Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Award 2011 After Party at Zouk, and KL Tour

January 04, 2012

First of all, I apologize for lack of photos, as you guys know I broke my HDD therefore all the photos Nuffnang tour of mine has gone. I've tried to recover the data but the store said it's impossible. I still have some photos that I uploaded on facebook before, so I'll just use it :-S

If you have any photos of me in KL for Nuffnang Trip, please send it to me :(

Ok so I decided to join the After party which located at Zouk Club, I never really did clubbing before so I wanted to try! And yes, I've asked my parents permission as well so yeah lol But Cilla and Sochii suddenly cancelled because they felt unwell! I was thinking of cancelling too but I've dressed up and I wanted to go :( But I didn't know anyone, so I shamelessly joined Singaporean gank whom welcomed me very kindly. I knew Lenne and Sijia from Sochii at the party but not talked at all. Through them, I know other Singaporeans as well! :D

Left to right = Ivy, Charlene, Sijia, Lenne, me

Telling you, it would be super long post!

Unfortunately Singaporean singlish is so fast and difficult to understand, or isit me the dumb one LOL So I was silent when they're laughing, Lenne asked me whether i was bored or no, um no... I just, didnt understand what they were talking about LOL but after a while I could catch it though not completely LOL

clockwise : me, Sijia, Charlene, Ivy, Thiang

We got free drinks but i never really liked beer as its so bitter so after sipped some, I gave mine to Sijia. This girl is sure strong! o_o

left to right : me, Charlene, Ivy (top), Sijia (below) Lenne, and Thiang

After chit chatted a lot, we decided to move to the dance floor. And seriously I couldn't handle the smoke there! I thought I was gonna die from lung cancer afterwards, it's seriously really smoky and foggy there X____X And super crowd, also dangerous! There were 2 Hong Kong nuffnangers got their phone stolen as well, and Lenne got awful accident there

We were walking the club by holding hands to not separated, and protecting each other >_>; Also the music was super loud, and the lightning was . . x_x i couldn't hear anything, couldn't speak anything, couldn't see anything, and couldn't move. I dunno if its only in Zouk or every clubs lol #norak

Also when we were dancing, there were so many guys there trying to get closer to us, and its super dangerous. We were shrugging shoulders to em or exchanging places whenever one of us in dangerous position LOL

Although it's probably fun for some,  but I have to say my first clubbing is failed lol I think it's just not for me haha

Arrived at 4 a.m at hotel but the tour would be started at 8.30 so seriously lack of sleep and couldn't really tong my hair. Moreover, my tong is broken there! WTF ;_;

Arrived there, I greeted Thailang nuffnangers and decided to join them for KL Tour. I wanted to get closer with em so yeah! :D At Nuffnang Party ceremony, Indonesia and Thailand were at one table, as Thailand has 8 bloggers whereas Indo has 2. So I already knew some of em! :)

with Pang Kirari! Beauty blogger from Thailand!

Super pretty, skinny, nice, feminine, nice skin, nice blog, duh, if only I were a guy, I would propose to her at that time lor! She also loves Japanese music and style, no wonder we can talk a lot about it. She also said she had met Hyde in the past, and would attend their Bangkok concert this march. AAAAA.. I wanna watch Larc as well T_T but flight and hotel are expensive T_T

Behind us is Gab, a finalist for Nuffnang Award in Food category! :D A little story, Me and Cilla were at room 510, before this we were at 833 but the receptionist changed the room to 510. When we were dolling up for the Award, Gab came to our room and said its his, when it's in fact us. So the Putra Jaya Mariott is not that professional

Also the water is not good, many bloggers fell sick, Sochii couldn't even join the day tour because of the pain :( Also!!! I didn't bring my toothpaste & brush and the hotel didn't provide it! I had to call the customer service to bring it to us twice =___= Gab didn't know we could ask for toothpaste so he went out without brushing his teeth lol aiyaaa... hahahhaa he was worried that he smelled bad, but no la, its fine, i've smelled worse :p

with Pupe!

