Monday, January 30, 2012


Just a quick review about one of my best find in drugstore. I have owned this product for a while, but I just have time to blog about this. I know that Biore made a good make up remover as when a friend of me back from Japan, she brought a tons of Biore Cleanser, and I tried hers, and it's amazing! Not to mention the cheap price!

So when it makes an appearance on my local supermarket, I grabbed it without thinking. For only $4 per bottle, I think that it's pretty affordable


My first impression of the product is that it's cute as the packaging is in pink. But it looks kinda cheap, and the bottle is in plastic. Though I prefer to have plastic bottle but I always want to have unique and pretty packaging. But well, can't expect that from a drugstore product right?

This Cleansing Wash promises you to clean your make up + wash your face in one step only. So you dont have to do double cleansing. I mostly use this when I am super tired after party or what, and I want to go sleep as soon as possible


The texture is quite watery yet thick, so a little goes a long way. This product will last for quit a long time because of it.


So this is the photo where I draw eyeliner on my hand. I put a little Biore 2 in 1 Cleansing Wash + water there. Then on the next picture I rub it a little, and you guys can see that it cleanses really thorough! o____O Rinse it off with water, and it's super clear!

I've tried tested it to clean my COMPLETE Make up by only use this product by swapping cotton pad with toner, to see if there's any residue left. And guess what, NONE!!! It's super CLEAN! I am super impressed!

Though the downside, I feel that it dries out my skin so much, so I have to slap a good amount of moisturizer after using this product >_<;

Final Opinion

Pros :

  • CHEAP!

  • Available in any local supermarket

  • Cleanse thoroughly

  • 2 in 1 Cleanser. Make up cleanser + facial wash

Cons :

  • Dries out my skin

  • Packaging looks cheap [well, since it is?]

I seriously recommend this if you want to have a good make up cleanser without paying a ridiculous amount. This product seriously makes a good result, though it has down side as well. I'm planning to stock again when I run out of it. After all it's so cheap too! You can easily find this on your local supermarket, I got mine from Carefour! Price is about Rp35.000 / $4! AMAZING! :O

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Today I'm gonna share with you all one of my most favorite online shopping places! I love buying online because I can compare price, and I dont have to walk around the malls to find my needs, moreover some brands are not even available in my country so the only choice is to buy it from reliable seller. Introducing StrawberryNET this time! If you're beauty addict and love shopping, you must have known or at least have heard of StrawberryNET before!


StrawberryNET is a Hong Kong based company and has been in this industry ever since 1996. Now they have shipped their products to over 200 countries, including Indonesia! They promise that ALL their products are 100% genuine and fresh! Their products are including skin care, fragrance, make up and hair care. Men and women who love to pamper and groom themselves can enjoy shopping experience in this website

What's cooler is, StrawberryNET brings over 300,000 products to choose from 600 brands at up to 60% off retail!

You can find best deal in internet on here! Awesome! And if you are not satisfied with the products that they sent to you, you can ask for refund as they offer 14 days money back refund after you receive the product.

But so far from my experience, I NEVER have any problems with my orders. StrawberryNET always pack my order carefully so it always arrives safely at my place. Some of my favorite brands that I love to buy from them are MAC, Bobbi Brown, NARS, Stila, and L'Oreal. They also carry other great brands for make up such as YSL, Too Faced, Urban Decay, Anna Sui, and so on!

The best point from buying from StrawberryNET is that they offer


no matter how much you purchase from them! ALL The products are included free shipping, so you can also send some products to your friend who live far away from you with this awesome service!

I usually receive my package approximately 14 days after ordering. The long process is because of the custom tax in my country, but I consider it as fast already. Once, I received mine for 7 days only! I personally much much love this service! Because sometimes the shipping can be much more expensive than the product that I want to buy. Because of StrawberryNET I can only buy one eyeliner from them, with affordable price + free shipping to my door! How cool is that!

The purchasing process is pretty easy as well. After I pay my order, they immediately send me my Order ID so I can track it through their site. After that, it will lead me to my registered mail number that I can use to track the parcel. If you face difficulty with your product, you can also go to their customer service as they're ready to help you. Just send them your Order ID and let them know your problem! They have fast service, but since it's Hong Kong, so please also make sure about the day and date you send the email :)

Another point to highlight is they offer discount from time to time frequently, as well as loyalty discount and extra discount!

