Sunday, April 29, 2012


I really want to have ash blonde hair, ever since long long time ago. I also have tried to do it by myself, and you can read it HERE which turned out to be, okay, but not like what I want. I know that most gyaru EGG Magazine models are into ashy tone, and I always think that it's so cool! I'm always skeptical about Indonesia salons because they never know what I want! So thanks to L'Oreal Professional, I got to try Shinjuku salon service last Tuesday! Ce Carnellin have tried their service before so she helped me to call the owner and arranged the schedule

I know many of you would love this post 8D *vain* but beware! It's really a long long post with so many pictures 8D hohoho!

Friday, April 27, 2012

I admit that I dont treat my body as much as my face, I often neglect it because taking care of body requires more time compared to face, as it has bigger area. Little we know, that body also needs to have peeling treatment as well. I always peel my face dead skin cells with my Cure Natural Aqua Gel . But somehow I feel bad for using Cure for body, coz it's expensive, and body peeling requires more products T_T

So I got this Peeling care for body from mylovelysister ! It's from Dr Chukchuk, and it's hardly known in Indonesia because not so many people have used it. It works same like Cure, to peel off dead skin cells, and it works for all skin type!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

So here's another monthly lens review sponsored by Tomato Online Shop . They want me to review EOS Bubble because they said so many customers wanted to purchase it but still not sure yet because of the pattern. I said okay, let me try the brown one because I can't get enough of brown lenses!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Just to show off my money, nah im just kidding




Okay la in fact I bluff you all, that's all still my money, but it's ALL MY MONEY, and I am going to be poor after this. Because it's all for my japan trip

And I almost choked to death because I shopped too much last year and wasted on unnecessary things, but then I already told you all that, "I WANT TO GO TO JAPAN IN JANUARY 2013" And I really mean it

Once I've settled my goal, I can't be disturbed by anything, Anything comes to my mind this year is money for Japan

In fact I wasn't really sure where my confidence came from, I told my mom, "mom next year I'm gonna go to japan ok! I will stay with my friend, and meet xx and xx and xx" and she frowned, "do you have money right now?"

I told her still have la like about some amount to spend on, can manage somehow, but then L'Arc~En~Ciel is coming to Indonesia and threw a concert so almost all of it is used for buying VIP Ticket coz it's my 10 years dream! I also bought an Iphone because I wanted it for years, also coz of my crush as well T_T

Which Means, I am totally go by zero money to spend on this year!



So I almost thought, "no way can fly to Japan, I am not rich, all my money goes for VIP ticket, and if I save from my allowance it is still not enough"

Please note that in fact I only have like 100USD per month for allowance if I go to campus. January doesnt count coz I have no class, Febuary only got half money, coz I still had 2 weeks holiday. So this year I only receive like 250USD from my mom wtf!

And 250USD is used for paying my transport to campus, my food, my weekend money, stuffs for my assignments and all my shopping! If you ask whether it's enough or not, in fact not enough at all la! And flight to Japan is expensive! At least I need 700-800USD for return ticket! It's if I buy it long before the flight!

I also want to play in Japan! So I already plan to visit Tokyo Disneyland and Disneysea! I also want to play ski, and most importantly is shopping fukubukuro in NEW YEAR! [That's why I go there in early January]

I thought I could save some money by bringing instant foods and eat bento there, but when my friends sent me Japanese food, I can't resist the temptation to try more of their foods because it's so damn tasty T____T So yeah, my cheap tour is failed lol, I now go for a middle-class tour! Not so poor, yet luxurious. That still requires a lot of money




And yes, I've begun working again, as jewelry designer, I used to open an online shop to fulfill my beauty needs, since beauty products are expensive, so gotta buy it by myself. But now I find a job from my mom's friend, the payment is so-so..

I also cut some allowances by stop going to campus with bus, I join my friend's motorcycle as it's cheaper!


And I almost broke my own promise because I was offered a really good deal from a high-end Japanese Brand, it's 70% discount! T__T and it's so cheap, cant reveal where I got it from, but in the end though I had like 2 weeks thinking about it, and ended up ready to purchase, there was bad thing happened that prevented me from going to the venue to buy it wtf! So even GOD helps me to not waste my money O___O|||

So yes, up to this time, I still don't buy anything

And then besides job as designer, I also have some money from working on this and that, blogging income also.. Until I manage to get this much money within a short time

4 months to be honest, and I dont even know where all this money comes from again wtf, I still have some inside my wallet for food this month.. I am quite amazed by how fast I can earn money though I am seriously not a real worker o_o okay this may be not much for some of you, but I'm just a poor student duh

Now what's left is to save some more money for shopping and have fun in Japan!

I'm pretty sure I can do it!

If I can do it, everyone can also! Just set your goal and be positive!

