Stock Up Some Nail Tools

March 09, 2012


So I got some of nail art tools products from BornPrettyStore. Born Pretty Store is one of the best supply to get your nail art tools for cheap price! They do ship worldwide from China. Apart from nail art stuffs, they also sell other beauty products as well such as make up and wig!


I got this nail art glitters!! Twelve glitter colors to pamper my nails! I forgot the exact price but the total is less than 10 bucks! :-o


Here is some close up shot of the glitter. The texture is quite rough but it's really tiny, and sparkling beautifully. Mixing the glitters on nails can also be a good option, get creative with these glitters !


I also get this nail art brush set, all comes in different sizes and shapes to make your nail art process easier! It's less than 10 bucks as well! :-o The brushes are synthetic but easy to use and pick up products nicely. I also use it to draw patterns on my nails with nail polishes as well. It's a little difficult to find the nail art brush set here, besides, must be quite expensive

I still remember I have to buy nail art brush in Taiwan for my friend because she cant find it in here

So If you wanna stock some nail tool products, or other nail art necessities, or probably daily goodies, you can visit Bornprettystore to take a look! They sell a wide variety of beauty stuffs! :D Also if you put code SLK31, you will receive 5% discount on your total purchase as well!!

Do you love to do your nails too?

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