So of course, you really save a lot if you buy from them! I can't stress enough how much money I save if I purchase products through them! >___< :heart:

The LOYALTY DISCOUNT is automatically calculated from your second order onwards.

2nd order extra 1% off

3rd order extra 2% off

4th order extra 3% off

5th order extra 4% off

6th-9th order extra 5% off

10th-19th order extra 7,5% off

>20th order extra 10% off

You can also have EXTRA DISCOUNT! If you buy more, you save more!

2 items extra 1% off

3 items extra 2% off

4 items extra 3% off

5 items extra 4% off

6 or more items extra 5% off

You don't have to fill in any forms, create a password, or do any registration. You're automatically added once your first order is placed and recorded under your e-mail address! So make sure you always purchase with same email address okay! :-D I haven't reached 10% discount but I find that it's really essential, so obviously, gonna buy from them too in the future

Last but not least, they are also providing FREE GIFTS for new customer! At the moment they have FREE GIFTS if only you buy over 100 USD, but special for my readers,

they will give amazing Exclusive Free Gifts if you buy over 25USD only!

C'mon! How can I hate StrawberryNET! Many brands to choose from with affordable price and lower than retail store, FREE Shipping, Loyalty discount, Extra Discount, and also free gifts?!! I, seriously, love this site too much! I always recommend my friends to purchase from them because this site is just too awesome to be missed!

So, Indonesia readers, you can try out their service and visit their website HERE . And if you have difficulty, you can always ask help from their customer service as they are always ready to assist you to have amazing shopping experience on their website ^___^

What do you think about StrawberryNET? Have you ever purchased from them or not? Let me know! :D

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hello everyone!


This time the contest is for those who live in Jakarta, so I will use Indonesia language instead. Just skip this post out, and sorry for those International readers and non-Jakarta readers :( Buat orang Indonesia, ntar ke depannya kalau yang di Jakarta sambutannya bagus, pasti diadain lagi untuk seluruh wilayah, ditunggu + disupport aja yah :D

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Xin Nian Kuai Le, Da Jia!

As you guys know, I have chinese heritage therefore I cannot miss the most important day for Chinese people [in my opinion], which is Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year, Lunar New Year, is the day where all the chinese visit the elders and relatives, to celebrate New Year together. If you’re interested in learning more about Lunar New Year and Chinese culture, there are Chinese history classes available at
On the night before, usually all the family members gather to eat dinner together and have a good talk. I usually spent it with my father's family side, as in Chinese culture, women have to follow their husband's family after the marriage. So Yeah..

I had to be there at 4 so I just put super minimal make up, not even without lashes =_= but still managed to try wave hair as Sochii told me how to do that the night before. Kinda failed though, I still need more to learn! Mostly Chinese would go for cutting their hair but I don't want to, so I just dye my black roots instead. I want to grow it as long as my butt 8D :heart:

Anyway I intended to wear shorts but I accidentally fell down when I went out for Karaoke with my friends and it's still not recovered yet. Then 2 days after, I stupidly got my right thumb stuck between door and it's bleeding wtf. Then the day after, my left thumb got cut by razor and bleeding as well #pokerface

Bad things to start a new year ~

And this is my post using my Iphone! 8D All the photos are taken by my Iphone coz I get really tired bringing my big DSLR everywhere, everyone says I look so strong holding it with one hand, but I feel like training my muscles in a bad way urghh


I wore leopard top + jeans that I purchased on my latest haul. Sorry no outfit photos as I always forget to ><;

So I arrived there at 4.30 p.m but I did nothing after prayed for my grandpa's and greatgreatgrandparents and such :| Then me and my brother just waited outside the house because it's so hot inside because of all the pray stuffs wtf. And this time, my dog had accident!!! T___T

My father's family owns like GAZILLIONS dogs of pomeranians, therefore I also own one. But all the dogs there love my dogs because he's so pretty so whenever he comes, he is always being targeted as rape victim #pokerface

Of course my dog denied la! He's a man! So this time my dog fought with one of them and he ended up injured his ear! He's bleeding so hard until I almost cried!! The floors are full of his blood and I insisted so hard to bring him to doctor ASAP! But my aunties said it's not that bad, and gave my mom betadine instead. Me and my father tried to press the spot to stop the blood. After like 10 minutes + put betadine, it's stopped. I thought it injured the inside but luckily it's on the outside only.