I'm sorry if probably this year I always say I am busy and get angry easily, it's because of all the stresses working hard haha

When it's finished I am going to be normal, and be poor T___T

YAY JAPAN :heart:

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Another review for Kanebo Lunasol! Kanebo offers a lot of brands under its famous name, mention Kanebo Kate, Kanebo Impress, and most famous is Kanebo Lunasol. Lunasol range is a prestigious cosmetic brand which is more for medium-upper consumers, that's why the packaging is classier, the finishing is more natural, and the price is slightly more expensive. Now let's take a look for it's Eyeshadow palette from this range that comes in Fall 2011

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Nowadays I've become more and more lazy to use foundation. It's because the weather in Jakarta has become hotter, and foundation melts easily. And all my make up magic will disappear -_-

So I tend to use concealer instead, just to cover imperfections, and avoid cakey face

And recently, I've been using this Kanebo Raphaie Moist Up Concealer, so it means, time for review! :D

Monday, April 16, 2012

I've reviewed the 6 piece brush set, which is for eyes make up. Now I will review the 5 piece brush set that's made for face make up application! As I am quite satisfied with their last set, now let's see if Ecotools can still impress me, or instead make me losing faith toward them! ;)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

I've always wanted to try Ecotools! It's probably the most famous drugstore brushes, best known for it's quality and cheap price! I finally got this 6 piece eye brush set along with another Ecotools Set that I will review afterwards! :D

Now let's see how this product works as nice as it sounds as so many rave it!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

I love eyeliner so much, my whole make up can't be completed without it. I can not wear mascara or falsies but I have to put eyeliner everytime I use make up, it defines my eyes. I love Dolly Wink and K-Palette as eyeliner pen as it's efficient and really works nice. But somehow it's too expensive so I always find other alternatives to become its dupe. I got ELF Waterproof Eyeliner Pen to try, and it's on same type with Dolly Wink and K-Palette, which is in pen type. I heard people love ELF cosmetics so much, but I never try any of their products. So I will see how it works according to my standard :D

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Let me tell you a boring story,


Monday, April 9, 2012

I've owned this product since, last year? The photo's taken long time ago but I only have time to review it today. I was thinking of selling this in fact, but I decided to keep it a little longer. Urban Decay is famous for their primer potion for eyes, it's their best selling product. So what about their lip primer?

Prepare your lips for the day ahead. This invisible primer lays a silky foundation for your favorite lipstick or gloss. You'll find color is truer, applies smoother, and lasts longer with this easy-glide formula that does not have the drying effect often associated with long-lasting lip color.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Have any of you heard about peripera brand before? It's a Korean cosmetic brand that hasn't made any appearance in Indonesia. As Korean wave all around the globe, Korean cosmetic companies also become more competitive, especially with the appearance of new beauty companies, such as Peripera. I never tried this before, and I got their Grand Volume Mascara in travel size.

I am a big fan of false eyelashes and the only mascara than can impress me is only Lancome's. I have high standart to give great review of mascara, but let's see if this pass





Saturday, April 7, 2012

Let me explain a little, before a very short tutorial about coloring your hair. I have asian hair, and my original hair is seriously pitch dark black, and very thick. My mom used to be so proud of my hair and always wanted me to become a hair model for commercial because it was very healthy, shiny, and black LOL . But I ruined her dream because I have dyed my hair since I was 12-13 [don't remember exact age]. I've done it at many different salons, and also at my own home by using many hair dye brands

And probably because I am the only Indonesian beauty blogger with blonde hair, many Indonesian readers asked me question about how to get my hair, or about hair dye process.

I am not a professional hair stylist nor  have studied it before, in here I just share my own tips about how to achieve hair color that you want, without bleaching. I know this basic tips based on my own experience. And this only works for dark / asian hair. If you have light hair, you're lucky because you can just get any color that you want easily. So let's start

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Okay this is a short blog post because I am under hectic schedule to work on my assignments, but I feel bad if I dont update my blog once every 2 days so, I just cheat it with my daily life post

Yesterday I went to Kuningan to take my prize for winning writing contest hosted by Revlon! I will go to Japan in January next year so this ticket will really help me to reduce the cost. And if I cant use it for my flight, I will probably sell it with cheaper price to get the cash. Whatever is fine

And after that, I went to try bridesmaid dress

My elder cousin from my father's side, will be marrying my best friend's auntie. Does it even make sense? LOL

So my cousin is 35 years old, and my best friend's auntie is around 31. While my best friend is at the same age with me, which is 19. Well, things can happen. But my best friend is in Taiwan for studying, so she will not be able to attend it with me. Therefore I'm the one who become the bridesmaid in her behalf. In fact if she's here, we would not be bridesmaid but pagar ayu

It's quite exciting to see that my bestfriend and I will become one family! :heart:

but, she's gonna call me auntie then? noooo!!! ;__;

So here are some of bridesmaid dresses that I tried =


It looks same to me, I dunno why wtf

and considering that I must not look prettier than the bride herself, I must not wear thick false eyelashes and blonde hair at that day o_o otherwise I will be more eye catching than her, it's just, culture...

So for one day, I will have black hair, 20th May..

I will use temporary hair spray, which I hope will turn out nicely because mostly it will look like a crap, but in fact I dont really care

this is her day, not mine

And I have chance to try her dress too hahahaha!  Though it's too big for me T____T

Drop dead gorgeous!!!!

It's the most expensive brides gown at the store, and it looks so fabulous! *_____*

I dont know whether I will be wearing brides dress too in the future for real, I have no intention to get married haha

Monday, April 2, 2012

I got this product when I attended Clarins Indonesia event, which you can read HERE if you havent :D Ever since then, I've been using this both day and night in routine. Skincare takes longer time to review, and I need to make sure about the product first before write it. I dont want to write a half-assed post on my blog, just to let you all know :D

Because I have used it for quite a while, I am ready to serve you with my honest review!

My favorite lip balm is from EOS. I almost finished my EOS Lip balm in summer fruit which I love so much! So I got another one in Tangerine, it claims to immediately soothes and restores moisture with anti-bacterial protection. I thought EOS lipbalm has same effect, but only different flavors, but this one seems more into medical issue and provides more promising result :-o

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