Thursday, March 29, 2012

My New Fake Nails Set!


You guys know how much I often rave a product if I do like it too much. I received my first professional fake nails set like a week ago and mesmerized even for the first time I saw it. I got mine from Crystallized Nail Art! The fake nails are all handmade and made according your own nail size. It's custom made and you can order any design that you like! I told her that I love rock style, and I want to have rokku gyaru nails like Sakurina!!! *_* but she said she never made anything like that before, as she's more into kawaii and feminine stuffs, I said okay la just mix it with pink then. I trust her so I just wait for it to arrive. And this what I got!!

READ MORE !!!! *O*

I got a set of fake nails[10 pieces] in a sleek box. She also gave me glues! It is sold separately in fact, more detail below!


This is the left hand design! The right hand is in same design but it is in different order la! Okay I puke rainbow *__*

In fact I wanted it to be a little longer but approximate nail length is only 2,5cm for her so yeah.. I told her that I wanted it to have sharp round edges instead of square. She tried so hard to meet my expectation and I seriously cannot complain anything! :heart: All is made carefully and wonderful! So pretty! It still has rock side, but yet feminine!

Some glues offered by her is the real liquid nail glue. It is super strong and can last for a really long time! Price is Rp 30.000 each! Only need one stroke, but if you want to make sure, can coat 2 strokes too :-)

So another type of glue is the 3 days double sided tape. But in fact it can last for about 5 days! It is quite strong! Perfect if you want to have a week being pretty!

Strong doubletape per sheet (1x 10) is Rp 15.000 :-D

And this is the last glue, it's double sided sticker as well and it can last a day only. In fact probably only a few hours based on my experience. So probably if you need to use your fake nails for a party and tomorrow you have to remove it, just use this glue! :-D

Casual doubletape per sheet (2x 10) is Rp 15.000


Now, move on to the nails!!!

READYYY????~~~ ;D

Seriously gals, HOW PRETTY IS THAT!!! O_______O <33333

It's not me only who thinks like that right, right, RIGHHTTT~~~???? XDDD

Seriously I am super happy wearing it, my nails feel super long and beautiful 8DDDD I cant stop praising myself wtf hahaha

A set of their nails costs Rp 450.000 but it is RE-USABLE! So you can use it many times! The staff will also print out how to take care of it and how to use it correctly and send it to you together with the product, and you can always ask about it further to her! She's really nice and talented!

She mainly makes fake nails for brides, but it doesnt mean that you have to wait until you become bride to be pretty right LOL

Ending this post with my vain pictures as I am too happy hahaha

What do you think about the nails???!!!! ;-D TELL ME :heart:


Epi said...

woww pweetyyyy and detail banget yaa design nail nya, 1 set 45000 stell? No kidding? hahaha, jd pinginnn :dance:

tikka said...

lucunya, sayang makenya :p hehehe

Karen90 said...

Yo, awesome fake nail, pretty!
thanks for sharing the glue :)

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Yosella said...

kerennn cee... aku jg dl pke.. :D
tp yg pny ku psg lsg d toko jd bs nentuin warna, bentuk, dll..
pny cce mahal bngt 440rb :0
aku punya kl cumn warna doank ga pke manik 130rb,...
goyang ga tuh cee kl dpke..? :)

Gabriella Olivia said...

so cute! love it! i love your eye make up as well! :D

Stella Lee said...

ahahaha iya sih, makanya ak pakenya harian doang, kalo buat ngampus sayang

Stella Lee said...

450ribu ce per set, tapi kalo lebih simpel desainnya, harga juga lebih murah. ada juga kok yang 150rb. dicek2 aja :D
ayo gih pakeeee... cantik kok, gak boong, pas ak pake ak ngerasa jariku super cakep LOL hahahah

Stella Lee said...

thank you for reading it too karen!

Stella Lee said...

dia bisa kok kalo kamu mau nentuin, cari misalnya di google desain apa yang kamu mau, ntar dibuat, kan custom made hehe
justru kan batu-batu sama aksesorisnya say yang mahal haha.. kalo cuman desain glitter biasa sih emang lebih murah
dan kalo kuku palsu itu lebih mahal dibandingkan kuku asli
terlebih ini bisa dpake berulang kali

gak goyang kok, kuat, tadinya aku takut batunya copot ternyata gak kenapa-napa
cuman biar lebih tahan lama ke depannya [sayang], aku lapisin lagi top coat kalo dipake berhari-hari :D

Stella Lee said...

thank you! I love it sooooo much too!
and yes, im trying out new lashes haha

Rena said...

Oh my ! These nails are so beautiful !!! :heart:

Kirari said...

OMG! how cute!

Gabby said...

Sweet and rock!! xD the color combination kinda reminds me of Dolly Wink though

Mizutama said...

OMG, so beautiful. Sorry that I don't always comment, because I am super busy and sometimes I am super lazy but doesn't mean I didn't read your post.

But this I have to comment because it is super pretty.

Oh and gambatte in the competition for Kawaiii

Stella Lee said...

couldn't agree more rena! if it's a little longer, and has skull, probably will be more "rokku"

Stella Lee said...