My dog is so strong, he neither cries nor bark when he gets injured T_____T I dont want to bring him to there anymore! T____T

Now he's better T____T


It's super boring so I just sat outside the house, the dinner starts at 8.30 p.m wtf. Sochii said I looked like hipster. During the mean time, I called my friends to talk :\ You can see how bored I was! Hahaha

I ate a lot of porks until I thought I could vomit all of them. Unfortunately no picture of it. My father's family consists of about 30-40 people so not everyone can sit on the table, so I just grabbed some and sat silently on the sofa's corner #foreveralone


Today is the day and I am supposed to go at 9 a.m but I woke up late! 8 A.M!!! I almost screamed because I took the longest time to prepare! My dad can just get ready within 5 minutes but hair styling took so long! So I just did simple loose waves like yesterday, and did my make up on car >___O; Luckily that today I woke up with double eyelids [it changes constantly] so it's easier to put make up on

So I greeted all the elders, and the main point for all the youngsters who haven't got married yet, is the angpao - or hongpao - or red pocket. It's the tradition where all the people who have married give a red pocket to those who haven't as a good luck charm. Inside there's money, and the amount depends. Probably as I grow older, I don't really look forward for it. But since I need some extra cash, it's not bad. So Collect ALL the Angpao's! *insert meme here*


I sent this photo to a friend and he said that I looked so happy haha

Not that happy, but because I need this for Japan trip to meet him and other friends of mine! XDD Though the amount s not that much #okay

I visit a lot of houses of my family's and relatives until I feel I cannot walk anymore. It's so hot and my make up melts at noon T__T I don't want to live in Indonesia anymore, why the weather's so bad T____T if Indonesia had snow, I'd love it so f*ckin much! :heart: hahaha.. no la kidding. I still love tempe and Indomie

But afterall, thought it's tiring or troublesome, this is still a part of my culture which I should be proud of. So I will show off all the angpaos to make you jealous of me


U MAD BRO? #trollface

Hahahahaha...  KIDDING LA! I'm so tired now and everyone seems too ! Sorry if I can't reply your messages one by one if you sent it it me. It's really a tiring day. I ate a lot, I gain a lot. But all the foods are delicious and whenever I visit someone's house I end up eating their food shamelessly LOLOL

Just wish that I would not get fat this year

Happy ChineseNew Year! :) *hugs*

Sunday, January 22, 2012

I've too much thoughts about my skin, because its completely not perfect like some people out there. But I took my photos with DSLR which has superb quality to take any flaws on my skin even though mirror in my room disagree -__-" Therefore I always have tendency to find the greatest coverage ever so I look okay on the photo. Sometimes I even have to cheat when I camwhore by PS it [though when I do product reviews especially face products, I don't do so] so I look flawless

Finding the greatest and holy grail foundation is necessary, and sometimes liquid foundation is not enough to support my needs. Therefore I decided to move to cream foundation as it has medium to high coverage. I always believe to use Asian products for my face, especially Japanese brands. Not only because I am a fan of Japanese products, but also I believe they're the best in having the greatest skin! So this time, I give Kanebo Lunasol a try ! :D


Saturday, January 21, 2012

IT IS OFFICIAL!!!!!!!!!!(???)

Yesterday night I screamed with all my pals on twitter, facebook, and BBM as I just received a news from a friend that Indonesia is on the list for their upcoming world tour!!! SO I ALMOST TEARED IN JOY!!!

Because I have been listening to them ever since I was young, and really adored all their musics since I was 13! Phew! So many years loving them, and each year there's always rumor that they're coming to Indonesia, I was like "yeah right . . . " Bcause it never happens . .

I never watch any concert because ALL the singers that I really love never hold any concert in my country! Name the Top 3, L'Arc~en~Ciel, Ayumi Hamasaki, and Gackt! All of them have amazing songs and not to mention their performances always breath taking! So I will never regret paying for watching them even though I wont be able to eat or buy any things T_T

I used to want to watch Super Junior but bleh, they lip sync too much and I dont want to pay for listening lyp sinc! And since Sorry Sorry their fan base grow so big and they're not like what I used to like anymore. Their music became too mainstream so yeah. Ah that's another story..


So I got info that it will be held on 2nd May 2012 at Lapangan D Senayan , Jakarta

And alive or die, I MUST GO THERE!!! SERIOUSLY!!