Said Thailand nuffnangers, in Thailand everyone knows Pupe, he's probably the most famous beauty blogger in Thailand. He talks about skincare and no wonder his skin is super nice, bright, and smooth! Also he deserves it since he's super knowledgeable about cosmetics ingredients. I consulted and talked a lot about skincare to him, he's super nice, feels like having a big bro ^_^

So we were visiting KL's monuments and mosques, but I've visited it before so I wasn't that excited. What excites me is talking with other bloggers :D All Thailand bloggers are so nice and kind to me! I LOVE EM :D

Cilla couldn't join because she's going out with her family instead :)

Also met with Singaporean bloggers, but we had different bus haha

the photo is taken by Ploy, Thailand Nuffnang Staff, Unfortunately no photo with her, it's in my HDD, oh well :s she's like my big sister there, pretty kind and caring. A little story, Ploy told me when she was taking the photo, there were China tourists looking at me and Kirari and spoke so beautiful. Ploy told me that both of us are, but I insisted, Kirari is the one they were talking about. They probably thought I was because I was wearing sunglasses [too hot thereeee!!!], but if they saw me w/o sunglass, prob gonna puke LOL


Champ from Thailand took it for us but it turned out to be blurry, its fine la haha, I look so fat next to Kirari. she's damn gorgeous :o

The group then separated to 2 groups. Shopping group and Sightseeing. Of course Pupe, Kirari, and I picked shopping because we wanted to visit Sasa, Sephora, and Watsons!!!! Yay for beauty bloggers hahaha. I wanted to visit Sungei Wang instead, but it's not on the tour :( Oh well..

We ate nasi lemak there, and I bought my haul there :D While eating, I talked a lot with the Thailand bloggers, getting to know their culture, their food, and their lifestyle. Also talked about their own blogs. It's fantastic!

When I wanted to pay, they said that it's been taken care by Thailand office. But I told em that I wasn't Thai, just at least lemme pay for my own food la. And the food price is also similar with Indo's price so it's not like I cannot pay la! But they said, "Don't worry, youre one of us"


Why Thailand people are so niceeee T_______T

I would come to Thailand again for sure! Hhahahaha


Finished shopping, we were brought again to Hotel, and had super short time to prepare ourselves for dinner at Pavillion! Arrived at Hotel I noticed my eyes had irritation, I think its because I wore lens too long, and the weather is different. So I had to wear my glasses instead T___T NOT GLAM AT ALL! T_T I was pretty tired as well so I didn't really put attention on my style at that time

Sochii finally could join me as she's felling better already! But she had so much time to prepare herself and she's damn gorgeous! I was defeated OUCH. Now I can finally go tour with Sochii!!! It's on my goal to have tour with her! Club and mini tour were cancelled but now is the last time! Dont wanna be separated from her LOL

I told Sochii that Tim [the founder] said to me that there were 2 Japanese guys, and I really wanted to know em! Lucky when we're going to the bus, we heard Japanese words and yes! We finally found the Japanese! Shamelessly I asked "hey, are you Japanese?" And they're super kind and easy going! I forced them to sit near to me and Sochii. So my night out is with Singaporean and Japanese =D

left to right = Shintaro, Yuta, Sochii, me, Cilla

Sochii wanted to have Tacoos and I was okay with everything so we went there. We talked SO MUCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH there until we noticed that we missed the live performance at Pavilion for bloggers, but we didn't care because our conversation is so enjoyable! About work, politics, economic, music, fashion, gyaru and so on. ALSO ALSO!

Yuta-san is a friend of Melody, um, dunno who Melody is? Melody is Miyavi's wife!!

Which means Yuta-san is also Miyavi's friend!

Me and Sochi who love Japanese Music of course cannot not know who Miyavi is. WE WERE SUPER SHOCKED! :O Then they told us to come visit em in Japan and they would bring us along, I asked, could I meet Miyavi? He said probably he could try. I saw Sochii almost teared up LOL We asked whether he knew Hyde, Gazette, Gackt and so on, but they said impossible hahahaha...

