Kanebo Lunasol Tone Up Powder in 01 Natural Review

March 15, 2012


Highlighting is one of my secrets to make my face look brighter and more radiant instantly. Sure I do love contouring more, but it cant never be complete without highlighter. I used to use Stila highlighter but it turns out so greasy and fake after 2 hours on my face, so I'm still looking for a perfect highlighter. I told Kanebo Indonesia months ago and they sent me this product for a review purpose this month! I am excited to test whether it is good or not! :D


Heavenly purifying veil to complete the base makeup.
This four-color set of Face Colors creates clear skin without cloudiness.
This very fine and moist powder tones up your skin with just one brush and creates a clarity that comes from within.
The secret to the clarity is the combination technique of applying the Glow Powder, which imparts a delicate glow and radiance to your skin, and the Lucent Color Powder, which radiates color when exposed to light.
This powder won´t wear away; it blends smoothly into your skin even when applied over foundation, creating a more dimensioned and brighter looking skin.
Achieve the nuance you desire by combining colors in which shades and textures are slightly different or by applying color to a certain part of your face.

So I got the refill in 01 Natural, and the highlighter comes with 4 bronze gradient color, the case is purchased separately. It has Lunasol text on the bottom of the product which I think quite neat! So when people ask what's the brand you can just point it out to them and smile! LOL




Here is the highlighter when it's swatched individually on my wrist


And here is when I apply them altogether. You can see the result with and without the highlighter. It's in fact really natural and doesn't appear that much on the camera, but it gives instant and natural glow on the face! It has warm undertone that will compliment most women


So here is when I apply the Tone Up Powder on my cheekbones, do you see the natural glow?

Don't worry about you will end up like disco ball because of the shimmer, in fact I hate shimmer too but this doesn't give shimmery look but instead natural glow on your skin!


A close up shot. I tried to darken the photo a little so the highlighter show up better on camera

As for the staying power, I find this is so-so. It only lasts for about 4 hours, then I have to re-apply afterwards if I still want the glow.  But still much better than most of products. I also love how it instantly brightens up my dull face, I apply it mostly on my cheekbones and nosebridge to give more dimention in daily life. The finished result is super natural!

Unfortunately I wish they would sell the casing and the refill as one package, I hate separated stuffs hahaha

Final Opinion =

Pros :

  • Gives natural glow finish

  • The shimmer is fine and subtle

  • Goes on smooth and buildable

Cons :

  • Expensive

  • Casing and Refill are sold separately


You may check it at Kanebo counter. So many people asked me where to buy it online, but I suggest not, because I find Kanebo is in fact cheaper in retail instead of online shops o_o dunno why..But the price in Japan is slightly more expensive as well compared to Indonesian if I am not mistaken! I owned their foundation before, and I asked my friend from Japan to send it but the price made me O___O

So I got it from here!

And there are huge selections to pick on the counter, and you may consult with the SA too!

Overall I think it's a good product, for those of you who love natural make up, get this one! But if you want more for photoshoot, I think you should find another one. Please help LIKE Kanebo Indonesia facebook fan page! And I'll talk to you guys soon :heart:

Do you prefer highlighter or bronzer? :D

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  1. aku sebenernya lebih suka highlighter... apa daya muka tambah keliatan berminyak -_____-

  2. Kalo ak karna keseringan buat foto, prefer contouring sii haha.. cuman kalo daily life kan terlalu dangdut jadi pake ini
    gak oily kok ce yang ini :3