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Koji Dolly Wink False Eyelashes in no 11 Pure Sweet Review



I know many of you will like this review. It's Koji Dolly Wink False Eyelashes - Otona Gyaru series by Masuwaka Tsubasa! Mylovelysister asked me before whether I was interested trying out this line or not. In fact I am not into Tsubasa that much as I love Sakurina's style more, but I do acknowledge that there is a side of myself when I want to be otona gyaru, less heavy make up, but still look gyaru. So I said yes, and I picked no 11 in Pure Sweet as it catches my heart most!

I have owned several Dolly Wink False Eyelashes before so this is not something new for me :D


The price is still same, which is 1260 yen in Japan. I believe the price is about 20USD if you purchase it outside Japan. Mylovelysister sells it for Rp 167.000 and can be purchased through pre order from their store. The packaging still looks like the old Dolly Wink, but with more pastel color, and the ribbon is replaced by flower. The make up that Tsubasa wears on the packaging is also lighter and more mature than before


Inside the box, there are 2 pairs of the false eyelashes, including the mini glue from Dolly Wink. I must say that though the glue is really strong and good, I dont recommend it for beginner because it dries SO FAST so it will be difficult to adjust the false lashes once you place it on your eyes


A close up photo of no 11 Pure Sweet

The width of the lashes is shorter than old Dolly Wink lashes. It fits perfectly on my eyes, whereas the old lashes need to be trimmed down to fit my eyes. It has clear band for natural finish, so even though if you dont wear eyeliner, you can still wear this lashes without being noticed using fake lashes! Because it blends with your natural lashes nicely!


In my opinion, the lashes length seem shorter as well, the lashes used to be so long until it reaches my lid, but now it has natural length. I guess it's because they priority adult market whom don't want to wear heavy make up anymore



So that's how it looks on my eyes, without trimmed down. I have to say that Dolly Wink still produces a high quality fake eyelashes, it blends naturally on my eyes, and it feels SOOOO~~~ LIGHT till it reaches a level where I don't feel wearing false eyelashes anymore. The result is super natural, so for those of you who are afraid that wearing false eyelashes will make you look like a drag queen, try this one!

Anyway, f I am not mistaken, Dolly Wink lashes are hand made too. And it is not made from plastic so even though you use flash camera, it won't look fake and cheap like china false eyelashes. This, will really blend, with your lashes!

Although the price is expensive, but it is re-usable, and if you take care of it well [clean it after you use it], it will last for a really really long time! Here are some shots of me wearing the lashes =




Unfortunately due to my preference, I don't think that Dolly Wink Otona series suitable for me, because I am more into dramatic false eyelashes LOL This one is so natural and lightweigth so it doesn't give much dimention to the eyes. I know 95% probably will say that it looks great and wanna have it, but I want to have more dramatic one


I still love this one. I must say that Dolly Wenk false eyelashes are really high quality and worth the money. I will still use these lashes for going out, but I dont think that I will use it for photoshoot because it won't appear that nice on camera. But in real life, it is really beautiful :)

Final Opinion =

Pros :

  • Blends well with natural lashes

  • The length and width are perfect, not too short nor too long

  • Doesn't reflect light/shiny

  • Lightweight

  • Re-usable

  • Looks natural

Cons :

  • Expensive

  • Doesn't create dramatic effect

I cant seem to find what's wrong with their fake lashes beside the price. But the price worth the money. It is probably the most expensive false eyelashes that I own. I love Diamond Lash more, with about same price, they give 5 pairs instead of 2, and it matches my make up more

But if you want to achieve that natural mature look, go try this one! :) If you live in Indonesia, get it HERE as it is not available in counter yet! ^_^

What do you think of their Otona False Eyelashes? Do you like the new one or old one better?


Ninoshka said...

Aww Stella I agree with you they are "too natural".. it is almost impossible to notice them -___-...and for the price I don't think they are worth it :/.. I too prefer Diamond Lash they are cheaper and you can see the lashes XD hahaha! anyways you look gorgeous as always my pretty twinnie <3 and I love that you are honest in your reviews :)!

Stella Lee said...

I think they are made in high quality material and doesnt seem fake like plastic eyelashes, so yeah

The main point is naturalness right nino lol

Some who love natural make up would love to own this but because we love dramatic one, this is not for us. Id rather own plastic diamond lash lol cheaper and look gorgeous haha

No way i can beat you in beauty la <3 love ya!! :heart:

Sochii said...

only have love for their bottom lashes *laughs* LOOK AT THE CAMERAAAA

Stephanie said...

Stel~ bersiin eyelashnya pertama kali pas mo dipake itu kan ada bekas lem nya, pake makeup remover boleh? Takut knp2 eyelashnya, maklum eyelash termahal yang dimiliki, *kampungan mode:on* :giggle: >.<

Stella Lee said...

Yeap their bottom lashes are okay! Particularly bcoz it is rare to find bottom lashes lol

LOLOLOL not used to hahahaha will try

Stella Lee said...

Iya direndem aja d eye make up remover, terus nanti pelan2 dilap pake cotton pad biar lem sama mascarany copot :)

Fenn said...

To this very day I still couldn't understand what's so hype about false lashes that cost nearly IDR 200000 or is it more? LOL i'm not sure. Especially when their "pros" is just so-so like that. I still rather buy fake china lashes or having a eyelash extension LOL XD

Vanda said...

Awwweeee cute!! Yang otona lebih natural ya eyelashesnya. Kawaii <33
bersemangat pengen cobain gyaaa

Stella Lee said...

Try it by yourself, it's really different from the cheap china lashes :) !!

Stella Lee said...

yeap!! so naturalll!!! :D
Ayo dicoba aja kalo demen :) worth to try kok kalo pecinta natural make up :)

Naomi said...

waaw baguus, aku lbh suka otona falsies lbh natural, mau belii ^^ .

Stella Lee said...

Hahaha sesuai sama gayamu yang feminim abis yah mi ^^
Ayo beli gihhh :heart:

Isaac Tan said...

hehe, dramatic eye lashes, new term for me :)

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Lisa said...

Hi stella...
waww.. gw emank lagi nyari info2 tentang falsies dolly wink yg keliatan natural..
kykna boleh di coba banget niih... hehe..
thanks yahh reviewnya! :)


Stella Lee said...

thank you for reading!
Dolly Wink otona sii hasilnya emang natural banget hehe

Stella Lee said...

hahaha.. i always love dramatic one

Melisaa said...

Ini pake circle lens apa stel btw? Bagus hehehe :)

Stella Lee said...

It's dolly eye midnight banquet, if im not mistaken. I own too many and only remember a few of them T___T sorryyyy

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