EOS Lip Balm in Summer Fruit Review

November 04, 2011

Say hello to my newest Sponsor, BeautyofDiva ! A website based in Indonesia that sells authentic guarantee western beauty products and fashion items! They sent me some products to be reviewed, and now I'm gonna rave about EOS Lip Balm that I had been waiting for so long! It's so famous in United States and been raved by so many! Why don't you try it as well? ;-)


EOS is a long lasting moisture lip balm that smooths on clear and is 100% natural & 95% organic! It's also paraben free so worry not to get your lips darken

I got the most popular one which is Summer Fruit! The packaging is uber cute and handy. It's quite big compared to other lip balms but it's steady because the bottom part of it is straight, therefore you can put it on your vanity table without it rolls anywhere.


When you scent the product, it's just so sweet and make you feel like eating it coz it looks like pudding imo lol. The lip balm glides easily on my lips and it gives a sweet summer fruit taste like a candy! I cant stop licking my lips because it's soooooo tasty! And it also makes my lips super smooth without being too sticky/glossy.

The flavor comes in many options, You can purchase the product at BeautyofDiva for only Rp 60.000. Quite affordable and its much much cheaper than any other online stores. Try lemon for fun flavor, and If you don't like fruit, you can also get minty?

Final Opinion :

Pros :

  • Affordable

  • Comes in many flavors

  • Glides easily on lips

  • Smooths and moisturizes lips

  • Cute packaging

Cons :

  • Packaging is quite big compared to other lip balms

  • I'm afraid when it's about to run off, it won't glide as easily as it's firstly opened


Overall, I'm pretty impressed with this lip balm. I bring this everywhere I go now and I'm planning to purchase some in the future, and also interested to try their other flavors as well! I must say, you have to try this one or you will regret it! :-D

How about you? Are you interested in EOS Lip Balm as well? :-)

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  1. pengen banget nyoba iniii... :-D

    thanks udah ngreview, karna g tau mau belinya dimana.. ;-)

  2. I see quite a few people using that lip balm. I'm interested to try if I have one laying around but otherwise I wouldn't go out to buy one lol. I'm using Burt's Bee's and I'm loving it and too lazy to try other brands =P

  3. waaa mw coba yg summer fruit~~

    aku dah coba yg honey suckle honey dew~ manis bngt rasanya :-P


  4. hhhh, thx for ur cmt again *.*
    And for ur cute compliment as well hhh :D
    U just need a good cam like Nikon or Canon and a GOOD EYE, thats most important actually ;)) And inspiration, practising... :)

    xoxo Melli♥ :-*

  5. I've always wanted to try eos lip balm but never really had the chance to but I think I'll definitely try it. Thanks for the review. :beauty:

  6. i love EOS lipbalms (: im using honeydew right now.. but i lost my summer fruits in my room some where lol

    CMPang x

  7. which one do you like? honeydew or summer fruits? :-d
    lol you have to store them properly haha, its such a waste to lost them! LOL

  8. yes you should try one :heart: glad i can inspire you :-p

  9. haha okay I will keep practicing! Thank you :heart:

  10. ayo ayo dicobaaaaaa :-D aku aja jadi penasaran sama rasa yang lain juga, enak sii hahaha

  11. I\'ve tried burts bees too before and thought that i wouldn\'t need another balm, proven that im wrong and in love with this one LOL

  12. Ayo dibeli, Sarahhhhh :-D sama-samaaa :-*

  13. I love their balm! I remember I would see it in a lot of tutorials I watched on youtube and was interested in trying it, then one day I spotted it in the check-out line at my local Wal-mart. So excited, I bought both the Summer Fruit and the Lemon drop. I enjoyed both, but liked the lemon drop more. A few months ago the store sold a limted edition pack the had to flavors: Strawberry Sorbet and Passion Fruit... really liked those two. Finally, last week there was a new flavor at the store, Sweet Mint, I'm liking it. Reminds me of peppermint on your lips ^^

  14. you sound loving it a lot! And straberry sorbet sounds really sweettt *____*
    OMG dying to try their other flavors as well! this product is so addicting :-D

  15. waaaaaa. aku pengen bgt ini, katanya 99 persen organic heheh. ada yang murah lg hehe. makin banyak aja ni lip balmku >.< ada rekomendasi rasa ga? heheh :evilgrin:

  16. 100% loh hehe ;-)
    Aku sii suka summer fruit, tapi katanya yang honey sama minty juga enak :-D