Dolly WInk? haha yes probably, but Dolly Wink is sweeter, where it is more rock-ish

Stella Lee said...

I know!!! :heart:
I want to have moreeee

Stella Lee said...

Awww, thank you mizutama, I know so many people are too lazy to comment on my blog, even my closest friends never comment haha but it's okay! I dont blog to get a lot of comments, it's more than enough if you're a loyal reader of mine :heart:
yes this one is mad gorgeus *_*
thank you for the support!

Rena said...

That's right ! In this way it's remind me some Anna sui & Vivienne westwood stuff :heart:

Flow said...

That's beautiful!
I sometimes wear fake nails too, but since my nails are a little smaller than most nails, sometimes the size didn't quiet match my nails XDD

Stella Lee said...

do we share the same taste? hahaha

Stella Lee said...

they make the nails according to your nail size!
my fingers and nails are pretty small too, i prob have the tiniest hand compared to everyone i've ever met, but they manage to make one for me! :heart:

Rena said...

I think so ! xD
Best taste ever ! :p

Stella Lee said...

cmon, rock is madly cool and gorgeous!! I tried ditching it to go for kawaii, but I can't stop going back to this style after a while! X)

Rena said...

Haha same here! I always try to be in the side kawaii, but I always end up in the dark side!
I guess we can do the both by periods x)

lol I can't reply to your latest response, omg I talk too much stella ! >_<

Stella Lee said...

Hahaha I guess that may work!! X) Don't have to always go for rokku style for everyday haha. after all fashion is for fun :D
no you're not don't worry! i always talk the most too haha

shasha said...

akhirnya dipost juga foto close-upnya :heart: cantiikkkk XD
tapi kalau aku yang pakai bisa-bisa lepas dan ancur dalam beberapa hari hehehe secara aku orangnya serampangan..

Stella Lee said...

aku juga orangnya serampangan kok, kalo dipake untuk lama, lapisin sama top coat! :D biar warna tetap terjaga + safe! ^_____^
iya kukunya luar biasa cantik *o*

Putri Kansil said...

lucuk fake nails nya, stella nya juga lucu kaya boneka *wink2*

Stella Lee said...

cece gak suka? ayo pake ce, must be so awesome on you! kan bisa minta didesain buat adult jugaaaa ;D ayo ayo~~ ^o^
ahahaha gara2 make up, kalo gak juga ntar cece gmau liat aku LOL

Sanne said...

Ahh manis! Hihi. They look so cuute. Bit much for everyday for me but they look good on you!

Epi said...

meh... salah baca harga LOL. :shame: belum di approve2 friend request nya jd ga bisa liat2 koleksi fake nail nya T_T

Stella Lee said...

aduh aduh si cece epi hahaha
iya orangnya sibuk banget keknya, orderan dia banyak, yang sabar yah hehe. koleksinya luar biasa kok :yes: worth to try!

Stella Lee said...

Haha I won't be using it for everyday basis either! But probably will do when I have holiday!
they will surely look good on you too! The nails are fabulous! :D

ella said...

lucu fake nailnya,cocok banget dipake ma warna rambut gitu. lebih cocok lagi pake baju yg ala2 lolita gitu. ^^

Stella Lee said...

hahaha lolita
sebenernya warna rambut apapun cocok kok, kan kutek hitam itu netral ;D

Ninoshka said...

omg!!! the nailsss are perfecttttttt!! they look really god *m*! and obviously you make them look better than they already are XD! <3

Stella Lee said...

thank you ninooooo :hearts:
I want skulls and cross instead of bows next time XDDDD Hopefully she would be able to make it for me hahaha

vheii said...

super super love the crown <333

Stella Lee said...

IT IS!!! <33333
You may visit her facebook to see more creations of her!

Dewi said...

Super adorable..
love your eye make up as well...Lovely gyaru look

Margy said...

Aku mauuuuu telllllllll!!!!! XD XD Cakep bgttttt kukunyaaa. Bisa buka pintu mobil gak kamu? LOL. Itu cuman bs bikin di jakarta yaa?? Hiks hikss

Stella Lee said...

thank you!!! :D the eye make up is inspired by sakurina! :)

Stella Lee said...

dia terima order online kok!! :D cuman kamu mesti ukur sendiri kukumu dan kasih ukurannya ke dia, jadi dia adjust sama length and widthnya ^___^
bisa, tapi buka softlens agak tricky hahaha

jane said...

hi do u have contact person for purchasing this product?
i mean her mobile phone number/ PIN bb maybe :)
i got difficult to contact her,she have great product but very slow respon and kind with customer.

Stella Lee said...

Hello, I dont think I can reveal her PIN in public, please mail me if you want
She's preparing to go overseas, and was sick before, I apologize for any inconvenience contacting her :(

jane said...

yes i think she was busy, but i need it for my photo session :)
oke i will mail you soon :)
hope u can help me.
she should be proud with u, because u can increase her selling product

Stella Lee said...

I hope you could make it, I think she mentioned before that she has stopped receiving order atm because she's about to go overseas..
Sure, waiting for your mail!
Hahahaha... You should tell her that!!! XDDD

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