My New Fake Nails Set!

March 29, 2012

You guys know how much I often rave a product if I do like it too much. I received my first professional fake nails set like a week ago and mesmerized even for the first time I saw it. I got mine from Crystallized Nail Art! The fake nails are all handmade and made according your own nail size. It's custom made and you can order any design that you like! I told her that I love rock style, and I want to have rokku gyaru nails like Sakurina!!! *_* but she said she never made anything like that before, as she's more into kawaii and feminine stuffs, I said okay la just mix it with pink then. I trust her so I just wait for it to arrive. And this what I got!!

READ MORE !!!! *O*

I got a set of fake nails[10 pieces] in a sleek box. She also gave me glues! It is sold separately in fact, more detail below!


This is the left hand design! The right hand is in same design but it is in different order la! Okay I puke rainbow *__*

In fact I wanted it to be a little longer but approximate nail length is only 2,5cm for her so yeah.. I told her that I wanted it to have sharp round edges instead of square. She tried so hard to meet my expectation and I seriously cannot complain anything! :heart: All is made carefully and wonderful! So pretty! It still has rock side, but yet feminine!

Some glues offered by her is the real liquid nail glue. It is super strong and can last for a really long time! Price is Rp 30.000 each! Only need one stroke, but if you want to make sure, can coat 2 strokes too :-)

So another type of glue is the 3 days double sided tape. But in fact it can last for about 5 days! It is quite strong! Perfect if you want to have a week being pretty!

Strong doubletape per sheet (1x 10) is Rp 15.000 :-D

And this is the last glue, it's double sided sticker as well and it can last a day only. In fact probably only a few hours based on my experience. So probably if you need to use your fake nails for a party and tomorrow you have to remove it, just use this glue! :-D

Casual doubletape per sheet (2x 10) is Rp 15.000


Now, move on to the nails!!!

READYYY????~~~ ;D

Seriously gals, HOW PRETTY IS THAT!!! O_______O <33333

It's not me only who thinks like that right, right, RIGHHTTT~~~???? XDDD

Seriously I am super happy wearing it, my nails feel super long and beautiful 8DDDD I cant stop praising myself wtf hahaha

A set of their nails costs Rp 450.000 but it is RE-USABLE! So you can use it many times! The staff will also print out how to take care of it and how to use it correctly and send it to you together with the product, and you can always ask about it further to her! She's really nice and talented!

She mainly makes fake nails for brides, but it doesnt mean that you have to wait until you become bride to be pretty right LOL

Ending this post with my vain pictures as I am too happy hahaha

What do you think about the nails???!!!! ;-D TELL ME :heart:

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