My Turn on Becoming My Friends' Model + My Life Updates

March 17, 2012

Warning : Heavy pictures! [as usual? lol ] and heavy posts as well~

Blogging this from my Iphone, and I am too lazy to edit every Iphone photos so bear with my un-edited face.

You all must have known that I have photography assignment where I changed my friends Vannie to model HERE. So Now my classmates decided to use me to become their model, as of course as students all of us cannot afford to pay real model to become our homework subject, right? LOL

So last tuesday, we did a photoshoot at our campus

Here's my first photoshoot. I wear black jacket and mini tube top black dress, completed with gold-black heels

With Stephanie, the photographer. She's also the one who did my hair. Make up is done by me la

And second shoot, changed my outfit

With Christine, the photographer. I've changed my outfit as well coz we've finished the shoot and heading to eat lunch at Pasta de Waraku, Mal Taman Anggrek

Me, Christine, and Stephanie

In fact I also took photos of the food but it turned out dark and blur wtf so it doesn't look appetizing, therefore I dont share it here..And anyway, I've received the data of my photos from Christine, but I havent received the Stephanie's shoot, so I will only share some  here =

Make Up : Stella Lee

Hair Do : Stephanie

Photograph : Christine

Editing : Stella Lee

Okay, not bad la, this is the first time I really do indoor photoshoot with awesome lighting, and I am not a pro model so my poses are probably still quite awkward but my editing skill is too awesome so it can be saved #vain LOL

Stephanie can't stop blabbing about my tangled hair as she faced difficulty to comb and curl my hair, it's a tough job haha.. I cant seem to understand why people say that they want my hair as it looks so smooth and pretty! Well girls, listen to me, in fact it is NOT smooth! I seriously need help, I know that I am too lazy to take care of it too when I have class, coz it requires so much effort

But when I have holiday, it is much, better! Really! LOL

So many girls ask me on social network how to get hair like me, well, I did my hair by myself, and I seriously don't recommend it for those of you who have never tried it before. Blonde is really difficult to achieve on asian hair, and the treatment takes much more effort. You need to go to salon who understands the process of bleaching and dyeing, and ask them how to take care of it.

I have bleached my hair since I was about 13 years old? So it will be 7 years old in coloring LOL that's why I probably know a little bit better than the others about that, so I dare to do it by myself. But for the first 3-4 years, I did it at salon la!

Let's talk more, so there are so many good things happen to me these days until I am afraid that something bad will happen. You know that you can't never always be happy forever, dont you?

So, stuffs that are connected with my blogging life are, I received a bunch of clothes, beauty stuffs, and also accessories to be reviewed. And I also receive some money as well. Never in my life I thought I would reach this stage. Okay la, I am still not that popular enough and I never want to, coz sometimes I notice that my privacy cannot be saved anymore [that's why I have another blog to write about my life, but since I want my life to be private, I lock it for myself]. But since I think it's not a bad thing either, I will just let's see what's going to happen in the future

And yes, I also begin earn some money from blogging, though it's not that much, but I need money to continue working on my blog. Probably some of you know that I use and I buy my own domain and hosting, and my readers keep increasing each month. So I have to pay more and more so readers can keep reading my blog, you may see that in the end of the month that my blog cannot be accessed ? People complain, so I have to upgrade lol

The money's main purpose is for that..

If you guys ask me why not change to blogspot, telling you many times that it is really troublesome to move on! It will be a super duper long post to tell you all about all the technical, and it's so boring to read, so just take it. I need to PAY for my current blog! >.<

I dont mind in fact, I know mostly bloggers dont pay, but I have to. Just take it the way it is? After all I am not in debt for it. So nothing to lose

I will just be more than happy if you can love my blog, although I am seriously not better than anyone. But thank you!!