Also also, when we girls wanted to pay for our food, they prohibited us to, there was a little argument there but we lost. Shintaro-san said "we couldn't let you pay. This is tradition in Japan. First, we are guys. Second, we are older. And third, we have worked"

OMG So gentlemannnn... When I went out with my friends, everyone dont wanna pay even my guy friends took my drinks and foods shamelessly, and I'm already used to it. Being treated like this is really cool! LOL So I said Arigatouuuuu... And then Sochii and I decided that they're like brothers!

Shintaro-san is our onii-san, while Yuta-san is our aniki! LOL

Yea, we know aniki is for guy to call older guy, but it just fits Yuta-san's image more! Hahahaha

Also managed to take this shot! Sochii, Kirari, and me

Super unfair, I had no eye make up at that time T__T but it's really a coincidence, the 3 of us love Japanese styles and musics a lot, and we wore black dress at that time. Shintaro-niisan told me its like 3 gyarus gathered hahaha, Japanese style group in this tour!

Also Shintaro-niisan and Yuta-aniki told me that they think Sochii was really gyaru, she's successful to bring gyaru aura around her. Yea, as expected! But then they also told me I looked so gyaru too! They even though I was Japanese OMG T___T Although I had no eye make up at that time and looked so shit at the night

Being admitted by Japanese person itself who have seen gyarus a lot, it feels like achieving a certain level! YAY!



Then we headed to G-Tower to drink, I met with the Singaporeans and Thailand people again yay! And when I wanted to take drinks, the bartender told me that it's all you can drink! O___O cannot lose the opportunity right! Then I saw a super cute drink, ITS IN PINK! So I took some and brought it to drink together with my pals

Shintaro-niisan, me, dunno who lol, Yuta-aniki

I was pretty sober at that time, and still looked elegant hahaha. See the drinks? super cute and it tastes so sweet!

Lenne, me, and Si Jia

with the awesome Thailand bloggers and staffs!

And since the PINK-DRINK was super sweet, I drank a lot of it, some are in one shot, and I didn't notice that my face was getting reddish and eyes smaller

my two new brothers, Yuta aniki and Shintaro niisan

Thiang, me, Charlene, Si Jia, Ivy, Lenne [Zouk Party Group]

Sochii was pretty worried at that time, and as I looked at the photo I couldn't not admit that I looked so red and awful lol; and yes, I didn't notice, the SUPER-SWEET-AND-TASTY-PINK-DRINK is mocktail, and the alcohol level is much higher than beer and Sochii said I behaved super wild at that night FML

I even managed to hug the famous Audrey from fourfeetnine, whom I was really nervous to talk with the day before WTF! She will kill me after this!

Audrey is super petite, pretty, kind, and sooooooo niceee!!! T_T  She even held my cheeks and told Tim, "she's drunk, super hot la hahaha" LOL Also, she told me when I visited KL gotta tell her, of course for sure for sure! >.<

Sochii, Audrey, me, Si Jia, and Timothy

And if you notice, yes, Audrey and Timothy are the couple on MEME PROPOSAL. Dunno about it? Google! They've become super popular after that proposal and the proposal itself is really heartwarming. Congratulations for both of em! And thank you for Timothy to invite me personally to attend the event, it's such a blast!

But I think I embarassed myself in front of Audrey and Tim, I dunwan to meet em again after this LOL *runs*

After that we moved to the dance floor and its super fun! Sochii told me that I almost fell down a lot, and couldn't stop pulling Si Jia and Audrey to dance with me wtf. The memories are kinda blurry and some parts are missing lol but I still remember the fun that we had at that time!

It's not foggy, the dance floor are private for us, and I danced with my friends, super safe, and free drinks LOL it's the clubbing that I want! I WANT IT AGAIN!

Unfortunately the clubbing photos are in Cheesie's camera that Aud borrowed, so I dont have it at the moment XD

Words cannot describe how much fun that I had at that night, arrived at the bus, I collapsed and lost my phone T_T I became sober after I knew that, and after one hour searching, Xian xian, Nuffnang staff, told me she found my phone and I was super relieved! It's not the price of the phone, but the memories inside la! >_> Also the phone has my conversation with Mr. G**** LOL Omg cannot lose it to death!

