Reasons why I don't like Cinderella. A Twist on Classic Fairy Tale

November 16, 2011


This may sound strange, but I've been meaning to write a post about this for a long long time ago! I always tell everyone whenever they bring this up, that "I don't like Cinderella". It's not that I HATE her. Truthfully she's the character that I loved the most when I was in kindergarten. But as I grow older, and become smarter(? lol) I notice that she's not someone that girls should look forward to be!

Why why???

I will explain! In fact probably I can make a book about this subject, simply because there are so many reasons why WE shall not follow her steps lor! LOL

First reason why I dont like her, is because She has pretty appearance to begin with! Her step sisters are not lucky enough to have her pretty appearance so they weren't chosen by him. Listen,

if she's NOT pretty, she wouldn't marry the prince!

I doubt this will happen if she's not as pretty as this

The prince falls in love with her appearance, that's what they call love at the first sight la! Does he know about her personality? They just dance all long night while staring each other like a couple drunk with love! X_X He doesn't know anything about this girl but still insist to marry her! Dumb or not?

What if in fact, Cinderella is a psycho, or a bad cook, she has no princess manner, etc etc. You know how difficult it is to enter Royalty family right? So they won't humiliate the big family. How come the prince can be so selfish to marry just the prettiest girl in the town, when he doesn't know about her personality, education, past, and so on. Ermm, will you just marry someone that you meet only once?


And what's about the friendship with mice? ERRRR... SORRY! But I don't friend with MICE!!!! You know how ugly and stingy they are right! Why does she want to be friend with them? Even if you wanna say that she's kind enough to play with animals, okay la if it's birds, squirrels, dogs, cats, but not MICE la!!!! You know what? In reality nobody is insane enough to play with MICE! Even animal lovers who are so into animals that they decide to go to vet tech schools probably have their limits when it comes to which animals they really love.

You play with them!? GOOD FOR YOU! D:

I think that she's not smart enough to cannot go against her step mother and sisters. It's not like she's physically bullied by her step family [considering she's still pretty lor, if they're bad enough, they could just stab her face right lol], she can ask villagers and tell them how her life is. Or in modern life, ask a lawyer! lol They will help her la! But why she doesn't ask for help? She's too busy playing with MICE in her room!

Go out and socialize la, Cinderella. Therefore you can have a better idea about how your life must go on!

You know when Cinderella releases Gus [a Mice] from a trap? And you call her step sisters and mother are bad to scold her for that? Hellooooo~~~!! My mom would kick my ass as well if it happens in my home lor. Be a little rational la. I don't want it to walk around my house either! Does she have no friend? Her family is not the only one who live in the town right? She can just go out, and hang out with the villagers, then have a nice day!

And what I don't like is when girls love Cinderella story becauseeeeeeee...... she can cry and then fairy godmother will come to you, so, VOILA! you have nice dress and make up and can go to a ball and marry your prince!

Well, in reality it is NOT as simple as that!

Crying doesn't solve your problem!

bibidebabidebum, be pretty hooppp!!

You have to work on your own to achieve your dream and don't depend on dreaming la. Not everyone is lucky enough, but almost everyone want to have a lucky life like her. How to solve it? Easy, work yourself out!

Poor? Get a job!

Bad grades? Study hard!

Ugly? Put skincare and make up or cosmetic procedure!

You cannot just sit in your room, talking to your pet, and wanna have your own fairy godmother to come to you and help you becoming pretty and cool! That's not going to happen in real life, which leads so many lazy gals to work on themselves out. Hate you Cinderellaaaa *throws banana skin lol


Then What about Snow White ? Honestly I don't like her either. Her story no where far from Cinderella. Also what's with the bob hair lol I like princess with long hair *fetish . Sorry alllllllll >____>

Andddd... On the real Snow White story, she's dumb enough to be fooled many times by her mother [yes not step mother on Brother Grimm's fairy tale]. Although the 7 dwarfs already mentioned her to not open the door to anyone, she always falls on the trap. Lucky her she's saved by the Dwarfs, always!

And again, when she's passed away, a prince came, and fell in love with her corpse. Well yes, CORPSE LA! She's dead already in fact right! The prince knows that as the dwarfs have told him about it, but he insisted, and even kissed her! OMG, do you have Necrophilia, Prince? That's so....... weird >____O

And these two princess just marry the princes when they're kissed and woken up? Its like "oh you save me, youre a prince? Awesome! Youre handsome and rich, lets marry and have beautiful children like us"



Haha I sound so hateful and bitch, but no, I in fact love a princess so much! Whom else can deserve a place in my heart none other than Princess Belle from Beauty and the Beast?

She becomes a princess after she marries the Prince, whom was cursed as a Beast. Words cannot express how much her beauty captivates my heart. Not her outward, but her inner beauty. And seriously, she's someone admirable, but I don't get it why she is, in fact, less popular than other princesses

First, she loves her father so much so she sacrifices herself to be a hostage, replacing her own father's life with hers. That's so, brave! How many of you will do this to your own parents? Even myself cannot answer what I would do if I were in her position. So ashamed of myself now T___T

Also, what's the true moral from this story is about her genuine inner beauty. She has a nice and pure heart. She is willing to love the Beast! Well okay, the Beast in Disney is still cute and not scary at all, but what if he appears in reality?

can you love him?

