Some of my readers have used Lancome before, some even have never tried eyeshadow before, it's really fun to see their transformations, which of course memorized by me in the pictures!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Having bigger and deep set eyelid is what woman commonly wants nowadays. I normally use double eyelid sticker for daily basis, but mostly it doesn't work for monolid. If you're white, or arabian, or Indonesia, or whatsover, you probably already have deep eyelid. But mostly mongoloid race such as Japanese, Korean, Chinese, dont have it. Koji Eye Talk is the most popular eyelid glue to make your eyelids bigger! The product is sent to me by MyLovelySister as a review purpose !


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Duniakutek just sent me a nail polish again from OPI, and it's from their lTexas Collection!  Dark Earthy tone or Bright red are so in this season. Who loves fall color too? ;-)


They sent me Suzi Loves Cowboy which is a dark brown shade. When wearing dark nail polish, I feel my hand looks brighter, the shade compliments my skintone nicely. Unlike other OPI Nail polish, this is really sheer on first application and so messy! But when you put the second layer, it's perfectly coated and look opaque. I recommend going with 3 layers for better result


Personally the application is far from my likeness, but the result is pretty, and glossy, even without top coat

You can buy this series in Duniakutek as they sell it for Rp110.000 / each, much cheaper than counter which is Rp 180.000 / each. Also, they offer free shipping for everyone who live in Indonesia if you buy certain amount from them


For this fall, I'm really into bright red color in fact. Really want to get my hand a pretty shade of bright red color since I feel that it's perfect for this fall. But dark brown from Suzi Loves Cowboy is not bad either

How about you? Which shade of nail polish are you keen into right now? :-)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Senayan City is one of the best mall in Jakarta, located at the heart of Jakarta, this place is perfect for hanging out with your friends, or shopping. Debenhams is the department store which is the main focus on Senayan City. Consists of cosmetics, fragrances, women's and man's apparels, and so on. Lancome decided to open a new store at Debenhams and I was invited to visit and play there! :laugh:

Please read until the end because I have a news for my Jakarta readers! :-)

Monday, October 17, 2011

with my new hair! :heart:

Oh yes I'm so excited finally I can have my hair becoming ash blonde. I haven't bleached my hair for the past 2 years because of the damage that it caused to my hair. I'm not sayin' that my hair is perfectly healthy like virgin hair but now I know how to take care of my hair much much better than before. So yeah!

All the preparations are complete! The developer, the bleaching powder, the hair color, and the shampoo.

Gosh, I spent so much money on this, will be starving for lunch in campus now lol

Well I still have 2 days left for my exam, which is monday and tuesday. Afterwards its over and I have days off until the next monday. So I will spend the rest days by doing my hair. As the color will be better if I dont wash my hair, I decide to not wash it out for a few days before the bleaching and coloring process. Therefore I can't make any new post at the moment unless it has been on draft.

So please wait forward, and I hope it would turn out nice!

P.S = What I worry the most now is my safety lol I wish guys in Jakarta wouldn't kidnap, rob, or rape me because of this hair [f*ck all of them la =_= for those of you who live in jakarta must have known how bad women's safety is in here, right?]

ok talk to you gals later then :-*

Friday, October 14, 2011

If only there was no pollution and dirt,

If only there was no acne and any other skin problems,

If only I lived in a village full of trees and flowers,

I wouldn't have to treat my skin!



Wasn't born with a perfect skin, therefore I have to work harder to achieve clear skin! My secret to relieve stress after a week with full of hectic tasks and appointments is to properly give it a day to rest at least once a week. Skin can become stressful as well! So maintaining it everyday is really necessary! I know my skin is not perfect like some girls, but it can be much worse than now if I dont take care of it well

After all, Jakarta is full of dirt and pollutions. There were times when I had holiday for months and didn't go out as much as I used to when I go to campus, and seriously my skin was much better. Crazy right? Using my daily skin care routine is not enough for me. Exfoliating and masking my skin once a week is needed to keep it free from dead skin and tired skin


Mask Time!

I have dozens of masks stored in my refrigerator, waiting to be used once a week. Sometimes twice if I feel so stressed and skin needs to be pampered. Usually I exfoliate it first with my Cure Natural Aqua Gel  then finish it with masking. I love My Beauty Diary Masks Series as it's affordable and gives nice result! Currently in love with their Sake Type! It moistens my skin perfectly!