And another happy news is that I receive a super great project from a company that I cannot reveal. But if this works, it may change my life? I am still searching for the truth as it is somewhat too good to be true, but it seems genuine. If it is fixed, I will probably go offline from blogging for about a week as I have to go overseas for the project [Not japan! Can cry la if I go to japan for free! lol]

My close friends and my mom are all in panic and help me to find the clue, the company's profile, how to work well on it, and all the necessities. I am so thankful that people around me are so supportive

I also gotta go on diet, I want to at least lose 3 kgs, and my campus friends help me to maintain it by helping me choosing meals, and prevent me from drinking cold water. My other bestie is also almost cryin and cant stop talking to me all night to make sure that I am prepared for that. I want to tag her along to accompany me as my mom can't leave her work if possible, but she has school and she's the one who chases for good grades, but she told me in fact she didn't mind!!  And okay *ahem* I also told my crush about it, and he said congrats! Though he's busy after finished super long meetings and about to pass out he still congratulated me, but I gotta stop so he could sleep

Little stuffs and attention from them really make me happy and I can say that probably after coming back from Japan next year, I can die in happiness already hahaha

Oh about my Japan trip!

I managed to win Revlon Writing Contest!!! T_T

In fact I am not confident enough as other contestants writing skills are too good compared to mine, and I hate competition to be honest. Even my mom told me, when I was small I asked her why in soccer everyone needs to catch the ball, just give each ball to each player and problem's solved wtf lol

But I managed to win this one T_T Okay I won a writing contest from Lancome too before, but forgot to blog. I dont know that my writing is that, fun(?) to read? Is it? I dont think that i am special..

But I am so happy because Revlon's prize is ticket to anywhere within Rp 2.000.000, but can be used as voucher to become a discount for your flight if your flight is more expensive than that. So I can use it to cut the expenses for my Japan Flight!!

All the good things coming to me are totally from God. But my friend also told me that she knew it's because I worked hard enough and put so much effort on every things that I did too, so it's a repay. I can puke rainbow right now probably hahaha

Okay la, I will end this post right now, coz you all must be so bored reading this long post

I have a meeting with my boss after this, today will receive money from her for my design! Hahahaha! Another money for Japan!

Wish you all have a great weekend! Coz mine will be probably spent at home all night, saving money, working, and doing my assignments. BYE!!

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  1. Congrats on your win! :) And you look great as a model, hehe. I would love to try bleached blonde hair like yours (the colour is so pretty on you) but i'm scared it'll ruin my hair even more than it already is. >__<

  2. ow I'm happy too to hear all your good news! Your writing somehow inspire me, stella :) It needed a hard work and sincere heart to achieve happiness in the end. I believe you deserve it. :)

    and oh, your makeup on the photoshoot is looking gorgeous.

    don't forget to pray and thank God for everything. GB girl! :)

  3. ow I’m happy too to hear all your good news! Your writing somehow inspire me, stella Smile It needed a hard work and sincere heart to achieve happiness in the end. I believe you deserve it. Smile

    and oh, your makeup on the photoshoot is looking gorgeous.

    don’t forget to pray and thank God for everything. GB girl!

  4. wow, I can;t wait to know the good news!!

  5. wah...congrats ya sis...:D
    photoshot nya kereeeen...dan eh, dan langsing msh mau turun 3kg lg??

  6. congrats ^^
    I love your third photo!

  7. All the hardwork will pay off dear, i am so happy for you
    Lotsa kisses...

  8. Yes the angle makes my legs longer lol !!!

  9. Mkasih sayangg :D
    Hahaha aku gak langsing, average lahhh

  10. I did so much effort since I was younger, but only now it's repaid. Or at least I can see the result and harvest it lol
    thank you so much mada, kisses back! :heart:

  11. Awwww.. thank you. How do I inspire you? I am touched :3
    the make up and hair only took 1 hour so in fact it's kinda messy T__T i don't like to be in a rush
    Yes will do! thanks for reminding!

  12. Hahaha in fact if you treat it well, it won't be as damaged as you think of
    It's just I am too lazy to take care of it properly every day, so that's the result T_T I am a sinner to my hair huhuhu

  13. siapa guru fotographynya stell? apa pak liu tjin fa? *agak sotoy*
    soalnya u kuliah di untar kan? hehe :)

  14. haha iya, kok tau? :b
    si pak rubi :D