Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Photography Class Assignment - Cool Beauty Look


Okay so if you don't know me, but I'm still a student in one private university in Jakarta, taking Art & Design as my faculty. Filled up with so many assignments, I decide to share one of my assignment here that has link with beauty. Yeap, photography class!

We're learning about lighting at the moment and we have to use model. I decide to use Vannie, my classmate, and also my bestie to become a model. If you know her in person, she's such a sweetheart that even wont kill an ant till I wanna slap her for her feminine LOLOL ok la I do it a lot to her hahaha.. Basically she's someone who looks like a weak princess, she loves pink and frill and lace, and anything that you can imagine from a feminine girl

So I challenge myself whether I can turn her into someone's different! I know I am not that good in photography, but I think I am quite ok in make up and arranging poses. So last friday I ditched class because I only have chance to use my university studio at that time. Along with some of my team. All of us have our own model. It took me 2 hours to do her make up

In fact, I think I am too focused on make up becoz approximately the other models only finish the make up in 30 mins - 1 hour. But I want it to be maximal, so let's see!!


Product that I use :


  • L'Oreal Paris Studio Secret Base Maqigue

  • Kanebo Lunasol Smoothing Make up Primer

  • Kanebo Lunasol Water Cream Foundation

  • Revlon Photoready Foundation

  • Lancome Maqui Miracle Compact Powder - 2 Way Cake

  • Lioele Mix Concealer


  • Stila Iluminizer highlighter

  • PAC Creamy Foundation for contouring


  • The Body Shop Eyebrow Gel

  • Urban Decay Primer Potion

  • The Skin Food Choco Smokey Eye Palette

  • Cyber Color Black Pencil Eyeliner

  • K-Palette Eyeliner in Jet Black

  • The Face Shop White Eyeliner Pencil


  • Urban Decay Lip Primer

  • Menard One Touch Lipstick

  • Lancome Juicy Tubes Lipgloss


Probably I use other stuffs as well. Cannot remember pretty well as I was in rush -_- and yeah, I only brought a few stuffs because it's really heavy!!




and so, here are some of her shots taken by me! I use Canon 550D with 18-55mm lens only!

More Photos HERE



What do you think?

Personally I do think I really did a great job. Thinking that I also arrange ALL the poses because she never does any modelling stuff and doesn't know how to act cool. I also think I successfully create a new image for her. Nobody can tell that she's a girly one right?

Okay this is one photo of her that I can find.. this is her last December when she received a christmas present from us at univ LOL

over 450 photos taken for that photoshoot, and it's really exhausting!

She kept laughing because she's not used to, but I think I deserve to be a little proud of myself for capturing the COOL BEAUTY that I want from someone like her. Tell you, it's seriously difficult o_o

Though so many lacks of my photos, but still will improve my skill! Now my whole body feel numb, pain also, coz too exhausted. So I will end this post now



Anonymous said...

wow.. fantastic !!

Ushino choi said...

So totally different from the 'before' make-over ... Classy .. =) :yes:

Isaac Tan said...

i think she does look very different.. ahh the magic of makeup. And you did a good job getting the makeup done! :):)

severuslove said...

i really loooveee the lighting..u good!
but imho she still look sweet...:3
i think you must change her eyebrow shape next time~

Stella Lee said...

Thank you! Still learning! First time take photo of someone at indoor studio! ><

yeah! She doesn't want it to be cut lol and her eyebrows shape are really pointing down, I tried so hard to make it straight [the best I can do].. If only she lets me cut her eyebrow into half, would be better. But dont want to ruin her face la LOL hahahaha
but thanks!

Stella Lee said...

THANK YOU!! *hugs*

Stella Lee said...

thank you! A compliment that I want to hear!! <3 <3 <3

Stella Lee said...

hahaha /MAKE UP/ XDDDD
Come over and lemme do your make up LOL

Christanath said...

God joob! Love the soft-look makeup <3 :inlove:

Stella Lee said...

Does it look soft for you? X'D
In fact it's heavy make up, but photography make up reduces the real make up to 30% ahahhaha..
Thank you for the compliment!

Putri Kansil said...

coollll....!!! good job tella!! :yes: :highfive:

Stella Lee said...

dipuji cece gyaaaa :laugh: makasih ceeee ;D

Putri Kansil said...

jadi kaya wanita dewasa :victory: "dapet" image cool nya

Mada Foe said...

nice works stell, she looks fierce.. love the lashes and lips.

shasha said...

good job stella! I love how you put a red lipstick on her.
she looks stunning with that red color :)

Stella Lee said...

thank you so much shasha!!
She never really puts make up, and she's surprised of the make over as well. The red lips look is really cool, unfortunately i cant pull that off nicely. I think it looks wayyy better with black hair, so yeah xD

Stella Lee said...

makasih ceceeeee.. aslinya anaknya lemot en ketawa ketiwi molo xDDDDD
make upnya gmana? udah dimascarain ke atas >.<

Stella Lee said...

thank you so much mada! ^o^
I only use one fake lashes, unbranded one from china, i choose the sultry-long one :D

the lips took so long to finish T___T but im glad it looks quite ok :) again, thank you!

Fenn said...

wow, I think she rocked that look! Good job STell. btw impressive brush set! what brand is it??

Stella Lee said...

Thank you Fenn! Happy that so many of you like it ;D

nah it's just an unbranded brush roll. Inside there are sigma brushes, the body shop, masami shouko, and other brushes xD

Christanath said...

It doesnt look heavy at all yet it blend in nicely on her face :)
Love the lighting too! You're such a multitalented person, adore you so mucchhh! Keep it uppp, ganbatte!

Stella Lee said...

yes it took so many efforts to create the flawless face X____X
hahaha thank you so much for all the compliments, means a lot for me :heart:
I'm not that talented I think xD but arigatou neee! *hugs*

eve said...

A.M.A.Z.I.N.G :yes:

shasha said...

Black + red = Perfect :)

Stella Lee said...

Agree!! :-D HOT!!!

Stella Lee said...

T.H.A.N.K.S :kiss:

Lyra said...

wowww you did it! her image totally changed! great job! :D love her complextion! my favourite is the 4th with the dark background & lighting, she look kinda sexy LOL

MUI said...

keren banget stel! good job!!!

Stella Lee said...

Thank you for the compliment miu!

Stella Lee said...

Wohooo ;D
Yes I use 2 layers of foundation to create flawless complexion, though still can see some bumps there cos of her pimples :(
unfortunately i am not allowed to edit the pictures as it will be considered cheating for this assignment

she is not sexy at all in real life XP hahahha

Gabby said...

Nice work!! Looks different than before... Hihihi ketar-ketir yak dandanin model buat foto studio.. :D tapi kalo da liat hasil fotonya, worthed! :-D

Stella Lee said...

Hahahaha.. you've passed this stage already right? Got backache and sore arm, and still many assignments waiting to be finished too. duh!!

Carryn said...

WOOOW!! Beda banget! Great job Stella! ^^

Stella Lee said...

thank you carryynnn :D

noniq said...

Your make up is awesome, just as always :)
and I really love the 'black & white' theme (is it right?) the red lipstick on your model made it elegant and sexy ^^

congrats on your assignment :)

Vanda said...

Before afternya sip Stell
kesannya si cewe jadi gimana gitu, calm tapi bikin penasaran huauauaua
:yes: :inlove:

Stella Lee said...

Thank you! I only know basic stuffs la, not pro like MUA
I want to learn it, but it's expensive lol dont have money lol

hahaha.. Yes i guess you can say that
I only want it to be high fashion, classy, and cool. And this is the make up that I want for the shoot :D

I hope I would get a good score!!

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