I definitely say that I'm 99% not going to love him! I guess I'm like everyone else who still sees people with their appearance. It will be so embarrassing to have him as your boyfriend, or even husband right? Belle doesn't know that he's a prince, so she is mentally prepared to become his wife

It's not like she's blind or have strange fetish. She's as afraid as us when she sees the Beast. But she manages to look inside and willing to know her further. Something that mostly people would definitely not give it a try. Imagine the Beast as someone with lepsory ill, or having his appearance damaged from an accident, I'm not having that inner beauty that much yet to love him as much as Belle does

Belle can just marry Gaston, a handsome guy who's crazy for her! She doesn't have to be with the Beast la!

Let's admit, we would pick Gaston if we didn't know the Beast was a prince right? :-p

Belle doesn't care about appearance. It's not like she is not disgusted or afraid, but she decides to see what we cannot see! I am amazed by how great her heart must be. She's probably mentioned not as pretty as Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, or not lucky enough to have a fairy godmother like Cinderella. She's pretty, but not the most beautiful one physically in the fairy tales, but cmon, her heart is more than it! She could just leave the Beast, or let Gaston and the citizens kill him, but no!

In this age, I do not wish to become a Cinderella anymore. Princess Belle is my most adored princess now. She's someone that can become a role model for us, someone who loves her parents so much, and care about others no matter how ugly their appearances are. The Beast must be so fugly, stink, arrogant, and wild. But why Belle loves him? Beast has changed!

Belle changed her to become a better person, and she knows that she's a good guy. He's just too spoiled by everyone in the palace so his character becomes meany. He cares so much about Belle, and protects her with all his might. And the more Belle knows him, the more she knows about his kindness and innocence side

I have to admit that I'm nowhere close with her beauty. But she has become an inspirational princess, and I will try becoming a better person like her. Sorry Cinderella *kicks her out

I wanna write longer post but I think that you might get bored, so let's end it up here. My last question to you is

Still wanna be Cinderella or not?

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  1. kocak xD you hate her that much?

    i do agree though.. belle is more in every aspect than cinderella..

    go team belle!

  2. cinderella >.< jadi inget sinetron indo yang tertindas tapi tetep cakp terus tiba-tiba ada pangeran yang menjemput. Haaa mungkin kalau punya anak jangan dikasih cinderella haha

  3. aduh itu tuh yang akhirnya jadi tertanam di benak masyarakat, pada nangis2 sok lemah, ngarep ada cowok cakep demen. Well hello?? Who do you think you are? world is not as simple as that :-S

  4. erm, no i dont hate her lol i just, dislike her! Hahahaha. You like her? XD
    *throws flower for Belle

  5. I've never liked Cinderella either....

    but Belle is a favorite:) even though I must admit that that poster is a bit horrendous to look at for more than 10 seconds. The again, Belle is not very sociable, she prefers to stay indoors in an expensive library with thousands of books to pore over, so i guess Beast's assets suit her more than a handsome face.

  6. HAHAHAHA interesting point! So Belle is materialistic, aiming for his assets! Could be true!? LOL

  7. just found your blog today and surprised with this post! *LoL*

    i love Samantha, the cinderella from a cinderella story (the one with Chad Michael Murray). Her prince came with more reasonable stories .. she's my role cinderella, :-D

    but it's a great post, so inspiring, i never think of it before, but i'm not a fan of cinderella, only Samantha :blush:

  8. Hello new reader, Tania right! :-D *waves*
    Isn\'t it Hillary Duff? :-D I\'ve watched it before, that one is much more logical la! lol
    Thank you, glad that you like it ^__^

  9. yep, that one! :lol:

    nice to meet you ^^

  10. how did you find my blog? :-D care to join my giveaway?:)

  11. geee i looove belle always! never get bored to watch the VCD :p

  12. I prefer to Ariel and Mulan and Pocahontas >...< sorry for being silent reader

  13. I prefer to Ariel and Mulan and Pocahontas :heart:
    they're so brave and the tomboyish not like the others kekkeek ;-)
    btw I have Beauty and the Beast book >.< if you wanna borrow it just tell me laa~~

    I'm not your new reader but I thought this is my first comment on your blog :dazed: sorry for being silent reader

  14. Hahahaaha! A lot of people love ariel and mulan! Ariel was one of my favorites when I was a child! Esp cos I own a few VCD's of her life during mermaid time lol
    ah what a young~

    Awww you;re so nice thank you! *hugs*
    Thank you for being a loyal reader! ^^ I know majority dont leave comment cos they're too busy. I am happy as long as you love reading my blog! ^^

  15. OMG ciciii..!!
    Ketawa deh baca post ini
    Cici bisa aja yaahh >o<

    Sylvia's World