I am willing to take out all my savings just to book the frontest seat so I can watch them live peacefully! But as there's no official news, I began to doubt this rumour. Then Suddenly my BB rang and my friend asked me to check on something, so I DIDDDDD and here's what I found!!


I am oh so gonna watch them!!!!!

I know I am saving for Japan trip but I DONT CARE!!!! It's L'Arc~en~Ciel yo!

I dont mind pending my trip because of this concert! And yes! I've promised and mentioned this to everyone since GAZILLION AGES ago, that if they come to Indonesia, I will book the frontest seat and wait for them like a crazy fan T_T

I wonder if I can meet them in person and take photo together as well T_T

But for now, I will be waiting for the news on their official website HERE! Singapore is not included yet but I have seen that the local newspaper already published it. So just need time to be more sure about this info. Please promotor, dont let our hope dies! We've been waiting for years!

And never in my life I heard the rumor this complete as it publishes the exact date and venue! So it's seriously too good to be fake. If they say its HOAX, I surely will burn them all arghhhh T____T


p.s = just had another news! Someone who has a friend workin in SONY MUSIC INDONESIA said that it's true! HOPEFULLY YEAHHHH

Friday, January 20, 2012

I cannot stress enough the importance of putting make up base or primer before having your foundation or powder on your face. Primer / Base Make Up works as a barrier between your skin. The purposes are to make sure that your foundation and make up lasting longer, as well as to protect your bare skin from having contact with make up directly. Some Make Up Base also provides additional benefit, such as hydrating, smoothing, color correction, brightening, and so on

Kanebo Indonesia is kind enough to let me try out one of their make up base. I have combination skin, oily on T-Zone + chin and dry on cheek. They said the most suitable one for me is the Smoothing Make Up Base so I agreed. If you have the same combination skin and oily skin, check this out as probably this product is the one what youre looking for! :D


Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's been long time since my last circle lens review, sorryyy!! My eyes got allergy and became sensitive so I didn't wear lens that much T_T But now I'm back with a lens to review sponsored by Gallover :D

This time it's Bobo 3 tones in Brown which looks like my Vivian Lens before wearing it on eyes, hmm. Let's see how it turns out! :D


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Everyone loves Dolly Wink :heart:

And I have a chance to try the pencil eyeliner after being impressed so much by the liquid eyeliner.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I would keep this post as short as possible because I have reviewed Urban Decay 24/5 Eyeliner before long long time ago, and you can find it HERE . But as there's  new colors coming out, and I have chance to try it, I will share it with you all :)


Urban decay 24/7 glide-on eye pencil is creamy and waterproof, too. Velvety-soft, this never-before-seen formula stays soft and creamy for blending (about 30 seconds), then dries down to a long-lasting finish that will not budge. Line eyes with a hint of color or go for the full artistic, multi-hued effect with the wide selection of lush tropical hues, deep metallics and unusually vibrant neutrals. Created with 50% moisturizing ingredients suspended in a sophisticated waterproof formula, 24/7 Eye Pencils offer long-lasting color and a dreamy, creamy feel when applied. With Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E and Cottonseed Oil.


Left = without flash. Right = with flash

My opinion is still same, 24/7 Eyeliner from Urban Decay is definitely the creamiest and the easiest eyeliner pencil I've ever used. It comes with many colors but what I love the most is the half baked which is gold eyeliner, I usually use it on my inner corner to brighten up my eyes. Electric is a light metallic blue color that can really pops your eyes. Either use it alone, or just an accent, you can create endless cool looks with this color

Unfortunately as my eyes are quite watery, no eyeliners can stay on my lower eyes more than 3 hours and this eyeliner is not an exception. I got mine from Beautyofdiva for about 7USD

Final Opinion =

Pros :

  • Comes in many colors

  • Glides easily and smoothly on eyes

  • Creamy, so it's pretty easy to use even for beginner

  • Dries out fast

  • Can be blended with eyeshadow easily

Cons :

  • Doesn't stay on my lower eyes for over 3 hours


Personally I think it's one of the best eyeliner selling out there, but my eyes become watery easily and no pencil liners can stay long there. Which is too bad, since it's a good product already. If you don't have watery eyes like me, probably it can become your holy grail pencil eyeliner. I know so many people swear by this product, and most favorite among all is the "zero" eyeliner which is black. It's one of the darkest and creamiest pencil eyeliner I've ever tried

I dont think that I will really use electric that often, but probably when I want more colors and makes my eyes pop more, I will use it :)

Sorry for lack of posting these days guys, many things coming up and I'm busy preparing my first giveaway in 2012 as this is quite different than my usual giveaways. Also, my camera is borrowed by my friend because she needs it to take exam.. I don't want to disappoint you all by giving make up reviews using camera phone because the quality is pretty bad, and you cannot see the product clearly.

