Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sakurai Rina or Sakurina is a popular gyaru model, works for Ageha Magazine. And she has absolutely amazing style that is adored by many! Her make up is mainly focused on eyes, like any other gyarus. But the way she does her make up is a little different

In this video, I'm going to show you how I try to achieve Sakurina's look. I use K-Palette Eyebrow and Eyeshadow palette sponsored by http://www.beautycarousel.com special for this video! You can try checking out their website as they import so many interesting Japanese beauty products [p.s : They're having Christmas Sale Up To 70% atm!]

I'm not trying to be Sakurina, I only adore her style! I'm a big fan of her! She's just soooo pretty! :)


Products that I use :

Candy Magic King Size in Brown by http://www.gallover.com [use coupon code stellalee to receive free circle lens, free shipping worldwide]
Monistat Chafing Relief Gel as Primer
Revlon Colorstay Foundation
NARS Loose Powder
K-Palette Lasting 24Hour Eyebrow by http://www.beautycarousel.com
Urban Decay Primer Potion
K-Palette Shiny Star Eyes in Safari eyes by http://www.beautycarousel.com
Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner
Caring Pencil Eyeliner
False Eyelashes from http://www.bornprettystore.com [use coupon code SLK31 to receive 5% discount]
MAC Powder Blush in Pink Swoon
Maybelline Lipstick in Soft Nude

I hope this tutorial would help you get a little knowledge about Sakurina's make up! English is not my mother language, I apologize for any grammar and pronounciation mistakes during the video if there are any

Sorry only one pic, I've become less vain and not that into camwhoring mood recently due so many stress =_= But I hope you all had an amazing day! I had GACKT replied my mail this noon so I'm really excited and happy!! Therefore I'm doin my assignment happily(?)!

Dunno Gackt? youre missing out! Google him! He's one of the sexiest human ever living ! XD

Ah okay babai now, I have to go back to my assignment!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Sorry guys! I've been so busy for the past 2 weeks, attending various events and working on my deadlines for assignments T__T I hardly have enough time to pamper myself, and I was wondering when is the last time I do my skin weekly routine ;__; skin became so bad recently due to stress. Lot of fun I had, but lot of pressures as well *sighs

And the result is I fell sick last week for 2 days until I skipped uni. I guess my body cant handle it that much, I lack of exercise hahaha! LOL; So here are some events that I attended for the past weeks, which one do you like the most? You find out ;-)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Recently I was sent a Garnier Lightening Peel Off Mask by Magnifique PR. And I do believe that other Indonesia bloggers receive it as well. I had tried this product before when I was in high school, so it's not something new from me. But, Let's see if it's improved already


The product is really cheap as its only Rp 11.900 for a pack, and it can be used twice. They're thoughtful enough to divide the product into 2 sections so it will give a nice measurement for customers about how much product we shall put


For the texture, its SUPER sticky and difficult to take out. And they don't comes with any spatula or whatsover, so I have to take it with my fingers and when I wanted to take pictures of it, my fingers were so sticky and tight. Also when I applied the product on my face, it can be pretty messy as sometimes there may a few drops of it, and some even stuck on my hair even though I have pinned them up [Other bloggers receive the headbands to cover their hair, but on my box, the PR forgot to include it -_-]

And my eyes became really painful when I was putting the mask. I dont know if my eyes were too sensitive or what, but it became teary ;__; The strong scent from this mask also got bad impression for my nose, it's not relaxing at all like other masks I've tried so far

I wish they would come with better ideas to improve the texture and application as I really hate it X(


To remove the mask, you just have to peel them off from your chin, upwards to your forehead. Leave it 20-30 minutes before its dry. But sometimes it's not sticked together so we cannot peel all of them in one try because some mask residue may still left on the skin. Despite their messy application and bad texture, I have to say that my skin feels firmer and a little brighter after the usage. It doesn't take out my blackheads and whiteheads like other peel off mask, it's function is no different than mask sheet, but mask sheet wins a lot in application and texture

Final Opinion

Pros :

  • A great deal! One mask can be used twice

  • Cheap

  • Available locally, easy to purchase everywhere

  • Gives firmer and brighter looking skin

Cons :

  • The texture is really sticky

  • The scent is too strong

  • Can be pretty messy when applying the product

  • If you eyes are sensitive, it may be painful for your eyes for a while

So after trying it out again, I notice that the product has not improved from when I stopped using it. You call it, I am not gonna buy this anymore. Although I do love the after effect the mask, but it's really troublesome, and messy in application. I want mask to relax my face, not to give me any trouble nor teary eyes. I wish Garnier would improve the mask to solve all the problems, and if I have to say whether I would recommend it to people, it depends

