Thursday, March 1, 2012

Clarins White Plus HP Launching Event

A few weeks ago I was invited by Clarins Indonesia to attend their White Plus HP Launching Event product. The event took place at The Orient 8 Restaurant, Hotel Mulia on Friday. And this is the first time I attended Clarins event. Before this I never used Clarins, but I know my aunts are using a few products from them.


I had a 3 hours spare time at that day between my classes so I rushed to the place, but the traffic was bad, as usual. So I came in a little bit late. Inside I was mesmerized by the interior and all the decorations, I think they choose this place because it represents CLARINS a lot! The interiors are so feminine, mature, and sophisticated!


Don't you like it too???!!!!! :D

I took these shots for my girlfriend, Vannie, who loves this kind of place, but I think I will also share it with you guys, probably if you're looking for a place for romantic dinner, or birthday, or wedding? :b Because the place is so pretty!!


So here begins the presentation from Clarins staff. White Plus HP Skin Care Collection will be added by the appearance of its emulsion, brought to you by Clarins Indonesia. There will be 2 types available, one which is for day emulsion, and another one is a night emulsion. For those of you who don't know what emulsion is, it's basically a moisturizer in western. We were able to test the difference of both products there, I love the day emulsion texture more, it's thicker, and also contains sunblock!

Clarins have natural ingredients, and the main point is the Sea Lily Extract which is really good in whitening your skin! Also other ingredients are Raspberry, Parsley, and so on! So Natural!


And so here's my lunch that!! The portion is small and light, but enough to fits a woman's tummy! Gotta say it's tasty and I'm craving for more!


And here's the product that I receive from them!! It is the normal emulsion without sunblock that is said to be suitable for night usage. I wish to receive the one with spf though. But Ive been using the product for a while and I will review it once I fully grasp the product

Have you ever used any Clarins product before??


Anyway, as most of you guys know, my blog was down for a few days because it was over bandwidth. I paid for domain and hosting, so pay more for upgrade is necessary. I've already done it several times, last month is not an exception. But last month exceeded again soon after the upgrade lol
And i have no money to spend on it again, Sorrrryyyyyy!!!!!!

Though, I feel really thankful for everyone who read my blog. Last month there are over than 15.000 different visitors coming to my blog with over than 150.000page views according to my blog report. I never thought my blog was that interesting. So thank you thank you!!!

Thought probably it isnt as much as foreign top bloggers such as xiaxue, I still do feel grateful for it!

Will keep doing my best to make you all not bored of me hahaha!! Dont, please? :-p
Have a nice day'nn


Shasha said...

The foods look delicious ^^
I will wait the review :)

Isaac Tan said...

Beautiful place.. got food too! nom nom while make up.. wow

My Lovely Sister said...

wah tempatnya keren XD

Fenn said...

wow! the food looks very mouthwatering. and glad you explained what an emulsion is, because I don't have the slightest clue. I'm waiting for your review on this as I'm still in the search to find a perfect moisturizer for my face XDD

Stella Lee said...

It is!
Yes please do ^^ I've been using it since I got it, will do a full review. Skincare needs longer time to review :(

Stella Lee said...

pasti tipe2mu demen banget sama tempat ginian juga ya xD

Stella Lee said...

Hahahaha. Wont lose to you in trying a lot of foods!!! xp

Stella Lee said...

Hahaha.. emulsion is a moisturizer in asian skincare! And lotion is toner in asian skincare!
please wait! ^^

Vheii said...

love the place! wonder if we can have photoshoot there haha
and I can see macaroons *____*

Mariska said...

STELLAAAAA itu makanan kayanya enak bgt!!!!

Stella Lee said...

Hahahahaha I wonder! I wish we could! It's tooooo lovely ;D
yes best macaroons in my life! so crunchy yet smooth! melts inside my mouth! *___*

Stella Lee said...

Hahahaha yes!!!! Ayo pulang ke indo terus makan disana, bayarin ya! LOL

Mariska said...

lollll nanti kl g balik deh. moga" summer this year bs balik lama, ga ky kmrn cmn 2 minggu dadakan pulaaaa. lol.

Stella Lee said...

kalo lo balik harus calling gua yah! awas lo! hahahaa

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