Google Friend Connect Wont be Working on My Blog anymore + Some Updates

March 04, 2012

In case some of you have not noticed, Stupid GOOGLE has banned Google Friend Connect Usage on any other sites except blogger sites! I use wordpress so there's totally no chance for me to use it anymore since this march! If by any 0,0000000001 % chance any google staff read this, I HATE YOU!!!

I moved my site from to this site, purchase my own domain + hosting, and has to deal with paying upgrade everytime my readers exceed my expectation, is to enjoy some privileges offered, which the first point is to have Google Friend Connect on wordpress! And now it can't be used???!!! DUUHHH!!! (    ;  A ; ) !!!!


In fact I've been warned this by Monica Tang on twitter since a few weeks ago but I hoped they would change because of the demands, but Google is too stubborn so yeah =_= And I know I know, stop telling me that I can just move to blogger to earn all the benefits, I've been using wordpress since 2009 and if I move to blogspot, I cant move all my posts! Which means I have to lose everything and start everything from zero again! Too . . bothersome !!!

I will... just pay T__________T

as long as there are still people who wanna read this blog T___T

So . . .  Will still use this wordpress stuff, and if you have followed me using Google Friend Connect to be noticed on my new blog post, I strongly advise you to like my facebook fan page here, because I will always update any new post there! Or also can find me via twitter HERE



And not sure if anybody notice, because nobody really ask me, I cut my hair. Well, technically it's still quite long, but I cant keep up with some of dead ends and split hair so I went to salon and cut it. This is my current hair. It used to be below my belly, but now it's around my waist only. I want to grow it till it reach my ass! LOL Why? Coz if I curl it, it becomes shorter! Girls must know this, right?

In fact I'm already quite tired of my hair, I'm easily bored and constantly change my hair, but I'm too lazy to find a new hair color + salon, so will stick to this color for now. Unless there's a salon willing to sponsor my hair LOL


I have been super pretty busy lately because of my projects, tasks, and also my job. If you guys followed me on twitter, you all must have known about this. This is also the reason why I rarely tweet and blog, I apologize!

But! One of the homeworks from my campus is to make a logo that represents ourselves! After weeks, I finally created my own Logo!!


So yeah, you know that I'm not tomboy, but cannot be categorized as feminine either. I listen to rock and punk music, especially Japanese Rock such as the Gazette, Miyavi, Gackt, and so on. I love Japanese Rock style that's heavily influenced by European Medieval Ages + Gothic, I was into visual kei before I moved to Gyaru. To be honest, I love European history and art too! Too many things to be told, but I think it does represent me. My friends keep telling me that it's really me, but what do you guys think? Do you think it matches me or not? :D

I will be using it to watermark my picture! I used to own one a few months back, but I disliked it so I stopped using it -_-

And as for my job, in fact I've been working on a lot of different fields since young [feels old already]. No la, I'm not poor, my mom still feeds me but I want to have fun with my own money, and I'm saving all my money for Japan next year! Will go there 1-10th January 2013. An airplane company has offered me a good price because they see my blog, but I'm still searching for a better price

In case some of you wonder, no no, I don't sell my body alright ? There are some gossips around about me and this is one of them, ridiculous! I'm not angry, but I just wanna state to make it clear. I'm working as Jewelry's Designer Freelancer :) They pay me per design, and although I'm really new in this field and never really thought that I would be working on this kind of job, I find that my boss quite liked my designs and demanded more and more. So I am really thankful for that

I also do some writing stuffs and earn some or less money through blogging! So yeah, that's where I have money to afford my living style. I don't have to sell my body to earn it, nor I want to ask my parents for money and job. I find that it's really pitiful for adult, especially for those who have graduated from university to stay at home and play all day while their parents work their ass of to feed them. No shame ah? Moreover, some of them are filthy rich, and they are bragging about stuffs that they got from their parents. I never respect those kind of people, hate me for that, but I stand for my opinion :|


Also, I just noticed how.. short I am . . . I always think that my height is average but people keep telling me that I look so short in real life without my heels. I'm too used to wearing heels or wedges everywhere, even my sandals have heels to cheat my height, until I have no flat shoes anymore. So I think my brain becomes too numb to recognize my actual height wtf T__T

I dunno why, but when I was 13, my height is in fact 158cm! I drew it on the back of my class with my friends on the first term, and when we were about to graduate, it suddenly became 155cm and everyone were shocked to death!!

To be honest, mom is 158cm, and I used to be a little taller than her when I was teen, but now, like, seriously? I am the shortest in my family!!! And so I claimed that my height is 155 right.. But then.. IDK, I lost my confidence now, I think that I'm getting shorter and shorter x___X


What kind of black magic is this!!!