If you want to have cheap mask only, despite all the difficulties and so on, you can give it a try

Some people may dont care about it as long as it is cheap and easy to get. Nonetheless, the result is not that bad

But for me, nahhh... I still love my other masks, you all know my favorite, MBD :-D the price is twice than this, but the result is much better, the application is easier, and it gives a relaxation feeling on my skin. So if youre okay to pay more amount, I suggest you all to try other stuffs la

Monday, November 21, 2011

Cleansing my make up brushes has always been my weekly routine. I usually use Puspita Martha Brush Cleanser, or baby shampoo, or Korean Facial Wash lol but recently I got my hand the Daiso Cleanser! My Friend SparkleApple bought it for me as its not available in my city, thanks to her :heart:

In the video, I will show you the way I clean my brushes. Hopefully it would be useful for you

And, YES, you have to clean your make up brushes regularly to keep them long lasting, and remove any bacterias and make up residues

Have you cleaned your make up brushes? :)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

YO YO EVERYONE! *types while dying

Only read this when you're bored ok lol

I'm super duper exhausted by the past few weeks. My campus life is filled with so many assignments and projects as I'm about to have my final soon, but some events were giving out their invitations as well for me to attend, not to forget a lot of beauty products that I have to review, as well as to keep in touch with so many friends of mine X__X

I am not a good multi-tasking person therefore I have tendency to neglect some stuffs to finish other stuffs. I wish I could just lay down at my home, playing internet and just chatting with friends. But well, that's the life right? I don't want to spend my youth just by sleeping at my room as it's useless! I have done that when I was in school and I regretted that I didn't do as much things as I wanted to do. So I try to have myself working out with the crazy schedule T___T

I notice that I have not been keeping in touch with so many good friends of mine. I have so many friends to be honest, but I only have one body so I cannot talk to everyone and then they will think that I forget them, and the connection will grow farther. AIYA! DAY, Y U NO HAVE 48 HOURS?!!

My schedule for the past few weeks are like, campus time from morning to 4p.m. Arrived at home around 6p.m, and then took shower + dinner. Then online for a while to answer comments from my blog or reply emails, also go to facebook to chat with my friends. But cannot go too long as I also have to do my assignments!! Then I will sleep like 1 / 2 a.m, and then wake up again around 5.30 to start another same day

GAKH!!! I NEED HOLIDAY *runs to Christmas*

I also did a photoshoot for my friend's photography exam. The theme was wild animal so the make up is probably gonna scare you lol I don't have the real photos so here's only sneak peek [dont think gonna make a post about it though] I didn't do the make up as it was done by the photographer as well. Credit goes to Anggya :heart:


Dress : ZARA

Coat : Topshop


Make Up : Anggya

Wardrobe : Astari

Hair Do : Stella

havent been playin with photoshop for a while, i think my skill is gettin worse :\


Also IF you follow me on twitter, you must have known that I screamed too much about sale that I found at FX! I was attending an event and I was waiting to be picked up, but I forgot that there was SEA GAMES Indonesia VS Malaysia at Gelora Bung Karno, next to the mall. So it was so long before I could get home. While wandering alone, I caught a glimpse of "1 for Rp60.000 and 2 for Rp100.000" [1 for 6.5USD and 2 for 11USD] and I found that the materials used for the apparels are really good!

I found a cute skirt that I really like! A vintage nude skirt which is not like any usual skirt! In fact, it's a pants! The front side is just like skirt, but in fact its a pants! It looks really plain but in fact it will be really cute when you make a coordination with this lor!

Since I don't like to only buy one as I feel cheated #fail. I decided to buy a retro dress as well to make it 2 for Rp100.000! And I must say that the fabrics are impressive! Such a bargain!

Another story, My shoe size is 35 so it's pretty difficult to find shoes that I like. So if I find some that fits my feet, I will immediately buy it. I'm a shoes lover in fact, my feet is just not right to collaborate with my lust! SO I came across PEDRO, I never really bought any shoes from them since seriously it's really expensive but it's mentioned "SALE". And I warn you la, SALE in Indonesia is not REAL SALE! They usually increase the price first, then give a discount! :-| so Smart eh? But I give this one a try, simply because I'm bored!

Then I FOUND THIS!!!!!

