Ponds Clear Balance Solution Review + Giveaway!

November 08, 2011

So, a few weeks ago, I received a package from Ponds that are included their newly Clear Balance Solution Line consists of 4 different types of their facial foams! Stay tuned until the end because I have prepared a giveaway for Indonesia citizens! :-D


I tried all of them by myself and the review are honestly by my experience. What works for me may not work for you, and so is likewise. All the reviews are made in order where I first used it

All the products come in a thick foam that can create fine and big bouncy foam which I like it so much! It's thick, and not watery at all. I usually use it around half of my pinky finger for one wash. So, let's move on to the individual review! :-D

Clear Solutions


I used it first because when the package arrived, I was on my period. And acnes are usually appeared during that time. Therefore I gave it a try. The foam has scrubs that are quite harsh for my acne but since it's included Herbal Clay and Neem Leaf extract that are good for acne, I continued it. But even after the period gone, my acne got worsen. About 16 days using it, I feel that this product doesn't work on me, instead it worsens. So I move on

No Blackheads


The scrub is really gentle and after 2 weeks, I see that my blackheads are reduced slowly but surely. Some hard blackheads are still there, and still noticeable, but it's reduced almost 35%. Which I'm sure that if I use it on regular basis for months, my blackheads will be reduced more also. Doesn't give any improvement on my acne skin though. Made from Volcanic Clay

Smooth Pores


This one is really gentle and super smooth. What I love about this product is that it gives fresh and minty feeling after usage. Perfect to be used in Indonesia's hot weather! After use it, I feel my skin is smoother, supple, and fresher. It also helps improving my skin condition as my acne slowly disappears, and it doesn't give any skin problem. It also doesn't make my skin dry and completed with Glacial Clay as its ingredients

Oil Control


The last product of their new line that has Mineral Clay to reduce oil. I have combination skin which means my T-Zone and Chin are oily, while cheeks are dry. It mattifies my skin really well but my dry zone gets pretty dry as well, so I suggest to only wear this one only if you have fully oily skin, not combination :-) You can moisten it up again with moisturizer though, it's just a suggestion


What I like the most?


It gives my skin super smooth skin and give it fresh effect. After campus, I always feel dirty and hot because of the weather and pollution. But after wash my face with it, I feel super fresh and clean! The cool feeling is like a wind on Africa, got what I mean? lol

All the Ponds Clear Balance Solution can be purchased at any drugstores near your place such as Hero, Carefour, and so on. There are 3 different sizes that you can pick. And, a happy news for my readers! Ponds Indonesia are generous enough to let you win their products!

Giveaway ini berlaku untuk semua orang yang berdomisili di Indonesia!


Win 12 Ponds Facial Foam products [ you will get 3 facial foams for each type!] including a cute bag to store it when you're traveling!

How to win this? Easy steps! There would be 2 different sections! Tapi untuk pertama, kalian harus daftar dulu dengan melakukan rules-rules berikut =

1. Follow my blog using Google Friend Connect

2. Follow Ponds Indonesia's Twitter HERE and my Twitter HERE

3. Like Ponds Indonesia's Facebook HERE

Kalau sudah, silahkan comment dengan format berikut =

Name =


Twitter =

Email =

5 orang pemenang yang beruntung akan mendapatkan paket cantik dari Ponds ini!

Bagi pembaca yang merasa kadang suka gak beruntung di giveaway, kali ini aku akan adain lomba untuk dapetin Ponds ini!

Caranya gampang!

Ajak sebanyak-banyaknya teman-teman dan keluarga kalian untuk berpartisipasi dalam giveaway ini! Yeap! Mereka juga harus memenuhi 3 rules di atas! Setelah itu leave comment, dan tulis =

REFERRAL = "your name"

5 orang yang dapat mengrefer temanmu TERBANYAK untuk join ke contest ini, akan mendapatkan paket Ponds ini!!!

