Sakurina Sakurai Rina Make Up 桜井莉菜 ギャルメーク

November 29, 2011

Sakurai Rina or Sakurina is a popular gyaru model, works for Ageha Magazine. And she has absolutely amazing style that is adored by many! Her make up is mainly focused on eyes, like any other gyarus. But the way she does her make up is a little different

In this video, I'm going to show you how I try to achieve Sakurina's look. I use K-Palette Eyebrow and Eyeshadow palette sponsored by special for this video! You can try checking out their website as they import so many interesting Japanese beauty products [p.s : They're having Christmas Sale Up To 70% atm!]

I'm not trying to be Sakurina, I only adore her style! I'm a big fan of her! She's just soooo pretty! :)


Products that I use :

Candy Magic King Size in Brown by [use coupon code stellalee to receive free circle lens, free shipping worldwide]
Monistat Chafing Relief Gel as Primer
Revlon Colorstay Foundation
NARS Loose Powder
K-Palette Lasting 24Hour Eyebrow by
Urban Decay Primer Potion
K-Palette Shiny Star Eyes in Safari eyes by
Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner
Caring Pencil Eyeliner
False Eyelashes from [use coupon code SLK31 to receive 5% discount]
MAC Powder Blush in Pink Swoon
Maybelline Lipstick in Soft Nude

I hope this tutorial would help you get a little knowledge about Sakurina's make up! English is not my mother language, I apologize for any grammar and pronounciation mistakes during the video if there are any

Sorry only one pic, I've become less vain and not that into camwhoring mood recently due so many stress =_= But I hope you all had an amazing day! I had GACKT replied my mail this noon so I'm really excited and happy!! Therefore I'm doin my assignment happily(?)!

Dunno Gackt? youre missing out! Google him! He's one of the sexiest human ever living ! XD

Ah okay babai now, I have to go back to my assignment!

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  1. thank you dear!
    checking your blog now!

  2. omg! you are the cutest!! :rotfl:

  3. OMG, GACKT replied your mail?? like seriously??? you should do a seperate blog post for that, just to honor him :DDDD

    anyway, this style really suit you well! You look like the real deal :D

  4. waaa keren ^0^, hasilnya bagus hehe ^0^

  5. makasihhhhh.. ayo dong dicoba jugaaaa :-D

  6. LIKE I WILL LIE ABOUT THISSSS :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: *fangirl mode on* mwahahhaha
    I want to, but in fact he replied only one sentence la, bet he\'s pretty tired coz he just got out from hospital! T____T
    thank you! I think I will follow this style, it pops out my eyes really nice ^_^
    you should try it too fen!

  7. Ho..nice..
    I like suits you..
    AnD your photoshoots?
    I thought in that photos were foreign woman.. --"
    Thanks for the tutorial ..

  8. Thank you for liking it dear :heart:
    hahahahaha really? I thought I always look chinese lol thanks for the compliment! :yes:
    Glad I can help!

  9. blm beli bulmat >.< sama eyeshadow yg oke hehe ^0^. Pelan2 ngumpulinnya baru nyoba :-D

  10. Bulu mata beli di bornprettystore aja yang murah meriah XD

  11. aih sukaa make up buat mata nyaa :D btw stell, rambut mu lama2 jd agak orange ya warna nya? atau efek cahaya doang?

  12. ayo ikutan ce hehehhee, jadi gede ntar matanya >D
    gak sii gak berubah kok aslinya, aku pake shampoo bwt blonde hair. Cuman akhir2 ini aku suka edit foto pake PS buat ubah suasana fotonya hehe, yang kali ini agak oren cahayanya. Sukaan diedit apa gak? :-D

  13. bagus stell :D hehehe.. pengen cobain make up mata juga tapi takut ga cocok >_<

  14. Kalo gak dicoba gak akan pernah tau hasilnya say hehehe

  15. So pretty la! I think you did a good job :D

    I wanna try this once i get better lashes XD

  16. All the lashes I use are from bornprettystore :D
    dear, I wanna add ur fb can I? so we can talk better there!

  17. lower lashlinenya ada gap gitu keliatannya oke gak yah real life? di foto bagusss

  18. iya emang sengaja digap-in, sakurinanya juga ada gap gede kan, leave it blank like that to achieve bigger wider eyes
    though gotta admit it looks really great on photo only, kalo pake pas real life / acara biasa, pasti kesannya aneh karna pada gak biasa sih hehe

  19. ah! totally love the video. gonna try it soon! you did it well! lovely! >.< :inlove:

  20. thank you for liking it gab :heart: go try it! :-D I cant wait to see how it looks on you :->

  21. Loved your Sakurai Rina's tutorial!!


    Definitely come check out our youtube channel & blog to recreate one of Sakurai Rina's hairstyle which we just uploaded recently!!

    Follow us at:

    -Sennnaa & Cinn

  22. hey stella :) i was a beginner in makeup, and i'm kinda afraid to put circle lens in my eyes ;_; i really really a beginner, i never put some make up in my face.. but do you have any tips for really simple make up not to hard but still can look cute? and to make your eyes look bigger with make up ?
    sorry if i ask so many .__. but thank you if you reply this :)

  23. You dont have to put circle lens in your eyes if you dont want to. But if you want to be a gyaru, it is a must. I know so many beauty bloggers who dont put circle lens and still look gorgeous, so dont depend on it

    And I suggest you to first focus on your face first. Apply BB Cream or foundation to make your complexion better. Then you can move by learning how to use eyeliner first, and mascara. Pencil eyeliner is the easiest one to learn, if you are able to use it perfectly, then you can start learning liquid eyeliner, then gel liner :)
    Always prepare a cotton bud/pad + eye make up remover when you're practicing. Practice makes perfect, dont rush :)

  24. wow you're good at make up!
    you should make a post when you make over somebody,it will be awesomee :D maybe your female cousin,sister or your family :-)) it's like a post of your masterpiece lol :-P

  25. I dont mean to be rude, but why do you comment on my blog many times but each with different name? you even write on this post before as may. I dont get the point