How is that even possible???!!!!

And yes if you ask me, I used to wear 36-37 size shoes, but now I have shoes size 35 and it's still a little too loose for me so my friend suggested me to go to ZARA or Guess Kids to buy shoes #pokerface And it's really difficult to find 34-35 shoe size anywhere so I rarely buy shoes -_-

I also have some friends that I always say that they're short, and they admit it. So I told my tall friends, I'm average and they're short, and they were like, "WTF YOU'RE SHORTER THAN THEM! DONT YOU KNOW IT?"

And so I stood up next to them, and the result is . . . . .  .


Because it's getting more and more ridiculous!!!!!

I'm about to go to Sea World now. If you dont know, it's the largest indoor aquarium in Indonesia [or probably in South East Asia?]. I heard it's normally over Rp 120.000 but I managed to get a deal from a website for Rp 30.000 only! It's been a long time since I visit it, hopefully it would be fun! Talk to you guys later! :-*

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  1. So many topics in one post..let me comment one by one :)
    About the GFC: I'm really upset about this change too, it is not affect my blog because I'm in blogger platform..but it did affect my following blogs :( I can't read any updates from non blogspot blog, including your blog :(. Good news: I already following your FB page (long time agooo) :p
    About your hair: It is still long *LOL* I love your hair color :)
    About your logo: I like it, it is kinda reminds me with yves saint laurent's logo, well i know it is different..just my first impression :)
    About the Gossip: seriously, some people should learn some manner, how can they spreading something bad like that?? Just Ignore them and be yourself!!
    About your job: I read about it on your twitter..I read your tweet about you meet with your boss and get paid for your design :) Congratz!
    About your height: I can't say anything about this..hehehe

    That's all my comment..sorry if you thought I comment too much :p Enjoy your seaworld trip :)

  2. will still keep up with your blog. no worries.

  3. Have you tried to export it to blogger? I read that so many people had tried to export either from blogger to wordpress or wordpress to blogger... and they succeed.. You might wanna give it a try :)

    And about height.. LOL I guess my height also shrink about 1-2 cm too now..

  4. iya, aku dnger jg niih beritanya dari dulu, google mau apus GFC, disuruh nya ganti pke google plus, km pke google plus aja ^^ .
    haa?? masa sih tambah pendek? bukan nya biasa org2 terus tumbuh tambah tinggi ya?

  5. Nah can't.. even when I exported wp to wp before, pictures cant be loaded.. I cant take the risk anymore.. :\

  6. Udah punya G+ dari dulu tapi gak asik =___=) terus keknya gak smua orang ngerti G+ pula..
    ya sudahlah pake FB Fan page saja .___.

    hahahaha iya makanya, gtau kenapa ini LOL

  7. wow thank you for taking your time in reading this useless post thoroughly! LOL

    GFC = yeah a lot of people's blogs cant be read anymore. so are a few of my fav blogs -_-;
    hair = thank you! It's pro and con, so many love it, so many hate it hahaha
    logo = really? YSL??? :-O Will be taking a look of it!
    gossip = ahahaha I'm used to some gossips, I used to tell truth to everyone, but I guess the older I am the lazier I become to talk about the truth. I know a lot of people have bad impressions toward me, prob because of my style and the way I behave lol
    Job = thank you!!! I'm working right now too!
    Height = LOL Me neither!!!

    Seaworld trip is so much fun!!!

  8. LOL! selalu ketawa ngakak klo baca postingan lo, kebayang hebohnya hehe... actualy, tinggi gw jg dulu jaman SMA 162cm, skrg 160cm dan ukuran sepatu dulu 39 skrg 37. gw baru tau 3 taun terakhir ini ternyata tulang punggung agak bengkok sedikit krn salah postur, itu ngaruh ke tinggi badan, klo ukuran kaki katanya emang wajar kaya gitu :-/ ?:-)

  9. . . . . . . . . ngapain ngakak ce, adikmu ini sedang menderita tetapi malah diketawain, jahat abis!

    ooohhh... jadi salah postur yahhh o___o)\ ternyata kita senasib? *pelok*
    tapi stidaknya masih 37, jadi normal kan hahaha.. gampang cari sepatu XD

  10. Logonya ga mirip sih say...cuman entah kenapa pertama lihat kebayangnya itu..mungkin karena sama2 numpuk2 hehehe
    Bagus kok say ^^

  11. Hello, I don't know with other readers but I'm gladly relieved that every of your post is still trackable through my Google Reader also I follow you through GFC tho (but soon will like you on FB). So you don't have to worry, you won't lose any of your readers just because of GFC apps :)loyal readers won't just give up easily right?

