Garnier Lightening Peel Off Mask Review

November 24, 2011

Recently I was sent a Garnier Lightening Peel Off Mask by Magnifique PR. And I do believe that other Indonesia bloggers receive it as well. I had tried this product before when I was in high school, so it's not something new from me. But, Let's see if it's improved already


The product is really cheap as its only Rp 11.900 for a pack, and it can be used twice. They're thoughtful enough to divide the product into 2 sections so it will give a nice measurement for customers about how much product we shall put


For the texture, its SUPER sticky and difficult to take out. And they don't comes with any spatula or whatsover, so I have to take it with my fingers and when I wanted to take pictures of it, my fingers were so sticky and tight. Also when I applied the product on my face, it can be pretty messy as sometimes there may a few drops of it, and some even stuck on my hair even though I have pinned them up [Other bloggers receive the headbands to cover their hair, but on my box, the PR forgot to include it -_-]

And my eyes became really painful when I was putting the mask. I dont know if my eyes were too sensitive or what, but it became teary ;__; The strong scent from this mask also got bad impression for my nose, it's not relaxing at all like other masks I've tried so far

I wish they would come with better ideas to improve the texture and application as I really hate it X(


To remove the mask, you just have to peel them off from your chin, upwards to your forehead. Leave it 20-30 minutes before its dry. But sometimes it's not sticked together so we cannot peel all of them in one try because some mask residue may still left on the skin. Despite their messy application and bad texture, I have to say that my skin feels firmer and a little brighter after the usage. It doesn't take out my blackheads and whiteheads like other peel off mask, it's function is no different than mask sheet, but mask sheet wins a lot in application and texture

Final Opinion

Pros :

  • A great deal! One mask can be used twice

  • Cheap

  • Available locally, easy to purchase everywhere

  • Gives firmer and brighter looking skin

Cons :

  • The texture is really sticky

  • The scent is too strong

  • Can be pretty messy when applying the product

  • If you eyes are sensitive, it may be painful for your eyes for a while

So after trying it out again, I notice that the product has not improved from when I stopped using it. You call it, I am not gonna buy this anymore. Although I do love the after effect the mask, but it's really troublesome, and messy in application. I want mask to relax my face, not to give me any trouble nor teary eyes. I wish Garnier would improve the mask to solve all the problems, and if I have to say whether I would recommend it to people, it depends

If you want to have cheap mask only, despite all the difficulties and so on, you can give it a try

Some people may dont care about it as long as it is cheap and easy to get. Nonetheless, the result is not that bad

But for me, nahhh... I still love my other masks, you all know my favorite, MBD :-D the price is twice than this, but the result is much better, the application is easier, and it gives a relaxation feeling on my skin. So if youre okay to pay more amount, I suggest you all to try other stuffs la

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