Then everyone gathered in one room. By Everyone I mean, Sochii, Lenne, Si Jia, Ivy, Charlene, Yuta aniki, Shintaro niisan, Champ, Cilla, and me. We drank and ate till 5a.m. Playing awesome games and chit-chatting. In fact, at that time it's the best moment from all the tour, but I cannot describe it here as it's for us only hahahaha. Like what Ivy said, "What's in KL stays in KL". So those are prohibited to say again, but I must say, it creates a big memory and awesome bound to us, or no? LOL

Then at the morning, I felt so headache, exhausted, and confused LOL But it's time for saying good bye so I took photos and hugged everyone there, Promised to meet again in the future :)

I still keep in touch with everyone that I know at that time, super awesome that I now have so many awesome blogger friends and staffs in this industry. I would like to visit their countries again.

Thank you everyone for your hospitality and kindness to me, it will be the best memory in 2011 that I had. Thank you Nuffnang for giving me opportunity to become a part of this family :) And I hope Nuffnang would make this kind of event again! The sooner the better! XD

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  1. Aw... so cute la you!^^ lols the pink drink looked so cute I don't think i could resist! Wish I could have joined you guys the day after, not all clubs in Malaysia is like Zouk^^ some no smoking! but I dunno where lols...we are the same, not very clubbing girls ^^ you take care sweetie!~

  2. aww. i envy you for meeting cool bloggers. i wish i would have a chance to do that. T_T
    love your photos btw. I'm sorry about your HDD.

  3. Super fun event, and really nice to know you my sweet Stella <3

  4. Stella, jadi pengeeennn ikutan T_T Hahahaha

  5. hahaha, ini bukan yang mau ikutan langsung bisa ikutan say, dan Indonesia sebenernya gak termasuk, berharap aja 2 tahun lagi Indonesia bisa mendaftarkan diri untuk ikutan XDDD

  6. not that pretty compared to my beloved friends, sochii and kirari <3 hahaha

  7. Amazing one, Kirari. I miss you already <3

  8. haha, u dont go write the post to win the invite? i do know that nuffnang offers it for bloggers that are taken care by nuffnang =D
    do join the next napbas, or it will be a great miss :D

  9. Huaahaha amiiinn
    Dikau beruntung sekali u,u wakak

  10. hahaha, keberuntungan tiap orang beda-beda kok XD pasti ada porsinya masing2 :D
    sbentar lagi akan ada make up contest juga di blogku, siapa tau kamu bisa mencoba keberuntunganmu disana :p

  11. Stella, aku tag km 2 blogger awards.. check ya :)

    thx u :)

  12. Ooohh sounds like very much fun! I'm glad you and Ceecile made it to the Nuffnang awards, so I can read all about it here :)
    It's too bad I couldnt join though, but maybe next year, who knows?hehe

    Oh and Happyy New Year Stella!


  13. Omg!It looked so fun. I love non-smoking club. It's much better but then as the night getting late,more ppl getting

  14. it will be held once every two years mbak, hopefully for next event you would join us ^____^
    happy new year !! *hugs* :-D

  15. I think I was the only drunk one LOL though I didn't think I was lol everyone seemed strong drinker hahahah

  16. Aww looks like you guys have so much fun... :D

  17. You look so pretty dear! You have a great blog :) Mind to follow each other? ^^

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  18. thank you for the compliment ;D
    visiting ur blog now :)

  19. absolutely! one of the best event in my life 8D

  20. Cool event, seems like you had a lot of fun! :-D

  21. What a nice time! And awesome this 'blog awards' too. People here in Brazil/America needs to do this too, so I could stop being jealous of you, asian bloggers! XD
    I know how you feel about being 'wild' when drunk, I passed for this before, LOL! But everybody passed too, so, it's normal, nobody will kill you XD. Audrey looks like a nice person, too.
    And WOW, many pretty people! I loved the style of that androgynous girl, so cute! And your hair and leopard jacket = ♥♥♥.

  22. Hahaha, you should try email Nuffnang team and beg them to come to your country! LOL try it =D
    nah, but I think everyone's not drunk so they will kill me only lol
    Yes Audrey is really nice and sweet! Nobody can hate her la! >___< :heart:

    androgynous girl? who are you talking about dear? :D
    and thanks for liking it :3

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