A pair of studded heels from Pedro, AND REALLY NICE QUALITY ! Something that you can't get for 11 USD!


IT COMES DOWN FROM RP 725.000 [81 USD] to RP 99.000 [11 USD]!!!!

*goes to heaven*

OMG OMG SUCH A BARGAIN RIGHT T___T But I had no money currently at that time and I was mesmerized already by that pair, but when I reached home I couldn't stop the desire to go shop again. And this time my mom joined as well! Well, who could resist the SUPER BIG SALE???

So I got these pairs as well!

Comes from Rp 650.000 [72 USD] to Rp 200.000 [22 USD]

and goes to Rp Rp 150.000 [16,5 USD] from Rp 850.000 [ 94.5 USD]

I am sorry for the bad photography skill of mine which cannot let you see how nice the fabric and gentle the heels are, but I AM SUPER HAPPY TO THE MAX OK! YOU ALL SHOULD GO THERE AS WELLLLLLLLLL >_____< :heart:

I also went to the Charles & Keith as well, the place where I usually buy my heels as it's affordable enough for me. The price also goes down to as low as Rp 99.000 [11 USD]!!! Unfortunately it has not size of mine, mostly its 39. So I have to stick with Pedro but I dont mind at all coz the material is FAR above C&K!

Not paid to write this but all of you should give it a try as it's such a STEAL! It's located at 3th floor FX, Jakarta


And oh, I just received some newly products from my sponsors as well, which will be listed as waiting list to be reviewed

Fake eyelashes set from BornPrettyStore

And welcoming my new sponsor! BEAUTYCAROUSEL


Beauty Carousel is an online retailer established in 2009 to provide worldwide shoppers easy access to a wide range of popular and cult skincare & beauty products from all over the world. We pride ourselves in offering all our customers one-stop convenience to fabulous beauty products at the most affordable prices in the comfort of their own homes, delivered right to their doorsteps. Beauty Carousel represents every woman’s beauty haven of the best beauty finds.

And here's what they sent to me :heart:

They offer FREE Cure Natural Aqua Gel Sample as well for their customers! You can ask for it from them! Also, enjoy FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE for order above SGD89! :-D

OK I write too much I guess hahaha... But but, tell me!

What do you think of my Fashion Haul?

Which products do you want me to review first?

Hope you all have a nice weekend!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Received an OPI from DuniaKutek which is OPI Animal-istic and I'm pretty excited as I'm really into RED these days! :-D The product is from their latest collection, The Muppets Collection!


As usual it comes to my place safely as the staffs carefully wrapped my package with many bubble wraps and newspapers to avoid broken products. Never have any problem so far with the store! I can wait the product arrives without worry! :-D I thought it was just an ordinary red nail polish, but I was WRONG!

It's a lovely Vermillion Red color, a red with a hint of orange, which is seriously GORGEOUS! If I say it, I mean it! It has shimmery effect so it sparkles under the light and gives a really glamorous result!


The color in real is much much prettier than this! My stupid camera cannot take the shimmery glossy effect resulted from this product! T_______T

The color is really vivid, I only need 2 coats to get the perfect red. Even if I only use 1 layer, it gives a nice sheer shimmery red look! I wear it to my campus and it attracts attention but not that much! Like, you know, when you use bold color people will go O___O|| but with this one, people praise it a lot as its mad pretty! Ah seriously *kiss my nails


If you ask me how much I love this one, I LOVE IT SO MUCH! I dunno leh why it's named Animal-istic, probably it colors look like blood? But it looks pretty so its totally fine! LOL

I can see myself wearing this nail polish for CHRISTMAS :heart: its totally gonna rock the day! Or probably Chinese New Year? :-D

If you're bored with your usual matte nail polish, gotta try this one ok! It sparkles like stars if you look at it closely! Very pretty indeed :-* You can get it from DuniaKutek HERE ! Price is cheaper compared than buying in counter, also it's authentic guarantee!

