L'Arc~en~Ciel World Tour 2012 Song List

March 28, 2012

Okay I don't know whether the song list will be same in every country, or different depending on the audience, because honestly I NEVER WATCH ANY CONCERT BEFORE!

Because I only love Japanese musicians and none of them come to Indonesia. But L'Arc has made a movement and I still can't believe i am gonna watch it! ;D Probably I will cry after the concert end, though I havent cried for so many years duh lol #lebay

So I got this list from my friend Kirari, whom a blogger in Thailand. And quite a few asked me to share it, so here's the list! 19 songs!

And yes I translate the japanese song name for you, you're welcome ;-x

Song List

いばらの涙 - Ibara no Namida
Good Luck My Way
Drink It Down
瞳の住人 - Hitomi no Jyuunin
Forbidden Lover
My Heart Draws a Dream
Seventh Heaven
Driver’s High
Stay Away
Ready Steady Go
あなた - Anata
Winter Fall
Blurry Eyes
虹 - Niji

source HERE from kirari's blog :heart:

In fact I am quite disappointed that they don't bring my first L'Arc's song and my favorite all the time, which is the fourth avenue cafe! T_T Hopefully for Indo they will play it, coz I know so many Indo requests for it too!

I also expect them to play Jiyuu eno Shoutai, Dive to Blue, and also Heaven's Drive T____T And the list goes on.. huhuhuhu

Hopefully there are some changes for each country

I seriously can't wait! It's only a month left and i have to memorize those songs again! I haven't listened to them for a while, and there are some songs that I have to admit I have never listened to. So for the last 1 month, I will be studying their songs hardly! LOL

Speak, Ibara no namida, anata, fate..

Even when I thought "oh okay I know and remember this song, let's try sing it again", happened on Revelation, I forgot most of the lyrics except the reff wtf! Okay I still DO Remember their popular songs such as Driver's high, ready steady go, honey, but not enough! I feel like I have to memorize them perfectly before the concert! It's a task for me! LOL

Useless task for non-fans I guess LOL

Who are going to watch it too!!! 2nd May will be the best day ever for every L'Arc fans in Indonesia! :D

I will be at VIP area, just go find the blonde shorty one and say hi if you do recognize me! Hahahaha! Let's have a great day together at that time!

Start studying the songs okay!

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  1. I'm really enjoyed that concert!!! Hyde and all members made me crazy! > < Love <3

  2. Kalo sampe jiyuu eno shoutai ga dimainin sungguh terlalu namanya *hadeuh kaya yang bakal nonton aja*. Tapi yang tadi ada di list juga udah lumayan sih kalo buat cielers setengah jadi kaya eke gini. Tapi kalo boleh jujur lagi, pengennya emang semua lagu dimainin. Hahaha, tapi bisa berapa hari ya itu konsernya kalo semua lagu dimainin :laugh: #lagi.error.engga.kesampean.nonton.laruku

  3. hahaha.. pengennya sih kayak list 15th anniv deh, itu list lagunya oke oke banget. openingnya 4th avenue cafe pula, merinding pas nonton DVDnya *__*

  4. I will report the concert on my country too on my blog ^O^/
    I believe it will be the best concert ever! hahaha... youre watching gaga too right? ive no budget for it! :(

  5. yah.. kinda disappointing nih..
    pengennya ada 4th Avenue Cafe, Jiyuu e no Shotai, LINK, sama Bless! where is Bless??? :O
    senengnya ada Driver's High, Winterfall, sama Niji :)

  6. 4th Avenue, jiyuu, dan link sii yang aku expect ada T_T secara itu ada di 15th anniv
    lagu2 pas 15th anniv lebih menarik bagiku huhuhu... tapi ya sutralah, yang penting mreka datang :D

  7. kayaknya klo jiyuu, link ,4th avenue, gak akan masuk playlist sista. but hopefully it will.
    seneng bisa ketemu fans larc yg jg addicted dgn lagu2-nya. add me on facebook, ariz rega.

  8. 4th evenue ada pernah dimainin di salah satu konser world tour ini, tapi lupa di negara mana.. jyojoushi juga pernah 2x
    moga2 bisa *berdoa* :x

    lah, fans larc yah masa gak addicted ama lagunya, itu fans jadi2an dong LOL;
    gomen, diriku gak tau itu kmu tadi karna gak ada mutualnya udah direject, re-add lagi ya

  9. Yeah!!! H-7 to have a blast!!! VIP will be rock!!!
    and you're right... 7 days to memorize the jap's lyrics =p
    Ikimashou... Ready Steady Go!!! Faito!!!

  10. arghhh!!! i havent memorized every songs perfectly! T_____T
    bad cieler i am T______T
    1 weeks left!!!

  11. Same with you! I've never watch any concert before!
    Karna ini konsernya laruku aja gw jadi mau nonton.

    Thanks buat listnya ya. Saatnya menghafal ulang

  12. Perasaan td pas mrk concert mrk nyanyiin 4th avenue cafe deh bukan driver's high...

  13. this is not the official song list loh, it's the bangkok one, tapi sharusnya mirip2 hehe

  14. ini kan list mereka pas di bangkok :D

  15. doumo arigatou!! ready steady go.. btw, kawaii gyaru style stella-chan!

  16. dou itashimashite~ :D
    i really wish they would perform the 4th avenue cafe ;__;

    hahaha, sankyu nee~!

  17. Hey sis,i think the setlist will be different in each country that they come

    I just searched the google with laruku setlist singapore and what comes up is that they played the 4th avenue cafe in singapore and some others that you didn't mention in this post but unfortunately jiyuu doesn't come up as well in singapore

    Just cross your finger and hope they'll play it in Indonesia

    Have a great day at May 2nd y'all *cheers*

  18. yeap i've already researched all the song list from HK, NY, Londond, and so on, and i think basically it's the same :D just have a few different songs
    but this post is made when i just knew about bangkok song list, so yeah :)

    i bet tomorrow will be slightly different, but i will be enjoying it, i bet!
    thank you so much for your hope! love sing! :D