I will always provide the best review I can get :) So please stay tuned, and have a nice day :heart:

Friday, January 13, 2012

Hola everybody! I thought of making a make up reviews as there are so many products stacked up on my desk, waiting to be reviewed, but I am in lazy mode on as some problems up and down going in my life *slaps myself* But I will do that okay, soon! Now, since some of you, and P' KAFAAK requested to see my haul, I am posting this up. At first I decided to not publish it but okay la, just take it ok! Apologiesss...!!!!

I got all of these unbranded ok, I dont really like spending my clothes for branded stuffs as I buy often, and get bored easily. And since it's about to be Chinese New Year, I shopped a little more than usual


You may see me wearing this on my New Year's Eve post lol this is quite comfy to wear so I just grabbed it. Mom said I needed more colors in my wardrobe


Washed jeans, I looked for ripped denim instead but didn't find what I liked so I just took this one. I need new jeans for campus as all my old jeans are too big for me now


Green Military long dress


Skull Top, this one is super comfy and stretchable! Got Black and white coz i like it! :D


This black dress is super amazing in real life, it looks so glam and perfect for night out. Stupid me, I am seriously bad in taking fashion photography so all my fashion hauls look cheap. I shall learn! Anybody can teach me how? lol


Knitted Sweater!


BARGAIN! 3 leopard tank top! All with different size of leopard pattern! ;D I used to like leopard a lot years back, but then I got bored of it. Now I'm back with leopard! YAY! =D


Black Fur Top! Love love love this one the most! Looks so nice in real! Okay la you may think I bluff as all these products look cheap, but its just because I am shitty in taking fashion photography. Thats why I'm not a fashion blogger lol

My friend, Bella, is also coming back from Taiwan for CNY so I asked her to get me over knee high boots over there! Its half price than if I buy from Rakuten, so yeah!

Anyway, I planned to wear the black fur top for CNY, but mom's against it. She told me she doesnt like me wearing black anymore, she loves me wearing white and pink -_- but now I've decided to become ROKKU GYARU again, so yeah, I bring back all my old rocker clothes, including leopard + chain + skull :heart:

So up to now, I'm still not sure what I shall wear for CNY :-S


Anyway for this holiday, I mostly spend my leisure time by talking with my old friends that I didn't keep in touch while I was studying. Because my schedule was super hectic and I even barely had enough time to sleep. So of course now is the time to be with them again! Apart of spending time with my friends, I played my NDS again and got addicted to Tokimeki Memorial. It's an otome game from Japan, dating sim and we can pick who we want to be with! 8D I played the 1st and 2nd version, nonstop until almost no sleep, no eat, and no shower also LOL

Telling ya, I'm quite a gamer so if I play one game, I wont do anything beside finish it! And what's worst is, I forgot date, and I missed my mom's birthday! :| Such a bad child I am! So I stopped playing already now! My best friend's birthday, my brother's, and my father's are also coming soon so I think I really need to stop it otherwise I will forget the rest. Hectic birthday schedule! >__<

Anyway, probably the biggest thing happened in this holiday is, I bought an Iphone! :D By myself la ok! I worked hard to have this one, and been wanting for this for ages T____T  Mom wanted to buy it for me but I declined because in fact, I don't really need a new phone. I just want it. So I dont want her to spend any more money for me. As long as I can purchase it by myself and I don't really need it, I dont need her to buy it for me la

And I bought this phone impulsively #pokerface

To be honest, it's a big reason, but also a not-that-important, but for me, I dont want to miss a chance, so I bought it. You dont understand? Great, because I dont think I am supposed to tell the reason on my blog LOL *gets kicked* I cannot say the reason why I buy this, but just please forgive me, readers? I promise I wont spend any more money soon!! TAKE MY WORDS! T____T

I will fast purchasing make up as well! Really! T_____T

*cannot see my wallet anymore, too painful*

Anyway, here are some pics from my iphone!

