Ponds Pajamas Party at Grand Hyatt Hotel

March 31, 2012

Have you ever had a Pajamas Party before?

I am lucky enough that my first Pajamas Party is hosted by Ponds at one of the most luxurious hotel in my country, Grand Hyatt! I seriously can't stop saying how lucky I am to be invited to this awesome event along with my lovely blogger friend, Nisa, whom you must have known already.

Warning : contains a LOT of big resolutions photos. And you may drool and envy my life after this but seriously, I just become a princess for a day, then after that, Nisa had Indomie instant noodle for breakfast, and I eat tempe again the day after wtf LOL

So I went to the hotel straight from campus, totally look soulless and ugly so I dont even bother take close up photos. I also felt that they could reject me because I looked so gembel at that time wtf haha but all the staffs are so kind and helpful, nice grand hyatt!

This is what I usually look like everyday, jeans, t-shirt, and sandal wtf -_- and my jeans is too big for me now but i don't have time to buy another one so yeah

everytime I go to hotel, I always visit their bathroom first instead of the bedroom! Dunno why but I always feel that if you want to judge someone / a place, always take a good look on their bathroom because it defines the personality, and to see whether it's clean or not. Is it only me or so are you? LOL



I immediately jumped onto the bed, it's so fluffy and soft omg T__T but nothing can beat your own bed at home haha.. But a luxury like this once a while is not bad!

and so on the bed, Ponds already prepared a mini gift for a welcome surprise! It's in cute pink bag! *p*

It's Ponds Day Cream and Night Cream, including tooth brush and toothpaste! All IN PINK!

So I quickly took a shower and dressed up in my pajamas. It's a coincidence that it's in pink, matching the concept of Ponds!!! ;D

Hahaha you can see my real eyes! I have deep double eyelid on one eye, and another one is monolid. Sometimes I wake up with both monolids if I lack of sleep, and sometimes both double eyelids because I get enough rest. So yeah.. Strange eyes :-\ I usually even them out with double eyelid sticker but I forgot to bring it. Oh whatever~

So I picked up Nisa at her room and headed to 26th floor, the place where the party held. in fact I was not confident because seriously, party with my pajamas at 5 stars hotel??? So that's why I waited for Nisa patiently hahahha. The decoration is awesome to the max!

with my precious blogger friend, Nisa!! :D

must must must camwhore! it's blogger's main purpose!

here are some of the pictures of the dining room! It's really funny to see everyone in their pajamas, makes the party comfortable and feels like you're at your own home

Met Rizka Agustina! An editor at Fashionese Daily! We have met several times before but we never really had chance to talk. We click really nice and she is such a sweetheart and so kind! Love her <3

Dinner Time!!

SERIOUSLY THIS IS THE BEST SASHIMI I HAVE EVER TASTED ! I can cry and die in joy because it melts inside my mouth! And I NEVER LIKE TUNA before but I tried and i couldn't stop grumbling to Nisa with full mouth while saying "ENAKKKKKK~~~" #norak T___T

Pardon me la hahaha

Nisa must be horrified to see my ugly face shoved sashimi inside my mouth rapidly like never ate any before duh lol

This is the hall where we had our party, everyone were so comfortable eating and chatting like a big family LOL the decorations are awesome to the max. The food galore was all around the room, we could just take anything that we like and ate there. Super awesome!

There were beauty and skin care talks, and also a lot of fun games and quiz. I didn't take many photos because I was too absorbed, especially because in every games, everyone took part, so nobody really sat down, did nothing, and left behind. Everyone participated happily!

I didn't win any quiz or games, but I won best pajamas along with 2 other girls

And anyway the girl with grey outfit is Arum, and world is small, she is my course friend when I was studying at Machiko Manga School around 2006! We met again after so many years!!!! :-o

And last is group photo! Half are media, and half are Unilever Team! Bloggers are only me and Nisa, and we are so lucky to be able to enjoy this amazing night together with them!

Before sleep we're pampered with free facial from Ponds Team so our skin will look fabulous the day after! ;D

Nisa was next to me of course! And duh! Have any of you ever thought or even experienced, getting facial while laying down at Grand Hyatt's PartyRoom? It feels UNREAL! LOL but so funny and cool experience haha

All the products are sponsored by Ponds Indonesia, you will receive the same facial treatment if you visit their Ponds Institute :D

The best thing from this facial is the mask! It's not sold anywhere, you can only experience it at Ponds Institute. I wish they would sell it because it is really moisturizing, and lifting result can be seen clearly. Also it's tight and I feel my skin rejuvenated nicely!

We look like rich girls in this photo with all the backgrounds and services, right? LOL

when can I have my own personal maid who does facial for me at home ahahaha

After finished, we headed back to our room, fresh and clean!

I also bring some cakes as midnight snacks to my room. Awesome max! The macaroon is one of the best one I have ever tried so far. Hyatt's food is awesome!

In morning, I got ready to attend another beauty event with Nisa, so we woke up early and dolled up. Well... in fact I am not that dressed up lol

Last photo with the awesome bathroom T_T

I managed to take a bath though hahaha

And headed for breakfast together! They served high quality one but I didn't bother to put a lot of food photos now, coz it will be too many haha. This is Nisa with her awesome american style foods. After this day, she eats Indomie for breakfast. So timpang LOLOL no la, Indomie is good!!! I should be a brand ambassador for indomie wtf

And this is me with my breakfast. Telling you, this is just round 1. I have 3 rounds, I eat a lot! Hahahha

Okay enough! Thank you for Ponds Indonesia for inviting me! It's such an awesome night! And the party is limited to certain people, so I am really honored to be able to attend this! Hopefully Ponds will do better and better! Also, wish they would invite me again because Ponds events are always cool! :-b

ENVY OR NOT, READERS? No la, kidding :b

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