Juju Aquamoist Moisture HA Bubble Facial Wash Review

March 03, 2012


I purchased this Juju Aquamoist Bubble Facial Wash Review months back from SASA. But I only have chance to review it now. I am interested in Bubble Facial Wash because it is really gentle and doesn't stress out our skin. Juju is a Japanese drugstore skincare product, and I have heard so many good reviews of it, and it stands equal with Hada Labo that I adore so much :-o In fact, I have tried 2-3 products of them, such as their lotion and normal facial wash. But I am interested to try more! ;D


JUJU Cosmetics Aquamoist Moisture HA Bubble Facial Wash can create rich and creamy lather with moisturizing benefit of Hyaluronic Acid that leaves your skin dewy and silky without stripping skin's own moisture. The delicate lather JUJU Cosmetics Aquamoist Moisture HA Bubble Facial Wash gives your smooth and fresh finish while completely washing off the impurities in pores and gently removes excess oil.

Put some JUJU Cosmetics Aquamoist Moisture HA Bubble Facial Wash onto palm, apply and massage over your face, then rinse with water. For better moisturizing result, use with other products of Aquamoist series.

It comes in sturdy pump packaging. Plus point because I love pump product! Unfortunately there's no english instruction or ingredients there, all are in Japanese language. Usually I only pump 1 for one usage, but if I feel my skin is really dirty, I use 2 pumps. It's more than enough for an entire face for me!


The bubble foam is really moisturizing, soft, and fine. Although it's not that bouncy but it melts onto my skin amazingly, leaving my skin fresh, moisturized, and fresh. I love the feeling after using this product because it doesn't make my skin feels tight, but instead more hydrated and smooth. It also has no smell, so for those of you who don't like fragrance on skincare, this may be a good option

Unfortunately an upside down for it is that I don't feel the moisturizing feeling last that long if I forget to slap moisturizer again on top of my clean face. I also don't see any improvement on my skin besides it's getting more hydrated. I wish there were more that this product can offer

Final Opinion =

Pros :

  • Comes in pump packaging

  • The bubble foam is fine and gentle

  • Doesn't have any smell

  • Moisturizing and Hydrating

Cons :

  • The moisturizing effect doesn't last long


I purchased this for about 11-12 USD, which is quite a fair price for me considering the brand. But I need more effect from this product and I expected a lot, I wish they would brighten up my face or make it radiant. Probably this product is suitable for those who already have clear skin and only want to maintain their almost-perfect skin. Because I don't have break out or any skin problems when using this product

Still. I prefer Hada Labo over Juju because Hada Labo offers me a more radiant and healthy glowing skin. Though again, it just suits me best :D

Have you ever tried Juju and Hada Labo? Which one do you like most?

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  1. Ngiler ini gara2 liat skincare routine nya bubzbeauty, tapi masih belom kepikiran coba sih. Anyway aku baca2 kaya nya yg udah kebiasa pake hadalabo, masih lebih suka hada labo dari juju. sebaliknya yg biasa pake juju lebih suka juju dari hadalabo *si bubbi gini*. aku sih biar udah sreg ama hadalabo tetep aja penasaran ama juju, apalagi vit c toner nya yg juga dipake si bubbi >.<

  2. Oh gitu yah?? Sebenernya mungkin sama, tapi preference orang aja kali yah beda-beda ;D sugesti aja kali haha
    sbenernya sama-sama buat moisturizing dan hydrating, tapi gtau kenapa ak prefer hada labo XD