    Oh! I'm still shorter than you, LOL, I'm 153 cm so cheer up, my shoe size is also my everyday trouble as well as my XS size is my everyday challenge, hmph..

    I love your job, being a jewelry designer is inspiring and tough, but I guess you're enjoying it since it suits your passion and interest right?

    I love, love your hair and your hair color :) and I just don't have enough guts to try it >_<

    And, in summary, just keep posting ^^

  12. oooh gitu.. ICIC.. aku malah ngerasa LV dan YSL itu mirip haha..
    masih belajar, mungkin kalo ke depannya ada yang lbih bagus yah diganti hehe, thank you yah :)

  13. Oh really? I think it's just the matter of time until google reader cant track my blog anymore :( but still can follow my blog via bloglovin & RSS. But some may dont know how to use it, thats why I made a fan page haha
    awww thank you <3 i dont think that i have loyal readers, but reading your comment make me a little confident LOL

    LOL We shall meet sometimes and see who's taller!!!
    hahaha yeah I'm also XS. I cant wear western brand like zara too, even the XS cut is too low for me :-\
    though I have fat everywhere XDDDD

    hahaha it's not my passion, but it's connected to art, which I love, so I think I still can do that :b I become a jewelry designer for money, I need it XD
    thank you! Go try la! I go blonde since 13! wont look so bad once you get used to it!

    love ya!

  14. Stella gayamu di foto yg nunjukkin rambut mirip julia perez deh...... AHAHAHAHA. No offense, but only in that photo lho xP

  15. LOL hahahaha gitu yah, i see i se

  16. Google Reader won't delete your blog because they serve all kinds of blogs, from blogspot, wordpress, and private hosting...
    It's my fave google service, I use it to collect all blogs that I subscribe so that I can read it while only open one webpage :-D
    Between you all I am the shortest la, I'm just 150 cm!! :rotfl: #notimportant


    No, it cant read my blog anymore. So are other bloggers. It doesn't support non-blogger sites anymore since March, that's why you cant see the application anymore on my blog :(

  18. No, not Google Friend Connect but Google Reader...
    Here's the address:
    To use Google Reader, you can login using your gmail/G+ account...
    I subscribe your blog via Google Reader since the first time I found this blog :-)
    Always love reading your posts...
    Btw you're very fast at replying comment too :yes:

  19. Me hate it too...
    Google ga asyik banget nih >.<
    Tapi tenang stell, blog kamu mah dijamin tetep banyak yang baca biarpun ga ngeliat update-an di blogrol blogger *cause we love to read it :)*. Apalagi udah bikin fan page dan ada bloglovin juga. Semangaaattt!

  20. iyaa google ku juga ilang T____T aku pas baca diforum anak2 bilang, pas aku buka pnyku WTF.... dissappear bookk..... nasiibbb nasiiibb.... btw stel, brapa tiket ke jepang?? doohhh super envy!! pengen kesana jugaaaaa!!! pengen liat kuil2 jepang *droollll*

  21. iya begitulahhh T____T ya sudahlah, pake fb fan page saja T___T sudah pasrah

    Normalnya sii yah tiketnya itu 12-27 juta buat PP.. Tapi kalo pake AA, 4-7 juta bisa. Sayangnya AA kena tetek bengek tambahan karna blon termasuk bagasi sama makan
    Jadi masih berusaha mendapatkan harga yang lebih oke hehehe.. I will reveal the ticket price once I've purchased it :D

  22. Thank you for liking it!! *big hugs* Means a lot for me ;D
    hahahaha.. although gak ada yang baca, i will still be blogging like I always used to be ;D

    but thank you for the support!

  23. Oh really?? :-O
    I will try to add the feature next time! Thank you so much for the info dear!!! *hugs*

    Really? Awww.. will make sure you love it for many years in the future as well hahaha

  24. iya aku baru liat mei ini ada yg harganya 4jt-an PP -________________-" tapi belon biaya tempat tinggal dan makan. *gubrakkk* nabung dluuu T__T kumpul banyak duit baru bisa pergi sana. semangat yaaa kerjanya XD Good luck!!!

  25. Iya emang jepang mahal, aku itung2 paling murah ke sana itu 15 juta kok XDDDD;;;
    untuk seorang pelajar yang tidak punya pekerjaan tetap, harga sgitu minta mati hahaha
    tapi walo AA lebih murah, kayakny ak gak bakalan pake AA, sebab flightnya tuh belasan jam mesti transit2 dulu =__= mau yang langsung aja hahaa

    thank you mar <3