Suho BB Cream Review

March 08, 2012


So I heard about this BB Cream first time from MyLovelySister, after reading her blog I am really impressed and want to try it out by myself. If you haven't read it, you can read her review HERE ! :-o

So one day this product arrived at my home safely, sent by her, you guys know that I can never get enough of face products so let's see whether this product will receive harsh or great review from me!


Suho BB Moisturising Cream creates a smooth and invisible layer to prepare and protect the skin. This BB moisturising cream will stay fresh all day. A very light, finely textured cream applied under BB moisturising cream and this cream easily spread, naturally finished and surprisingly lasting. This BB moisturising cream provides ideal protection from harmful and damaging rays of the sun. This unique formula helps to control skin balance

Suho BB cream claims it has foundation effect to cover skin defects such as dark spot, freckles and blemish skin. It also claims that it contains whitening and moisture function with natural herb plants and water melon extract. There are 5 functions combined to be highlighted : Foundation, Whitening, Anti-Wrinkle, Moisturizer, and Sun Screen

The packaging is in squeeze tube, contains 50ml, and claims to be suitable for all skin type. When I first saw the box and product packaging, it's nowhere near usual korean cosmetics, which mainly have cute packaging. I wish they would improve the packaging as it doesn't look classy at all

Though it helps as it's in squeeze tube, for hygiene issue I love pump and squeeze packaging because I dont have to take out the product with my hands.



When I first squeezed out the product, it runs out a little watery, and feel light on my skin. Surprisingly the shade is not as light as any other BB Creams. The texture is creamy after it's blended it becomes really really THICK. The finish is dewy and my skin looks brighter and I also feel moisturized

Before & After



Left = Before, Right = After

Although the texture is quite thick and creamy [even though it spreads easily like water], the coverage doesn't impress me at all. It has light coverage. I still can see some imperfections which I need to conceal again with concealer. Building coverage with this BB Cream is not what I suggest to you because of it's consistency, blending it is quite difficult and it tends to look cakey

The best way to use this product is to rub it on your fingertips, and pat it onto the skin. I tried using brush, or put it directly on my face, but it ended up cakey. Sure it looks great from far away, but when it's seen closer, it looks awful. So I always only put a light layer just to even out my skin tone

What I love is that it matches my skin tone and doesn't make my face look grey-ish [like what other BB Creams do]. It also gives glowy finish. Unfortunately I think that it doesn't suitable for oily or combination skin. The oil control of this BB Cream is not good, so I would totally say, "this is a BB Cream for those who have dry skin" in confidence

You can see on the before and after picture, my skin looks oilier after usage, though it's a little more radiant and brighter

Final Opinion =

Pros :

  • Moisturizing

  • Matches my skin tone nicely

  • Gives dewy finish

Cons :

  • Tends to look cakey

  • Thick consistency, difficult to blend

  • Bad oil control

  • Unattractive packaging

  • Doesn't cover imperfections


I did expect a lot from this BB Cream but to be honest it upsets me. This one is probably just not for me. I heard a lot love this BB Cream but yes, what works for them may not work for me, and so is likewise.

My journey in finding the right BB Cream for me still goes on ;D But if you're interested to test it out, you can buy it HERE

How about you? Have you found your holy grail BB Cream?


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  1. wow, this one is quite expensive I'd rather buy feverlet HD, you should try it sometime, it's my HG :D It covers acne scars and imperfections nicely!

  2. Just heard about this brand :) thank you for the knowledge...
    Same with you, haven't found my HG BBC >_<

  3. It does looks like it doesn't have a good oil control.
    And I don't see so much difference between using and not? :/
    Seems like it's not the one for me. Hahahahaha XDD

  4. So do I!!
    Will blog if I already find mine hahaha

  5. Yes, because if I apply a layer, it will turn out reallllyy cakey :-s IDK why, it just feels so thick on me, so I decide to put only a thin layer, but it doesn't work that nice either ._.
    Let's look for HG BBC together <3

  6. Feverlet HD? hmmmm... I have heard so many raves about it.. Probably I will give it a chance later! ;D

  7. I haven't tried many BB cream, but I do love tinted moisturizer. The oil free one from Bobbi Brown is my HG :inlove:

  8. I am using Etude House Precious Mineral BB. It work really well, you may have a try on it! :yes:

  9. I used it before and didn't like it because it made my face looks slightly grey-ish :(

  10. Oh really? I shall give it a try when I have chance, right now I want to try laura mercier tinted moisturizer, i heard it's the best. Have you tried it?

  11. Aww.. Maybe you should try other brands too. Any pinkish shade one that make your face look better perhaps? Good luck ya! :blush:

  12. Yea I'm really interested with feverled in fact :D