What nail polish color are you into right now? ;)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


This may sound strange, but I've been meaning to write a post about this for a long long time ago! I always tell everyone whenever they bring this up, that "I don't like Cinderella". It's not that I HATE her. Truthfully she's the character that I loved the most when I was in kindergarten. But as I grow older, and become smarter(? lol) I notice that she's not someone that girls should look forward to be!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Who doesn't love Smokey Eye? Especially Brown smokey eye, it compliments almost every skin color and look so gorgeous. When I knew that my sponsor MyLovelySister carries it, I was hypnotized by how classy the packaging is and wanted to review it. Although in fact, I'm pretty skeptical as usually Korean brands don't produce great eyeshadows


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sephora Precision Pore Cleansing Pad is famous for being the expensive Clarisonic's dupe, which means it delivers almost same result but with more competitive price. Let's see if this product impresses me or not :-D


Monday, November 7, 2011

So, a few weeks ago, I received a package from Ponds that are included their newly Clear Balance Solution Line consists of 4 different types of their facial foams! Stay tuned until the end because I have prepared a giveaway for Indonesia citizens! :-D


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bornprettystore sent me a kit of temporary tattoo for me as a review purpose. I never tried making my own temporary tattoo so I'm pretty excited to try it out :-D


Friday, November 4, 2011

Say hello to my newest Sponsor, BeautyofDiva ! A website based in Indonesia that sells authentic guarantee western beauty products and fashion items! They sent me some products to be reviewed, and now I'm gonna rave about EOS Lip Balm that I had been waiting for so long! It's so famous in United States and been raved by so many! Why don't you try it as well? ;-)


EOS is a long lasting moisture lip balm that smooths on clear and is 100% natural & 95% organic! It's also paraben free so worry not to get your lips darken

I got the most popular one which is Summer Fruit! The packaging is uber cute and handy. It's quite big compared to other lip balms but it's steady because the bottom part of it is straight, therefore you can put it on your vanity table without it rolls anywhere.


When you scent the product, it's just so sweet and make you feel like eating it coz it looks like pudding imo lol. The lip balm glides easily on my lips and it gives a sweet summer fruit taste like a candy! I cant stop licking my lips because it's soooooo tasty! And it also makes my lips super smooth without being too sticky/glossy.

The flavor comes in many options, You can purchase the product at BeautyofDiva for only Rp 60.000. Quite affordable and its much much cheaper than any other online stores. Try lemon for fun flavor, and If you don't like fruit, you can also get minty?

Final Opinion :

Pros :

  • Affordable

  • Comes in many flavors

  • Glides easily on lips

  • Smooths and moisturizes lips

  • Cute packaging

Cons :

  • Packaging is quite big compared to other lip balms

  • I'm afraid when it's about to run off, it won't glide as easily as it's firstly opened


Overall, I'm pretty impressed with this lip balm. I bring this everywhere I go now and I'm planning to purchase some in the future, and also interested to try their other flavors as well! I must say, you have to try this one or you will regret it! :-D

How about you? Are you interested in EOS Lip Balm as well? :-)

You dont know what Nuffnang is? Then you're sure missin' out!

Nuffnang is the biggest Asia Pacific Blog Advertising that have so many branches all over Asia. Unfortunately they haven't come to Indonesia but I do hope they would! :-) So Nuffnang once every 2 years hold a big blog award that gets every Nuffnang bloggers to participate. 500 Bloggers all over Asia Pacific will be coming to Kuala Lumpur this 16-18th December 2011 to attend the big event!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Okay that may sounds weird, but their marriage only last for 72 days?

After their EXPENSIVE marriage that was Kim said to beat Royal Wedding, her life to become a princess only last for 72 days. I love Kim, like, seriously. I rarely put attention on American celebrities but Kim's beauty fascinates me. And she's one of the most beautiful bride I've ever seen in my life. Her wedding is spectacular, but the news of her divorce makes me raised my eyebrows :-s Is it only looking for sensation? Or just to make their fame risen ?

Kim, I know that your wedding is free because there are so many sponsors to get your dream wedding comes true. But I don't think that after you wake up from your beautiful dream and face the reality of marriage, you have to file for divorce

I don't really like people who go for divorce. For me, marriage is only once, unless there are big issues inside. Well yes I don't know them, but I think that they should think about it more carefully. Look at those old grand-couples back then, all of them could last until death tear them apart. 72 days from her life is too short for a marriage. My respect to her is decreased. She's pretty and her style is absolutely gorgeous, but I really think that American celebrities need to avoid scandal of their life, learning from Korean - Japanese idols

What do you think about this Divorce?

Are you against it, Pro, or not even care about it?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

 Dolly Eye company contacted me a few weeks ago, asking whether I'd love to try their products and review it. As I think that their lenses are really DOLLY, I agreed. The shipping is really fast. It arrives 6 days after they shipped it to me. Their store is located in Hong Kong, and they're the official seller for Dolly Eye Circle Lenses!

5 pairs to review is not a bad thing. Comes safely by wrapped around bubble wrap, I was joyful when opening the package!


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