And I just came back from bath, an my hair usually becomes dark when I just washed it, no I dont dye it back to black lol in fact I'm planning to get ash blonde soon!!! *random*


That's  my little secret with you guys haha. Not even a proper blog post lol But tell me,

What's your secret to keep your skin clean when you live in a city?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Well yeah finally the magazine has been published already, and I know that I can finally speak to my readers about the most awesome stuff that happened to me this year! I received an email from Indonesia Go Girl Magazine to write a beauty article in their magazine. And I was like, super shocked, almost got heart attack probably lol Because I don't consider my blog to be noticed by a big company like them, and I'm not a professional make up artist nor writer. I'm just.. not-so-famous blogger in my opinion lol;

And what's best is that it happened during my birthday in September. As if it's God's present for me. I thank Jesus for giving me chance to expand myself :heart: Really, I'm not the best beauty blogger, and it happened unexpectedly like a storm and I agreed to do it after I read the email. It's just, a blast. I consider myself lucky in this case la

It's on Go Girl Magazine October 2011!

picture credit to Gabriell Olivia :heart:

It was only one page, but that just means a lot for me! I have so much fun writing it, collecting the datas, and tried to use simple Indonesia language as best as I can. Sometimes I get confused with some make up words such as "browbone" or "cupid's bow", I shall learn Indonesia language better :-p Then I proposed 3 articles for them so they can pick which theme they prefer. And they pick basic photo make up

In fact, there are so many stuffs that I want to write and share on it, but because of limited pages and not everyone are rarely into heavy make up, so I keep it simple, basic, and easy to follow. Also all the products are available locally so you can go to any department store and easily purchase it! Tried my best to use brands that are available locally :-p

I hope there would come another chance for me to write for them again :-) It's a new experience for me! I hope that anyone who read it would find it useful and learn something new from it!

And if you're Indonesia citizens, please buy the issue! lol

Sunday, October 9, 2011

 So last saturday, I attended Wacoal 30th Anniversary with Franky! Thanks to his invitation! :heart: He had invitation because he's wacoal's official Indonesia blogger! Visit his blog for his amazing work! :D I received his call a day before the event and he mentioned that Miss Universe 2011 and Putri Indonesia 2011 will be attending the party as well! I was like, "wooottt!!!!" I'm a big fan of Miss Universe and this is once in my lifetime*probably* that I can meet Miss Universe directly! So I agreed and rushed to mall to find dress for it! I was like, dont care what the event is. What's in my mind is to meet with her :heart: *fangirl*


READ MORE to see my event's experience!


Saturday, October 8, 2011

This is my video entry for's contest!

You all know how much I love SASA, I buy from them a lot! And this is my latest haul that I purchased by myself for my latest birthday, you guys can check other haul HERE [including the not-sasa haul]




One product has gone, and its Hada Labo BB Air Cream. I've made the review before though, so you guys can check it out HERE

The winner will become their new spokesperson and I really want the position *___* BECAUSE I LOVE SASA A LOT :heart: NO LIE!

So, please everyone, I beg all of you to support me in this contest! :-p


You can vote maximum 5 times a day using one email, and you can like the video using your facebook account

Please share it too with your friends as well, that really means a lot!

And before that, I thank you for you all no matter if you support me or not. But by reading this post that means you have at least a little care for my blog ;-) I will talk to you guys later :heart: thanks!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Bornprettystore is an online shop that based in China, offering a wide amount of beauty products to choice from. From make up, to false eyelashes. Hair extensions, to nail art and tattoo. The staff emailed me last month and asked me to do a review of their product. I'm interested to try their lower eyelashes so here comes their lashes to review!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

China Glaze Crackle Glaze in Crushed Candy is sent to me by DuniaKutek as a review purpose


I received Crushed Candy color, which is a pretty turquoise color! It's a crackle nail polish, which means it will give a nice crackle finish on your nails with it, it's purpose is similar with OPI Shatter if I'm not mistaken! :D


Read More to see how it looks like on my nails!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Who has dry lips? Sometimes, lip balm cant really save our lips, extra care to get moistful lips are needed! I sometimes scrub my lips with my Cure Natural Aqua Gel to get rid of the chappy lips, because lip scrub is really rare to find :-(


Behold! Baviphat Apple Jelly Lip Scrub now comes to free our lips from dryness!


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hello everyone! My sponsor GalLover is nice enough to have a giveaway for you all!

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