Kalian bisa promo dari twitter, facebook, forum, beritahu tetangga, teman sekampus-sekantor, dan lain lain! Ajak juga kakak dan adikmu untuk join karena hadiahnya bisa dibagi-bagi dan dipakai bersama-sama! Asik kan!

So tunggu apa lagi, ayo join sekarang :-)

And I'll talk to you guys later on my next post :-*



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  1. Yay for another giveaway!
    finger crossed!!!

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  6. refferal by merry wensin/ severuslove

  7. lomba cepat2an tuh, maksudnya 5 org pertama yg bisa refer lgsg dapat yaa...?? asiiikk...hehe

  8. bukan say, lomba banyak-banyakan siapa yang bisa dapetin temen terbanyak untuk join ini contest, maaf rancu, aku edit yah >.<;
    jadi 5 orang kontestan yang berhasil mengajak teman terbanyak untuk join, bisa langsung dapat :-) thanks!

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  15. I join :-)

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    thanks thanks :laugh:

    wish i can win :laugh:

  17. wow..this is amazing.. I wanna try the new products from ponds.. especially the smooth pores and no blackheads :)

  18. Name = Siti Wina Munawaroh
    GFC ID = Siti Wina Munawaroh
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    i hope win:-D aamiinn ..
    thks sist :-*

  19. Name = Ratna Jaya Kusumawati

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    wow so amazing.. pas kebetulan aku pake produk Ponds dan tak sabar nyoba yang baru-nya nih... cucok banget soalnya bagiku... hopefully i can win ^^

  20. Agnessia Fery AndriyaniNovember 8, 2011 at 11:41 PM

    Name = Agnessia Fery Andriyani

    GFC ID = Agnessia Fery

    Twitter = @agnessiafery

    Email = agnessia_fery@yahoo.com

    Aku pemakai setia produk Ponds, apalagi ponds selalu bereksplorasi dengan produk2 besutannya menjadi lebih baik lagi. :kissed:

  21. Name = Jasiva Suryaida

    GFC ID = Jasiva

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    wish me luck... :-D
    semoga bisa menang...^^ :fingersxd:

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  24. hi stella, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog
    i have just found out your blog and it's interesting
    will come back for more :D

    good luck to all participants in the giveaway!

    style frontier


  26. Name = Satiti Sukma Dewi

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    wish i can win it :cute:

    thx yaa :hugleft: :hugright:


  28. Good luck everyone! Mind to follow each other? ^^

  29. wiiih, ada giveawaynya ponds lagi nih. ikutan lagi ya :inlove:

    Name = Ikmalia Anindita

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  31. Stella baik yahh bagi2 giveaway teruss, hehe :fingersxd:
    name : Afriana Candra Dewi
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    Semoga kali ini aku yang beruntung >,< (dari kemarin gak dapet mulu' T_T)

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    *moga2 aku dapet giveaway nya XD *amin

  33. Thanks for the reviews (: it looks like a good product ^^

    CMPang x

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    I hope this time I could win your giveaway Ponds products. Salam sukses yah stella :-)

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  44. goodluck to all the people who joined your giveaway stella. ponds is a nice brand but it really does not suit my skin type. sad. :(

  45. nice giveaway! i hope you open it internationally anyway :)


  46. Name = Ruthadaning Inayati

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    Meski aku cowok, tapi aku appreciate banget sama produk2 Ponds soale aku juga pake yang sabun dan cewekku juga, jadi tambah sayang dia <3

  48. Thanks for making giveaway, Stella =)

    Name = Michelle Gianina Azalia Budiali

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    I hope I win =)

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    Name : Mutiara Tanjung Mas
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    Thanks ya Stella :-))

  50. Ponds is one my my most favorites! It's sooo nice on your skin ♥

  51. Name = Luna
    GFC ID = lunachan
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    penasaran banget sama ponds series yang ini XD kayaknya semua yang mereka keluarkan ada di wajahku deh ;; A;; thanks stella for reviewing! finger crossed to get this! >w<