My Photography Class Assignment - Cool Beauty Look

March 10, 2012


Okay so if you don't know me, but I'm still a student in one private university in Jakarta, taking Art & Design as my faculty. Filled up with so many assignments, I decide to share one of my assignment here that has link with beauty. Yeap, photography class!

We're learning about lighting at the moment and we have to use model. I decide to use Vannie, my classmate, and also my bestie to become a model. If you know her in person, she's such a sweetheart that even wont kill an ant till I wanna slap her for her feminine LOLOL ok la I do it a lot to her hahaha.. Basically she's someone who looks like a weak princess, she loves pink and frill and lace, and anything that you can imagine from a feminine girl

So I challenge myself whether I can turn her into someone's different! I know I am not that good in photography, but I think I am quite ok in make up and arranging poses. So last friday I ditched class because I only have chance to use my university studio at that time. Along with some of my team. All of us have our own model. It took me 2 hours to do her make up

In fact, I think I am too focused on make up becoz approximately the other models only finish the make up in 30 mins - 1 hour. But I want it to be maximal, so let's see!!


Product that I use :


  • L'Oreal Paris Studio Secret Base Maqigue

  • Kanebo Lunasol Smoothing Make up Primer

  • Kanebo Lunasol Water Cream Foundation

  • Revlon Photoready Foundation

  • Lancome Maqui Miracle Compact Powder - 2 Way Cake

  • Lioele Mix Concealer


  • Stila Iluminizer highlighter

  • PAC Creamy Foundation for contouring


  • The Body Shop Eyebrow Gel

  • Urban Decay Primer Potion

  • The Skin Food Choco Smokey Eye Palette

  • Cyber Color Black Pencil Eyeliner

  • K-Palette Eyeliner in Jet Black

  • The Face Shop White Eyeliner Pencil


  • Urban Decay Lip Primer

  • Menard One Touch Lipstick

  • Lancome Juicy Tubes Lipgloss


Probably I use other stuffs as well. Cannot remember pretty well as I was in rush -_- and yeah, I only brought a few stuffs because it's really heavy!!




and so, here are some of her shots taken by me! I use Canon 550D with 18-55mm lens only!

More Photos HERE



What do you think?

Personally I do think I really did a great job. Thinking that I also arrange ALL the poses because she never does any modelling stuff and doesn't know how to act cool. I also think I successfully create a new image for her. Nobody can tell that she's a girly one right?

Okay this is one photo of her that I can find.. this is her last December when she received a christmas present from us at univ LOL

over 450 photos taken for that photoshoot, and it's really exhausting!

She kept laughing because she's not used to, but I think I deserve to be a little proud of myself for capturing the COOL BEAUTY that I want from someone like her. Tell you, it's seriously difficult o_o

Though so many lacks of my photos, but still will improve my skill! Now my whole body feel numb, pain also, coz too exhausted. So I will end this post now


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