Lunch at Pepper Lunch with Mom

Not-Really-Fashion of the Day. I wore the knitted sweater from the haul! :D

This is super minimal make up! i only put lens, liner, blush, and lipstick. Mom doesn't like me going out full make up with her, and I only have like 30 minutes to shower and dress up #lameexcuse

Sochii said I looked so weird and different 8DDD;; do I look that different? hahahaha

 I'm still learning how to use Iphone camera correctly! But then, after bought it for only 3 days, my Iphone crashed and I had to bring it to service center #pokerface Now it's staying overnight there. I seriously have no idea what I did to it #killsmyself so I was a little down, and thats why this crap blog post born! LOL

I hope you dont mind reading this shitty post

Please, still love me ok! Because I love you all :-D

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Impressed by Urban Decay NAKED Palette so I give this one a go. Loose Pigment Eyeshadow from Urban Decay comes in many colors and the packaging is so cute. See the top of it? it has unique heart pattern, the unique purple packaging also captures my heart. I got mine in Gunmetal which is a silvery dark color. Let's taste it out :p


Saturday, January 7, 2012


Finally I got the chance to try the almighty super famous Urban Decay Naked Palette! Naked Palette has been the most loved eyeshadow palette. Due to its popularity, almost every counters that sell it are out of the stocks, so it's become very limited. Now they have launched the Naked II but lets still take a look to the original one, shall we? :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Given a chance to try this first by Lancome Indonesia before it enters the market, using it for 4 weeks, both day and night, I am prepared to give a full review. Will Lancome impress me again like usual or not?

An antiaging skin corrector for more beautiful skin. More than a wrinkle-corrector, this product is capable of fundamentally re-creating more beautiful skin. The first skincare product with LR 2412, a molecule designed to propel through skin layers, it triggers a cascading series of micro-transformations along its path. On the surface, wrinkles and pores are visibly corrected. Imperfections like signs of UV damage and acne marks appear diminished. . This product is non-comedogenic, non-acnegenic, and dermatologist-tested for safety.


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

First of all, I apologize for lack of photos, as you guys know I broke my HDD therefore all the photos Nuffnang tour of mine has gone. I've tried to recover the data but the store said it's impossible. I still have some photos that I uploaded on facebook before, so I'll just use it :-S

If you have any photos of me in KL for Nuffnang Trip, please send it to me :(

Ok so I decided to join the After party which located at Zouk Club, I never really did clubbing before so I wanted to try! And yes, I've asked my parents permission as well so yeah lol But Cilla and Sochii suddenly cancelled because they felt unwell! I was thinking of cancelling too but I've dressed up and I wanted to go :( But I didn't know anyone, so I shamelessly joined Singaporean gank whom welcomed me very kindly. I knew Lenne and Sijia from Sochii at the party but not talked at all. Through them, I know other Singaporeans as well! :D

Left to right = Ivy, Charlene, Sijia, Lenne, me

Telling you, it would be super long post!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Never heard of Steam Cream before? Then you're sure missed out!

Steam Cream is a longer lasting, intensive, and effective moisturizer that is suitable for all skin types. It can be used on face, body, and hands. Steam Cream is the ultimate multi-tasking moisture injection, its natural, and revitalising

Steam Cream comes in unique Japanese designed packaging, consists of huge amount of design selections, while the product inside is still same. It's flushed-lid aluminiun tin is limited edition and becomes a collectibe and usable piece of art :D

I got myself the Quack edition as it's uber cute!


Monday, January 2, 2012

YO YO everyone HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012!!

I'm sorry, I know it's supposed to be published at 31st Dec or 1st Jan but 31st Dec I went out with my friends till dawn, and on the 1st, I spent all day by sleeping and downloading stuffs for my laptop, yeah, my HDD failed to be fixed so I have to fill my laptop again :( Anywayyyy.. So here's what I do for at New Year's Eve!

In fact I had plan to spend it with my university's friends or with my Japanese-lover friends, but due to some problems about transportation or someone couldn't join, it's failed. Therefore I managed to go with my high school friends, as it's also easier because they lived in same area with me. For the past 2 years I have been celebrating New Year with em, so this makes 3 years! Hahaha

from left = Billy, Tara, Brenda

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